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Archer ("")

Rescued 11/30/06, Adopted 02/11/07, Deceased 02/24/17

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Young (1-4 Years)

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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we let you know we have set Archer free from his suffering.

I haven't stopped crying. It's crushing us to the very core. What will sustain us is knowing that for the past 11 years he has known love, joy, and learned to trust his 2 daddies. In return, he gave us love (in his own way) and filled our lives.

Our heartfelt thanks to you for trusting us to take Archer in and allowing him into our lives and hearts. We knew it was not going to be an easy road with him but he was worth every effort and patience. All he ever wanted to be was the best little doggie he could be. The proudest moment was the first time he gave me a doggie kiss on the face; I will never forget that. Others might have given up on Archer but we were never, ever going to let that happen.

Please extend our thanks and love to the entire Dachshund Rescue of Houston team. You rescued him and we were, in turn, blessed having him part of our family. .

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Last Updated: 02/25/17

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