Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Pepsi ("Indy")

Rescued 01/06/11, Adopted 07/14/11

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Black & Tan Dapple


Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children,
Treated for Heartworms

As a foster mom, I always want to make my dogs feel like they are loved and part of our family. I always get so attached and want to keep them, but then a wonderful family will come along and be the perfect home. After a tearful goodbye, I’m off to pick up my next foster! When Pepsi came in to DRoH, he had deep wounds on his chest and leg, the vet said it looked like he ran through a barbed wire fence. He was also heartworm positive and needed the strength to make it through that treatment. When I went to pick him up, the vet tech warned that he may bite, and that he had never gone potty outside, because he would absolutely not walk on a leash, he would just stand there, frozen in fear. He came into my home and warmed up immediately to my big black lab, and followed her everywhere. He always found comfort in my other dogs, and bonded with them immediately. His eyes would get so big when we would pet him, he was not used to affectionate human contact. We decided to call him Indigo for his blue eye, and “Indy” for short. In time, he started seeking out attention, and would play with toys. He would run across our backyard throwing the toy up into the air and chasing it, enticing the other dogs to join in the fun! Whenever I brought in a new foster, he was the first one to go greet and welcome them with a wagging tail. Even if he got nipped at, he wouldn’t give up on winning the friendship of this new dog. I decided he was like a partner for me, I can introduce all new dogs to him first and get a good idea of their temperament and know they won’t feel threatened by Indy. They get a warm welcome and it helps their transition into my foster home. Indy is such a great dog and I’m proud to make him my first foster failure!!

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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