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Jellybean ("")

Rescued 02/11/11, Adopted 09/09/11

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Jellybean had a great night! She and Heinrich are fast friends and have enjoyed two walks together. She has eaten well and had no accidents and is exploring the whole house. She is so sweet and loves to give kisses to all of us. She slept with Ana in her room in the bed you gave us and she had no problems. We absolutely adore her and my sister Trisha is threatening to steal her so she can be Heinrich's kissing cousin. Thank you so much!

Uppdate from Jellybean's forever mom:

Jellybean is doing so well. We are crazy in love with her. She has settled into a nice daily routine. She and I take a walk every morning after the girls are gone to school. She knows when I walk in that door it is time to walk and she gets so excited she can barely wait for me to get her leash on. When we get home she busies herself spreading her chew toys around the house and then finds one to play with for awhile. After playtime, she finds a comfy place (Ana's bed, her bed, a blanket somewhere) and snuggles in for a nap.

She is eating well and had a great checkup at her new vet, Dr. Amy Vogt. The whole office loved her sweet temperament and adorable face and those ears! She even did well with the male tech.

We had friends over on Saturday and I was prepared for some barking and growling at the male ... but she warmed up right away and was even snuggled up beside him for the Aggies game. She did growl and bark at a little boy in the park on our walk last night. It was so funny that she went right up to his little sister, but when he wanted to pet her, she would have none of it. I guess she still feels a bit intimidated by the male species :). She does adore her daddy, Rick, though. I think he might be her favorite!

Just wanted to keep you posted. She is a delight and we are so thankful for her sweet presence in our lives.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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