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Stephanie Earnhardt ("Stevie")

Rescued 03/11/15, Adopted 04/23/15

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Young (1-4 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

No Young Children

I recently lost my best friend Boo (a Dachshund) to a heart problem. I was devastated and wondering whether or not to get another Dachshund. Thank goodness the answer was YES. My vet recommended Dachshund Rescue of Houston and she was exactly correct in the right place to find a wonderful new pet. Everyone I associated with from Dachshund Rescue, Mary, Bill and Vickie were wonderful and helpful in the process necessary to find the perfect Dachshund for the family. It was obvious from the start how passionate and caring all these people are about finding the right dog for me and making sure the dog was right for the household. We found the perfect family addition in 'Stevie'. She has turned out to be everything we wanted in a new pet and more. We have only had her two days and you would think she has been th us for two months - she is happy and we are beyond happy. I want to thank Mary, Bill and especially Vickie for going above and beyond in assisting us in finding the perfect Dachshund for us.

The Dachshund Rescue of Houston is the perfect place to find a pet in need to become part of your family. They truly care about their rescue efforts and making sure their pets adopted out are placed with caring, loving families. They will certainly receive frequent donations from me. Thank you!!

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Last Updated: 05/13/15

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