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Debbie ("Carmen")

Rescued 06/26/06, Adopted 07/05/07, Deceased 05/20/14

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Its been seven years since we adopted Carmen from DROH, and today, May 20, 2014, she passed away peacefully and quietly on her moms lap. We adopted Miss Carmen through DROH after finding out that shed been in the program longest, so we decided that she was probably most in need of a forever home. We even kept her name since it had been changed from Debbie to Carmen from her foster family - knowing shed probably been through quite a bit of change and needed some stability.

We were so lucky to have her for the short time we did. A sudden loss off control of the right side of her body happened overnight and went downhill from there. We decided to let her go before she had to suffer any longer, though it broke all of our hearts knowing how much wed miss her. We are so thankful that DROH allowed us to have such a loving, loyal presence in our daily lives from the time she was adopted into our home. She is survived by a dog sister, Huli, adopted mom and dad, Amber and Lennie Ambrose and a very loving little sister, Rosslyn. We are so happy shes in a place where shell never have to ride in the car (she despised it) or get her nails cut again.

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Last Updated: 05/27/14

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