Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Alice (Brady) Nelson ("")

Rescued 05/23/11, Adopted 09/12/11

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Double Dapple


Adult (5-9 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children

I remember picking up Alice from the vet for a weekend pass. The foster coordinator and I were talking about which dog could use a "spring" from the kennel the most. At the time, the Brady Bunch had just been rescued from the puppy mill environment and needed any amount of exposure to a good family life. When Alice came up on discussion, I just felt like I should give her a break.

PARALYZED WITH FEAR described her fully. I will never forget the look on the vet tech's face when she handed her over and said to me, "God bless you, sweetie!" She displayed the most compassionate expression just short of tears. My thought was, "It's only a weekend visit."

The disturbing images of Alice's inhumane living conditions (as seen on youtube video) initially tugged at my heart strings. That scene is what we all see in the beginning. But the emotional scarring is devastating beyond what we will really ever know. Coupled with being deaf and blind, Alice was just, in reality, a possible incubator.

After you care for any severely abused, neglected or sick animal, the animal becomes part of your heart. I never intended to adopt Alice in the beginning, I already had 4 dachshunds, Alice was a lot of work. It was supposed to be temporary. BUT.... every time I thought of the Adoption Coordinator calling me for that "Meet & Greet," I got sick to my stomach for Alice. I was the only Mama she had ever known. No one EVER held her when the severe thunderstorms came (and she is petrified of them). No one EVER snuggled with her after her dinner and gave her a back scratch. No one EVER changed her soft bedding when she had a "fright" accident which left it soiled. No one EVER gave her kisses goodnight PERIOD! I know this because you would've had to stomach the foul stench of her fecal contaminated living area, which by the way was "HOME" for 7 years of her little life! As a matter of fact, it took 3 weeks (6 baths) for the smell of her previous living conditions to completely disappeaar.

I have thanked the Lord every night for Alice having a home where she is so loved. She hasn't given much in return as a pet, but she has shown love the only way she knows how. She has come such a long way from paralyzed with fear. She has a LONG way to go, but she can only get better. I am so grateful that Dachshund Rescue of Houston stepped in and took responsibility for all 12 of the Waller County puppy mill doxies. Even though over 200 dogs were rescued by the Houston SPCA on May 18, it has since been the tireless efforts of individuals rehabilitating these poor sweet babies, in hopes of finding their perfect home environment.

Alice was rescued on my birthday, May 18. It could be thought of as a date of birth for both of us.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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