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Oscar ("")

Rescued 00/00/00, Adopted 02/06/06, Deceased 03/18/11

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I am attaching a picture of Oscar from the hallowiener party.... he went as a pirate as you can see from the picture. I adopted Oscar because no one else wanted him. He was blind in one eye and afraid of smoke for some reason. Every time I would turn on the oven he would run, hide and shake something horrible must have happened to him when he was young. He also had a tattoo on the inside of his leg, no one ever could tell me what it meant.

The past few years he suffered from terrible skin allergies and I tried every treatment possible. Finally his skin got so bad with the constant chewing and itching the vet said it was best to put him out of his misery. He wasn't the cutest or best behaved dachshund but he was loved and he will be missed by both of his brothers Chili and Frankie. He will also be missed terribly by me and my husband.

He was truly loved the last years of his life and I hope it made up for all the bad years he had gone through before he came to live with me. I know he is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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