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Mike Martin ("")

Rescued 08/25/14, Adopted 09/20/14

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Dapple (Merle)


Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children

First sight love was when I saw Mr. Mike Martin one of the most beautiful little Dachshunds I have ever seen. His colors and pattern are amazing. Much darker than his internet photo and I like that even more. As far as the introduction to the pack, to use an over used acronym OMG, can we say the pack knows how to warmly and playfully welcome a new member into their home! I was actually amazed as I watched them begin to play, sniff, tussle over play toys or nothing at all. It was a great day then came time for the BIG Dachshund walk around 11:00 last night. Talk about energy!!! Mike lead the pack like he was the boss and I had to run to accommodate their pace. He is eating like a champ after training and when bedtime arrived he was the first in bed as if saying “Hey, I really love my new bed”. Everyone piled into bed and Mike immediately found his new favorite spot right next to me with his head on my chest which is where he quickly fell asleep. All I can say is that DACHSHUNDS are amazing. Y’alls group is amazing and thank you for accepting my application.

They have all been playing non stop today and getting plenty of exercise. What an awesome group of weenie dogs.

Thank all of you for what you do.

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Last Updated: 09/23/14

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