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Daisy Mae ("")

Rescued 04/19/11, Adopted 06/10/11

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Black & Tan


Adult (5-9 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children,
Treated for Heartworms

From Daisy Mae's new Forever Mom: Every once in a while, I meet a dog that reminds me of one of my own dogs that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Daisy Mae is one of those dogs. We lost a long time family pet (Daisy, a rescue doggy) last year to old age- a ripe 17 years old! Her death hit my son the hardest because he was not able to say good-bye to her as he was away at the time she passed and was buried.

When we received Daisy Mae as a foster, she was one of the sweetest dogs: Sugar-n-Spice and everything nice. However she was very over weight. She had to sit down while eating. She would pant a lot around the house and walk really slow when she went out to potty. She didn't play much, but watched from the sidelines. An added strike against her was that she was heart worm positive and "OLDER." I thought to myself, "She has a slim chance of being adopted with all of this against her!"

I put her on a diet and she started down the scale. I wanted her to be healthy and fit for her perfect family. When I got her she was a whopping 13.2 lbs (needs to be 8.5 to 9). With the diet and exercise, Daisy started to lose weight, move around with a little spunk. She went from waddling to wiggling her behind. She has lost 2 lbs! WOOHOO! That's a lot of weight for a little dog.

Even with all of those "strikes" against her, she now had one thing going for her: WE WANTED TO KEEP HER ANYWAY! She is now my son's dog. He has another "Daisy." When we saw what a wonderful dog she was, it didn't matter what she weighed or how old she was. She is part of the family now. Thanks DRoH for all of the rescue efforts you participate in.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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