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Sully Sullivan ("Lawrence / Sully / Sullivan Ross")

Rescued 04/09/11, Adopted 08/30/11

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Adult (5-9 Years)

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Hello, Everybody!! Or as my new family says, HOWDY!! Lawrence “Sully” Sullivan Ross here, checking in to let you know about my new life in College Station! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to write, but I’ve been busy meeting a lot of new people. My new family thinks I’m pretty great! My new Dad just told me that he thinks I’m the best dog ever. Pretty hard not to be happy here!!

They are always showing me off to their friends and neighbors, which I think is awesome ‘cause they all want to give me belly rubs and tell me how glad they are to meet me. Today I got to go see the statue of the man named after ME (that’s what my Mom said, anyway)! My Dad told me lots of stories as we toured around this place they called a “campus” meeting people with no hair they called “Aggies” – one of them is even related to me and my new family. He wants to be a vet, which I think is cool. I still had to bark at him, though, family or not, it’s just part of the dog code when it comes to vets.

My new Mom and sisters are so funny! They talk to me like I’m a baby, but I wag my tail real hard for them and give them lots of kisses that they call Sully Sugars. They seem really happy when I roll over so they can rub my belly, so I do that a lot! I’ve read that hoomans need to rub dog bellies to relieve stress, so I’m happy to help!

I have a four-legged brother, too. His name is Willie and he is a lot smaller than me, so I have to be careful not to run over him. I don’t do it on purpose – even though he makes funny noises when I do. Sometimes Willie wants me to chase him around the house. Mom calls it Doggie Daytona and she laughs the whole time, especially when we hit the wood floor and slide around the corners. I like to hear her laugh, so Willie and I play chase a lot!

This morning we all got to sleep in, and then Mom and Dad took some weird smelling stuff in cups outside and put me on the couch between them and they BOTH rubbed my belly and told me this is the Saturday routine. I was thinking two things: these are some seriously stressed out hoomans with all this belly rubbing, and I REALLY like Saturdays!!

Don’t get me wrong, my life with my foster families was AWESOME! They both loved me soo much, and took such good care of me – but I knew in my heart that there was a family out there that I needed to save. My new family had a big broken heart, and I knew just how to fix it – with lots of Sully Sugars! Sometimes my new mom’s face leaks when she tells me how much she loves me and how happy she is to have me. Aw, shucks, it just my job to be sweet and loveable, glad I could help!

Well, I guess I’d better go before my Mom sees that I can work a computer – kinda freaks hoomans out to see dogs surfin’ the net! Thanks to everyone at DRoH for all the love and time and belly rub practice that you gave me to get me prepared for my new life!

…and for anyone reading this who hasn’t yet adopted a new best friend, DO IT!! My new Mom said it’s the best decision she ever made!! Dad looked a little sad about that – but Mom tried out the “Sully Sugars” move on him, and he smiled – see, it works every time!

- Sully

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