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Cottontail ("Bubbles")

Rescued 03/12/11, Adopted 04/18/11

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We had talked about getting my son a dog over spring break. So we looked at countless animals on rescue sites and even the craigslist. After nothing worked out there, my friend, Anita, suggested becoming a foster parent for dogs. SO I found DRoH, filled out the foster app, passed the home visit, and within a short time picked up a beautiful trio of Doxies named Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail a.k.a. Bubbles. I had already prepared to FLUNK Foster 101, big-time, as we were still looking for a dog.

There she was... a beautiful red dachshund, just like my Heidi. Bubbles had a place already carved out in our heart and home before she arrived. She came with a well mannered personality. She was friendly the first day and she is just as awesome today. She gets along great with my dog, Heidi. She and Heidi like to race to see who can gobble up scattered food kibbles off of my living room floor. They nap together, eat together, get belly-rubs together and SNORE TOGETHER--FREIGHT TRAIN STYLE! Bedtime and nap time sounds like Grand Central Station

Bubbles seems very protective of the 2 little ones (Flopsy and Mopsy) that still need to be kept quiet in a crate for a time. When they whimper she is alert and dashes to check out every sound. She will sit at the cage of the one who is whimpering. She is such a beautiful little baby both inside and out. I am truly blessed to have found the perfect "sister' for my little Heidi!

It is hard to believe or imagine what kind of life these 3 had before DRoH rescued them. I only know that now, she has found her forever home, where she will have belly-rubs, back scratches, snuggle time and security.

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