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Maxmillian ("Max")

Rescued 12/06/04, Adopted 12/17/04, Deceased 07/10/15

Color Gender Age Size Preferences / Other Info

Dapple (Merle)


Adult (5-9 Years)

Mini (<= 12 lbs.)

No Young Children

Our old boy, Max, went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 10th. He did just fine on the drive to California in early June but then when he would occasionally throw up I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with kidney disease. He was hospitalized for a few days, but since he had a heart murmur the treatment could not be very aggressive or he could also develop congestive heart failure. He did get to come home but on July 10th he was very lethargic and refused all of his favorite foods and so we followed the vetís advise and said good bye. I'm heartbroken because he was our first foster and my a big mommaís boy, followed me everywhere! We were told he was already 7 when I started fostering and adopted him in Dec 2004, so he was over 17. It all happened so fast, even a couple of days before he was hospitalized he was barking for his food. Max took a piece of my heart with him.

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Last Updated: 07/22/15

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