Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Ricky Paradise ("Charlie")

Rescued 09/25/14, Adopted 12/14/14

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Dapple (Merle)


Adult (5-9 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

Apartment OK

I feel in love with Charlie (aka Ricky Paradise) before I even met the little guy. When Cynde, the foster mom brought him over, I couldnít help but pick him up and give him kisses! He has the most beautiful eyes and coat and reminds me a little bit of a Pointer because of his markings. Heís the most laid back, passive and content dog Iíve ever met and gets along with every dog and human he comes into contact with. He fits in perfectly because heís so mellow and low energy which is perfect for my pack. He balances them out so my other ones arenít so hyper around him.

Itís only been 3 days and Iím so attached. I think once heís 100% completely healed from his surgery, his true personality will come out and maybe heíll start playing more. I absolutely love and adore him now he has another loving home where he will be spoiled rotten and pampered and live out the rest of his days!

Thank you again DROH for everything and taking such good care of Charlie. Heís a very special little guy!

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Last Updated: 12/20/14

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