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Adam Cartwright ("")

Rescued 05/25/12, Adopted 06/19/12

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Young (1-4 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

Needs a Dog Buddy

This is the story of how one fails at fostering -

So last night, I went to a girlfriends for dinner. Big test for Adam. He stayed home with Steve (hubby) & Sarah (doxie). On my way home I called to check and see how they had done. Steve said it went fantastic. Adam and Sarah were asleep on the sofa together and all was good. He uses the dog door -- it cracks us up. We had that dog door installed when we were building this house and NONE of our dogs would use it. This tiny morsel of a pup acts like -- 'no biggie -- is this the way to the restroom?'. (No dog door access when we are not home)

He is eating better. I found a tiny kibble (that I mix with the Stella & Chewy's freeze dried duck/goose) that he will eat. He still hides kibble in his bed for later (obviously does not understand Sarah's ability to find it), so it is still a bit of a struggle. Touch and go on the treats he likes as well. But he is eating some meals with gusto, so I think we are on the right path. I would not even be concerned if he were bigger, but he is so tiny - every bit of nutrition is important.

Because he is so sweet and he has climbed inside my heart and Steve thinks he's a great little dog -- we would like to adopt Adam. Soooooo, once he gets his last puppy shot we would like to make him officially part of our family.

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Last Updated: 07/10/13

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