Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Beauregard Blue ("")

Rescued 02/22/14, Adopted 07/18/14

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Young (1-4 Years)

Tweenie (13-17 lbs.)

It's hard to believe, but I picked Beau up one year ago today. He has just slid into life with us as if he had always been here. He is good with the birds, our other little dachshund, and our granddaughters. He is amazing with the granddaughters. They are not always as gentle as they should be, but he has never once been short with them. He always crawls into bed with the girls when they visit.

Thanks again so much for your kindness to Beau and also to us. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you.

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Last Updated: 07/18/15

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