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Adopted 04/15/07, Deceased 12/02/14

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Our family is heartbroken to let you know that our beloved Doxie Marco crossed over Rainbow Bridge on December 02, 2014 with us holding him and giving him love, praises and kisses. Marco will always be our sweet ‘Baby Boy’.

We adopted Marco from DROH in April 2007. We gave Marco and Faith (adopted from DROH Nov 2006) a wonderful, safe and loving home no matter where we lived. We took Marco with us when we were transferred to Shanghai, China in late 2008. Marco loved going on walks near our apartment compound where the children just loved seeing and petting him. Then when we returned to the States in 2010, Marco and Faith loved living in Florida and going with me to the beach for long walks. We moved back to Texas in late 2011.

About mid-day on December 01, Marco, who was in very good health to be approximately 11 years old, started having labored breathing. After x-rays and blood tests, it was determined that Marco had a large mass very close to his heart and another mass in his abdomen. He was experiencing congestive heart failure symptoms. Through testing, they felt the mass had encroached into the heart and was most likely cancerous. We returned home to care for Faith while we, ourselves, cried through the night realizing what we had to do. We returned to the hospital early the next morning knowing it would be our last few minutes with our precious boy. We cradled him and talked to him with loving praises and that we would see him again soon while he took his final breath.

Marco was the most loving, affectionate, and devoted boy we could have ever asked for. While Faith loves both Dad and I, she is a one-person faithful companion and is my constant shadow. But Marco loved his Dad and me both equally. He was Dad’s companion if he was working outside or in the evening while Dad worked in his office, Marco was always by Dad’s feet under his desk. But it was Mom he ran to for love and protection if it was thundering, he heard something strange outside or the fire alarm chirped or went off while Mom was cooking.

We chose to have Marco cremated so that he can be with us for the rest of our days here on earth until we see him again patiently waiting for us at the Bridge.

Thank you for allowing us to experience the complete love of this remarkable boy we loved as one of our children.

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Last Updated: 12/08/14

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