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Tina Louise ("Princess")

Rescued 09/19/11, Adopted 11/20/11

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Black & Tan


Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children,
Needs a Dog Buddy

Princess (formerly known as Tina) is the perfect petite highness. She's still a little shy with us, but we expected that. She did great visiting Target for the first time (had to pick up some wee wee pads Daddy left off the list). When we got her home she was looking around and after a while figured out that a lot of the spaces below the doorknob are just for her :) I think it was a little hard for her foster mom to let her go, so please give her a big hug from us and Princess if you see her before us. She gave us some awesome advice to make our little miss extra comfortable. Tomorrow we will try walking again (tonight was just too windy and she kept shaking so we stuck with the pads for tonight). With some time and love, we're sure to be a great solid family. Thanks again for giving us the chance. We really love our new baby.

11/24/11 Update: Princess is doing really well with us now. At first, she was kind of shy and didn't really understand. But now, she knows she's in her forever home and is so happy to play with all of her toys and spend time with us. At the max, because of our work schedules, she is home alone only 2 hours out of the day, but we found out that we can set up "play areas" for her. We did a practice one with a kitchen set where we hid some dog treats in plastic pots and pans. She is smart and sniffed them out :D She also has learned to walk extremely well on a leash and has not gone potty in the house since day 1. We are so proud and happy with her. We are working on riding in the car and errand running as our next steps in her training and will keep y'all updated. Feel free to visit her anytime, and please tell us of doxie get togethers so she can have some fun times with her own doggie brethren too :D We are thinking about enrolling her in doggie day camp maybe twice a week so she can still be animal socialized, but that won't be for a while yet. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you guys are able to find homes for all the other beautiful dogs too.

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