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Heidi Klum ("")

Rescued 01/16/12, Adopted 05/31/12

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Black & Tan


Adult (5-9 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

No Young Children

My beautiful little Princess, Heidi Klum (aka Little Toot, Sister Girl) is the love of my life! I knew from the moment I saw her online that she and I would be lifelong partners. While I have had many dogs in my life, never have I had one so loving and gentle.

She is the SWEETEST, SMARTEST AND FUNNIEST PUP and I am devoted to her. We speak of bonding with our dogs, but, Heidi and I are welded! We are inseparable. She loves to explore, especially in the park (where squirrels abound) and KNOWS just exactly where she wants to go!! This is a self determined woman who knows her own mind! She has perfected the art of YOGA with 100 ways to lie on her back for tummy rubs!! She loves to give kisses to special peeps, but is a formidable guard dog! She doesn’t like bows in her hair or fancy dresses! She and I share a love for a cool floor, naps in the sun and especially a little salmon now and then. Afternoon tea is always at 3:00.

Heidi and I were so lucky to have had her foster Mother, Mary, whose generous patience and understanding and unbounded love for these wonderful pups, enabled my adoption after I had moved into a new home. We both wanted Heidi Girl to have an easy transition to her forever home without moving twice. How fortunate Heidi was to have such kind, generous and loving Foster Mom and Dad. The unconditional love she received from Mary and Steve and her little sister, Sarah, enabled her to love, me as well. She has been glued to my side and loves to sleep on my bed, always outside the covers. And what’s better, she sleeps as long as I sleep. We don’t prefer early mornings.

Heidi loves her peeps, but, is not particularly fond of other canines. They are, after all, so rambunctious! And, of course, she’s a Princess and an elegant lady and shall ever more be! She has a Shitz Zu cousin that she tolerates, but, always prefers people. That makes her jaunts to The Central Market where we eat outside, to Crapittos Restaurant, to my old neighborhood friends really fun because everyone ADORES her! And she them. She’s a STAR!!

My Father had a Dachshund whom he worshipped. I have his dog's silver plate that says “Love me, Love my Dog!". And that is exactly how I feel. The wonderful work of the DROH has enabled me to share the life of a most beautiful little girl whom I love with all my heart. I am very blessed to have her.

I am reminded each time I look at Heidi of a special phrase that all of us believe who have the privilege of a dachshund - Good Dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it’s Our Job…..because it is.

Thank you DROH for my Princess!


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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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