Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Cedric Diggory ("Digger")

Rescued 07/07/11, Adopted 07/28/11

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Black & Tan


Baby (< 1 year)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

No Young Children

Dear DRoH,

Here's our Fostering Report Card:

  • Fostering 101: F - Oscar, II King of Sweden

  • Fostering 102: F - Cedric Diggory (Digger)

  • Adoption 101: A+ - Oscar

  • Adoption 102: A+ - Digger

    There you have it. I’d say that it turned out to be a win/win situation because we have two beautiful Dachsie boys that are a joy to love and our “girls” dig them, too. Digger is all Mr. Personality and a real jock and Oscar (the King) is very refined and a little gentleman – we also call him “Fancy Pants” because of his curly hind legs. They are both young and our Lilly is young, too. So, it is loads of fun watching them play and romp. Our senior girls, Ginger and Mollie, have enjoyed all the activity and like to watch all the action from their couch potato perch. Our cat Stormy watches from a distance but in the evenings will mix it up with the kids because he is only 3 years old and has grown up with our dogs. He likes to lay in wait and then pounce on them and then run away – they can never catch him – he just looks down at them from his high bed and laughs. We now have quite a “pack” and they all sleep together!

    Thank you Dachshund Rescue for bringing so much joy to our home with the addition of the “boys” and lots more “kisses” all around!

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    Last Updated: 07/10/13
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