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Rescued 01/25/14, Adopted 02/15/14

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Adoption Update from Miss Charlotte - July 2014

Hello everyone, Charlotte Poppins here.

It is nearly 6 months since I came to live with my Forever Family and life is really good. I have put on a couple of pounds since February, but the vet says thats ok. I mustn't put any more on though. My dad takes me for a long walk round the lake every evening so that helps to keep my waistline trim. He also found a wonderful dog park near our home, which has a special small enclosed area for small dogs. I have so much fun there with all the other little ones like me. Then we walk round the big enclosure and my dad trusts me off the leash and I make sure I stay really close. I don't want to lose him! My mum and I also went to a course of training classes a while back. It was fun and I learned a lot but i still know my own mind when I want to, especially if there are some really interesting smells or sounds which need investigating. I do sometimes forget what I should be doing...

My mum and dad had to take me to the vet this week. I can't remember what the vet called it but I am losing all the hair on my ears. The vet said the dachshund is the "poster child" for this ailment. They gave me a special shampoo and some cream which my mum uses as directed. There is a chance the hair may not grow back, but I know my family will still love me anyway!! As my mum says, at my advanced age of 8yrs, I am not out to catch a "boyfriend". Haha.

t think it took me a while to realize that my new home was permanent and I know I was very quiet for a few weeks but I love to bark at strangers coming to the house now- not a lot, but enough to let them know I am here. Then I try to lick them to death, with my tail wagging so much I nearly fall over!! I like to pretend I am a Great Dane. My favorite job at home is looking after my mum - I keep close to her in the house to keep an eye on her, and when she sits down I snuggle up close too. She had a hip replacement three weeks ago, but with my encouragement she is up and walking round the house better than ever!!

My human sister Lizzy has a fur baby of her own now called Rosie, who is a Dachshund-Pit Bull mix with some Chihuaha in there. She is just 2 and is very much a puppy still, so I have to try and keep up with her when she comes to visit, while still showing who is the boss!! We have lots of fun though, and I am afraid I do pine a little when she goes home. My mum and dad are going to talk to DROH about getting me a Forever sister at some time so I have company all the time!!

Thank you for choosing my family for me, and they said to tell you they are grateful too!!!

Love from Charlotte Poplins


PS this is a picture of me snuggled up to my mum, with my friend Rosie

My name is Charlotte Poppins and I have decided very quickly that my new home with my adoptive Mum and Dad, Sue and Mike, is actually pretty good!

Mum and and my human sister, Lizzy, picked me up on Monday from the vet where I had gone through an anesthetic and teeth (3) extraction so I was pretty groggy and shaking a whole lot. But once we got home I picked myself up and had a really good sniff around the kitchen and lounge area. As it was my first day with them I didn't get to wander off on my own - they kept a pretty close eye on me. But it was very exciting exploring all the nooks and crannies of my new home. My human brother, James, spent a lot of time down on the floor playing with me and scratching my tummy which I love. It was a great afternoon.

The vet told them only to give me a little food that night, and, after my evening visit to the garden to attend to business, they let me sleep in my crate in their room as it was my first night. I was quite restless and didn't have a really good night, but my second night was perfect as I slept in the kitchen where no-one's snoring could disturb me - I had a great night's sleep there! Also my Dad took me out for a nice long walk along the side of the lake at around 10 last night before bed and I had a blast!!!! It helped to tire me out, too.

Today I am getting used to the areas I am not allowed to go, like upstairs. I know that I could be prone to back problems later so I must not overdo running up and down big flights of stairs. I have lots of new toys and bedding and my favorite is a blue bed that Lizzie found at the store - I love it. I am resting in my bed while Mum types this as I have spent quite a long time running around in the garden already this morning and I am quite pooped out!

Love from Charlotte xxxx

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Last Updated: 07/28/14

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