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Tami Taylor ("")

Rescued 10/14/15, Available (Apply to Adopt)

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You'll never find a more joyful dog than Tami Taylor. She is everything most of our adopters are looking for: sweet, nearly completely house trained, playful and affectionate. Tami, however, was dealt a poor hand in life. Although she has ended up in the loving arms of a DRoH foster, she has health issues that DRoH cannot repair. Our finest vets and specialists have found that she has a malformation of her blood vessels that cannot be repaired. Tami will suffer from low oxygen levels because of pulmonic stenosis. The condition is irreparable and will shorten her life. No vet can predict how long she can live with the condition, it could be as short as less than a year or she could fool us like a few of our other pets have done and live for a decade.

Because of her condition, Tami needs to have her activity level kept in moderation. If she becomes winded, she must rest. Of course, this happy girl has to be convinced it's for her own good. She has a very high metabolism, so she she can eat twice the amount to which most dachshunds are limited. She has been allowed to sleep in her foster parent's bed and sleeps through the night. She readily engages resident dogs and adores men. She really doesn't know a stranger. Tami truly enjoys every minute of her day and although they may be limited, isn't that how we all should live?

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Last Updated: 12/30/15

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