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Midge Myrtle ("")

Rescued 01/30/13, Adopted 12/18/13, Deceased 04/20/17

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Adult (5-9 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Cats,
Needs a Dog Buddy,
Treated for Heartworms

Our sweet Baby Girl, Midge Myrtle, went to be with her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock on April 20, 2017.

She was the princess of our house and had the attitude of a diva. She came to DRoH from a local shelter when they said she was on the list to be euthanized the next day. DRoH got her and another dog who soon became our first fosters. It was their pictures on the internet that made me want to foster. From the moment she walked into our house she owned it. She would snap at our older dog's nose leaving him totally confused. She spent many of those first days in doggie timeout. Two weeks into fostering her, she needed back surgery as her back end was totally down. I remember crying and driving frantically from JV to NHVS to get her the surgery she needed. THANK YOU DRoH and your supporters. A few short days later she was released and rehab began. We had no idea what to do, but I remember being so thrilled when she peed for the first time on her own after the surgery. She fought back to regain all of her movement.

Time went by after the surgery, but nobody seemed interested in adopting her. I guess it was God's way of telling us to figure it out - she was meant for us. At Christmas of that year we made it official and she became our baby girl. I have a husband and now two teenage boys. It is a rough boy house, but put baby girl near them and they turned to mush. Our boys would sing songs about her and cuddle with her endlessly. She would pee on my husband's bathroom rug and he would just roll his eyes - she had him wrapped around her little paw.

On April 20th, we felt it was time to let her go after years of being fine it seemed her back had again let her down and her bladder was no longer functioning. She finished life eating every treat the doctor threw down in front of her and left dreaming of more treats to come. There will never be another Midge and I don't know at times how our hearts will be repaired.

Thank you DRoH for saving her and paying for her back and allowing her to be part of her life.

The Anderson's

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Last Updated: 05/02/17

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