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Mopsy ("Bella")

Rescued 03/12/11, Adopted 06/10/11

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Treated for Heartworms

I was a first time foster when I picked up Mopsy. She came as part of the breeder-dump trio- Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail that DRoH rescued from a kill shelter. I had never seen a dachshund with so much beautiful white, soft fur. Mopsy was so wild when I first brought her home. She would wiggle and squirm off of my lap and try to explore. She was too distracted to take a snack from my hand. I had to snap a picture just to see the color of her eyes (each eye is blue and brown) I wasn’t sure how fast I was going to make a connection with her. She seemed to loosen up if I would let her explore, so we took “field trips” around the house and yard together. I constantly talked to her and petted her because that seemed to stimulate her focus and keep her still for 5 seconds. She wore me out!

After about 6 weeks, she all of the sudden became snuggly! She would sit with me and was calm. She even hopped up to give me kisses! She would stay with me on the couch; follow me where ever I went; and sit quietly—without me having to constantly talk to her. She would greet me with her pack at the door when I came home. She let me cradle her like a baby. She let me look into her eyes and she looked back! A WOW MOMENT FOR ME—words can’t express this change!

I realized that I wanted to adopt her, at the end of May, when we got Alice, a partially blind-deaf double dapple rescued baby from the 200 hundred dogs taken by the SPCA. When she met Alice, a mothering skill arose in her and she nurtured that little dog by snuggling, grooming, and sitting near her. This act made me wonder if she had been a mother previously and if her puppies were yanked from her before she could accept the detachment. I teared up every time she took care of Alice. I just wanted this little baby to have the life she deserved. What she did for Alice was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She had become a part of our family and was doing what we did for her—kind of like a Pay It Forward!

I am not sure if people really UNDERSTAND what the Dachshund Rescue of Houston does for these dachshunds with shattered lives. “Rescue, rehabilitate and re-home” is not just a catchy phrase used in their mission statement. In fact, many of these dachshunds spend much of their time between “rescue” and ‘re-home” in the rehabilitation stage with some of the most loving foster volunteers in this organization. Thank you DRoH for all that you do! I will always be forever grateful for one of the sweetest additions to my family-MOPSY a.k.a. “BELLA” which means “beautiful” in Italian.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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