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Awesome Adoptions 2015

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2015: 189

Cherry Brewster

Adopted 12/29/15

Tucker Griswold

Adopted 12/29/15

Gidget Lawrence

Adopted 12/24/15

Virginia Brewster

Adopted 12/24/15

Bert Henson

Adopted 12/23/15

Dallas Henson

Adopted 12/20/15

Jaime Brewster

Adopted 12/18/15

Helen Brewster

Adopted 12/16/15

Fritz Palmer

Adopted 12/14/15

Clark Griswold

Adopted 12/12/15

Matt Saracen

Adopted 12/11/15

Misty Taylor
"Mitzi Clark"

Adopted 12/07/15

Cooper Griswold

Adopted 12/06/15
Deceased 12/23/15

Brinley Lawrence

Adopted 12/05/15

Tyler Palmer

Adopted 12/04/15

Roscoe Henson

Adopted 12/03/15

Scooter Henson

Adopted 11/29/15

Tim Riggins

Adopted 11/29/15

Jude Brewster

Adopted 11/28/15

Jason Street

Adopted 11/27/15

Becky Lawrence

Adopted 11/21/15

Logan Washington

Adopted 11/21/15

Ranger Henson

Adopted 11/21/15

Jeff Matthews

Adopted 11/16/15

Geri Henson

Adopted 11/13/15

Rainey Rhodes

Adopted 11/12/15

Bella Washington

Adopted 11/08/15

Sophie Lawrence

Adopted 11/08/15

Mia Henson

Adopted 11/04/15

Elliot West

Adopted 11/03/15

Magnolia Henson

Adopted 10/29/15

Tyler Henson

Adopted 10/29/15

Amy Earnhardt

Adopted 10/28/15

Whitney West

Adopted 10/28/15

Wade West

Adopted 10/27/15

Walt West

Adopted 10/27/15

Birdie Henson

Adopted 10/22/15

Wendy West

Adopted 10/22/15

Eric Taylor

Adopted 10/21/15
Deceased 03/18/16

Hamilton Henson

Adopted 10/21/15

Herbie Henson

Adopted 10/21/15

Garrison Henson

Adopted 10/20/15

Rose Washington

Adopted 10/20/15

Rusty Lawrence

Adopted 10/18/15

Landry Clark

Adopted 10/17/15

Ken West

Adopted 10/16/15

Chelsea West

Adopted 10/12/15

Madison Washington

Adopted 10/06/15

Mason Washington

Adopted 10/03/15

Snoopy Henderson

Adopted 09/30/15

Eva Lawrence

Adopted 09/29/15

Ann Cooper

Adopted 09/26/15

Jacob Washington

Adopted 09/25/15

Gretta Washington

Adopted 09/15/15

Tex Ross

Adopted 09/13/15

Trixie Earnhardt

Adopted 09/13/15

Skipper West

Adopted 09/12/15

Phoebe Henson

Adopted 09/11/15

Roxy Wilson

Adopted 09/10/15

Ernie Henson

Adopted 09/08/15

Todd West

Adopted 09/06/15

Amelia Earnhardt

Adopted 09/05/15

Barbie West

Adopted 09/05/15

Sunny Rhodes

Adopted 09/05/15

Suzie Henson

Adopted 09/05/15

Max Henson

Adopted 08/31/15

Parker Henson

Adopted 08/31/15

Blaine West

Adopted 08/30/15

Jim Henson

Adopted 08/27/15

Paige Green

Adopted 08/24/15
Deceased 02/16/18

Sad to let everyone know that Paige (black and tan) passed in her sleep this morning. Anna and I was by her side caressing her as she departed for the Bridge. Her years with us were her happiest, no doubt. The joy she brought to us far outweigh the sorrow right now. So, can you foster? Can you rescue? Save one. They will appreciate it and you will have treasured memories forever.

