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Trixie #2 ("Tic Tic")

Rescued 03/12/11, Adopted 04/18/11

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Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

TIC TIC, formerly known as Trixie 2 has a new permanent home and she has graciously agreed to allow the existing occupants, including her new siblings Franky and Johnny to continue to live here.

Tic Tic , Franky and Johnny share everything including lots of love and especially good doggie treats and food. One of TIC TIC’s favorite past times is eating. She loves to eat anything and everything. Each pup has their own real beef bone (hollow beef shanks) known to them as “bonzies”. Tic Tic has learned quickly to enjoy the daily treat of digging goodies out of her bonzie. She loves her back yard and going for long walks as well as frog and lizard hunting with her new brothers. TIC TIC, like her brothers, loves to go for rides in the car and loves to feel the wind in her face. Speaking of rides, she lets you know when she is ready for a joy ride by brining you her harness and leash. If her brothers aren’t ready fast enough, she grabs their leashes in her mouth and tries to pull them to the front door – a thing to note here is that she is only a quarter of the size of her brothers.

Her new motto is let the good times roll!!!

Her new mommy is proud to say that she is a first time failure at fostering 101 but will continue to try and master the fostering with another Doxie in need.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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