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Fiona ("Daffy")

Rescued 11/02/07, Adopted 10/20/07

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Young (1-4 Years)

Standard (>= 18 lbs.)

Needs a Dog Buddy

Daffy joined our family after we lost another girl doxie, Jelly. Daffy joined Ducky whom we had adopted in 2005 from DROH. Daffy is a mixed breed but a big beautiful hound dog that loves to eat, hates squirrels, loves to snuggle, loves Ducky, and (most important of all) loves us. We had Daffy's DNA done and she is mostly Dachshund (check out the Dapple blue eye) but also Bassett Hound and German Short Haired Pointer. Wow! She is quite the hunter and goes "on point" in the back yard all the time. She's a big old goofy girl that has stolen our hearts. She loves to howl when startled, even by us. A very funny girl indeed who has enriched our lives with her sweet heart, many kisses, and affectionate way. She is healthy as a horse and eats like one also. She ran in the Wild West Weinerfest races this year and placed second! She loves to volunteer at the Kissing Booths for DROH because she has more kisses than we can handle! We love our girl so much and want to thank DROH for allowing us to adopt her to make our family complete.

My brother, Ducky (Zachary), has an Adoption Page too!

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