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Maylee ("")

Rescued 08/25/10, Adopted 09/20/10

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Baby (< 1 year)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

No Young Children

Our Miss Maylee found her forever family today! Her new parents, Ted and Gina swooped into her foster home and decided she was perfect for them. Maylee is such a sweetie that foster dad made a special trip home from work just to say goodbye. Her new forever family members are ready to spoil her rotten and they even have KIDS! Just what a happy doxie has been hoping for! Rumor has it that she's even going to get to travel with the family - in the cabin - because this Miss Petite will fit in the passenger space. No cargo area for this Diva! Your efforts helped Maylee find her forever home.

New PROUD DAD updates us:

Maylee has been a real kick! We all adore her! The girls are having a lot of fun with her and Maylee is doing fine with them. Maylee sleeps in their room. Maylee starts out on her bed but by the time lights are out she jumps up into bed with girls. I took Maylee with me to pick up the girls from school. One of the teachers commented, “She looks like a mix breed.” I responded, Do you have a dachshund?” She replied, “Yes, two…are you going to the Hallowiener event?” I knew immediately she was more than just a Doxie owner..she was (perhaps my new word) “inDOXinated©.” I responded to her question, “No, Maylee is 100% AKC…she’s ‘Any Kid’s Choice.’” The teacher got a kick out of that. I told her we got Maylee from DRoH; she knew immediately who they/you are and responded, “Oh, thank you.” I further explained that Maylee is a B757 version of a dachshund. Of course she was perplexed. I explained, “Maylee is like a B757 airplane, she’s long, taller than the average dachshund due to her long legs and flaps (ears) are extended and ready for flight.” Of course the airplane metaphor is due to my being an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. The B757 is a long version of a narrow body aircraft with very tall landing gear. Maylee fits the profile.

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