Dachshund Rescue of Houston


Larry Tate ("Ralphy")

Rescued 01/14/13, Adopted 09/26/13

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Black & Tan


Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children,
Needs a Dog Buddy,
Treated for Heartworms

Ralphy's foster family turned out to be his forever family:

Larry Tate is now known as "Ralphy" as in Ralph Mouth from Happy Days. He is very protective of the bed and me and if anyone approaches he can bark SO LOUD for that little body..he can make you jump straight out of bed. He has come out of his shell and will now come when I call him, and go to his area for "bisquits" when we put the baby gate up in the kitchen for he and his brothers to stay while we are away.

When did I know he had chosen us...on Saturday, for the very first time, he ate dinner with his pack, instead of me taking him in the chair away from everyone, and holding the bowl for him.

Yes, I admit...I cried.

He has started playing with us and his brothers. I was worried about him for a long time, he was showing NO signs of improvement. But its like he has flipped the switch. Ralphy is home now.

Congrats DROH for another HAPPY TAIL!

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Last Updated: 09/26/13

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