Skye Washington

Adopted 08/22/15

Hailey Washington

Adopted 08/20/15

Dottie Earnhardt

Adopted 08/16/15

Lucky Washington

Adopted 08/14/15

Ethan Washington

Adopted 08/08/15

Oscar Washington

Adopted 08/07/15

Hank Henson

Adopted 08/01/15

Cal Ostern

Adopted 07/31/15

Heidi Ostern

Adopted 07/31/15

Winnie Ostern

Adopted 07/31/15

Ben Ostern

Adopted 07/30/15

Blake Ostern
"Winnie puppy #3"

Adopted 07/29/15

Hannah Ostern

Adopted 07/29/15

Matt Ostern

Adopted 07/28/15

Roxie Rhodes

Adopted 07/28/15

William Andrews

Adopted 07/26/15

Karen Ostern

Adopted 07/25/15

Libby Rhodes

Adopted 07/21/15

Max Rhodes

Adopted 07/20/15

Lacy Earnhardt

Adopted 07/19/15

Pipi Earnhardt

Adopted 07/19/15

Owen Washington

Adopted 07/18/15

Honey Henson

Adopted 07/15/15

Maggie Earnhardt

Adopted 07/06/15

Sammy Earnhardt

Adopted 07/06/15

Kermit Henson

Adopted 07/05/15

Austin Rhodes

Adopted 07/03/15

Vincente Ostern

Adopted 07/02/15

Millie Rhodes

Adopted 06/28/15

Sweetie Henson

Adopted 06/27/15

Grover Henson

Adopted 06/26/15

Rhett Andrews

Adopted 06/23/15

Sara Ostern

Adopted 06/17/15

Elmo Henson

Adopted 06/14/15

Oscar Henson

Adopted 06/10/15

Zoe Henson

Adopted 06/10/15

Albert Ostern

Adopted 06/07/15

Rudy Ostern

Adopted 06/07/15
Deceased 01/09/18

Daffodil Rhodes

Adopted 06/06/15

Ellie Ostern

Adopted 06/06/15

Ruby Rhodes

Adopted 06/06/15

Rusty Rhodes

Adopted 06/06/15

Shorty Ostern

Adopted 06/04/15
Deceased 02/13/17

Count Winslow

Adopted 06/01/15

I can't tell you what a great dog Count (aka Coco) is and how well he fits into our home. He and Joey (our other standard) are best buddies. And you would think they had been together since they were puppies. We adore him and can't imagine our home without him in it!

I can't begin to tell you what an absolute angel Count is and how much we adore him!! And how much we appreciate all that DROH does!

Brad Andrews

Adopted 05/27/15

Freckles Rhodes

Adopted 05/25/15

Peaches Ostern

Adopted 05/21/15

Daisy Earnhardt

Adopted 05/17/15

Lisa Earnhardt

Adopted 05/17/15

Dewey Ross

Adopted 05/15/15

Anna Ostern

Adopted 05/14/15

Chrissie Rhodes

Adopted 05/14/15

Oliver Ostern

Adopted 05/10/15

Dale Earnhardt

Adopted 05/09/15

Pal Peterson
"Harry Rex"

Adopted 05/09/15
Deceased 10/12/18

We were lucky enough to be approved to adopt Pal Peterson in May, 2015. We gave him a new name and he settled in with our other dogs with no problem. He was a sweet loving boy and everyone in our extended family loved him. He developed CHF and was on medication for two years before his heart just gave out. He had also developed cataracts, and his eyesight deteriorated over time, but he never stopped enjoying life with his “dog friends”. He loved car rides and walking on the beach and napping in the sunshine. We are broken hearted at his passing but know that we will see him again at the rainbow bridge. Run free with no pain, sweet Harry. We will always love you.

Vanessa Earnhardt

Adopted 05/09/15

Lily Ostern

Adopted 05/06/15

Aldo Andrews

Adopted 05/01/15

Preston Green

Adopted 05/01/15

Lawrence Andrews

Adopted 04/30/15

Peggy Andrews

Adopted 04/30/15

Patty Andrews

Adopted 04/29/15

Laverne Andrews

Adopted 04/27/15

Dasher Kringle

Adopted 04/26/15

Mandy Earnhardt

Adopted 04/25/15

Paul Andrews

Adopted 04/24/15

Maxine Andrews

Adopted 04/23/15

Stephanie Earnhardt

Adopted 04/23/15

I recently lost my best friend Boo (a Dachshund) to a heart problem. I was devastated and wondering whether or not to get another Dachshund. Thank goodness the answer was YES. My vet recommended Dachshund Rescue of Houston and she was exactly correct in the right place to find a wonderful new pet. Everyone I associated with from Dachshund Rescue, Mary, Bill and Vickie were wonderful and helpful in the process necessary to find the perfect Dachshund for the family. It was obvious from the start how passionate and caring all these people are about finding the right dog for me and making sure the dog was right for the household. We found the perfect family addition in 'Stevie'. She has turned out to be everything we wanted in a new pet and more. We have only had her two days and you would think she has been th us for two months - she is happy and we are beyond happy. I want to thank Mary, Bill and especially Vickie for going above and beyond in assisting us in finding the perfect Dachshund for us.

The Dachshund Rescue of Houston is the perfect place to find a pet in need to become part of your family. They truly care about their rescue efforts and making sure their pets adopted out are placed with caring, loving families. They will certainly receive frequent donations from me. Thank you!!

Chip Earnhardt

Adopted 04/15/15

Alvin Earnhardt

Adopted 04/14/15

Theodore Earnhardt

Adopted 04/14/15

Donner Kringle

Adopted 04/11/15

Eddie Earnhardt

Adopted 04/11/15

I can't quantify exactly how in love I am with our little boy Noodles (DROH name: Eddie). It's just too stinkin' much! He is completely adorable. We didn't exactly have an easy start - he's quite hyperactive and very crazy, but oh my word this little boy has become a big part of my heart and day. Actually it's hard to get a picture of him where he's not on top of me, as that's where he likes to be 24-7. My girls are so very in love with him too, and once a week Noodles is subject to getting dressed up in all their dolly clothes! He doesn't seem to mind, as it's a ton of attention for him, and he comes out looking very cute in the latest of American Girl outfits. We are so glad we chose to adopt through DROH, and that we got to bring Noodles into our lives, home and heart!

Ava Earnhardt

Adopted 04/07/15

Thank you Dachshund Rescue of Houston for bringing Ava into our lives. She is wonderful, sweet and has wrapped herself around our hearts in just a few days. Can't imagine our family without her.

~ The Coleman Family

Boyd Earnhardt

Adopted 04/05/15

Ricky Earnhardt

Adopted 04/04/15

Byron, formally Ricky Earnhardt, has been a part of our family for a week today. Sadie lost her best four-legged friend in January and was taking it incredibly hard and needed a buddy. I can't believe it has only been a week, but how much of a change Byron has already made in our home and our hearts. He is so full of love, energy, joy, moxi and kisses. We are blessed to have found him. Thank you Dachshund Rescue of Houston!!

Abigail Paradise

Adopted 04/01/15

Betty Andrews

Adopted 03/31/15

Liberty Buffett

Adopted 03/30/15

Janie Buffett

Adopted 03/29/15


Adopted 03/29/15

Nicholas Kringle

Adopted 03/29/15

Ginger Andrews

Adopted 03/26/15

Pippa Andrews

Adopted 03/26/15


Adopted 03/25/15

Anabelle Andrews

Adopted 03/20/15

Goober Granbury

Adopted 03/15/15

Sage Martin

Adopted 03/15/15

Wendy Earnhardt

Adopted 03/14/15

Bryce Andrews

Adopted 03/13/15

Jan Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/10/15

Jean Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/09/15

Joseph Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/08/15

Gregory Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/06/15

Harper Earnhardt

Adopted 03/05/15

Phillip Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/04/15

Rosemary Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/04/15

Rusty Buffett-Winslow

Adopted 03/04/15

Sable Earnhardt

Adopted 02/28/15

Cherry Buffett

Adopted 02/24/15

Comet Kringle

Adopted 02/24/15

Badger Kringle

Adopted 02/21/15

Kip Kringle

Adopted 02/16/15

Madeline Andrews

Adopted 02/09/15

Louie Buffett

Adopted 02/08/15

Pete Paradise

Adopted 02/08/15

Penny Kringle
"Penny Sue"

Adopted 02/07/15

Bernard Buffett

Adopted 01/31/15

Alex Andrews

Adopted 01/25/15

Mia Winslow

Adopted 01/25/15

Lady, Mia when she was with DRoH, has been a blessing and joy to our family...smiles, laughter and constant energy. She has bonded with her brother Chip our Dachshund-Poodle that was already part of our family...not to mention her human family here at her forever home.

Thank you for all you do to help Dachshunds in need to get healthy and find their forever homes!! I recommend DRoH often to those looking for a fur baby!!!

Rudolph Kringle

Adopted 01/25/15

Jenny Kringle

Adopted 01/24/15

Kristopher Kringle

Adopted 01/22/15

Katy Kringle

Adopted 01/15/15

Nancy Winslow

Adopted 01/12/15

Tony Paradise

Adopted 01/08/15

Abby Buffett

Adopted 01/05/15

Missy Kringle

Adopted 01/04/15

Peggy Kringle
"Peggy Lee"

Adopted 01/03/15

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