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Awesome Adoptions 2014

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2014: 150

Lupe Winslow

Adopted 12/31/14

Dexter Winslow
"Lucky Cooper"

Adopted 12/30/14

Clara Buffett

Adopted 12/26/14

Anjelica Winslow

Adopted 12/23/14

The holidays were wonderful and I had extra time to spend with Angie. I decided to name her Christie, short for Christine.

She is wonderful! She was shy at first but warmed up quickly and now is shy only a little.

She loves to run the complete length of the apartment 3 or 4 times full speed and squeak her moose when I get home. I found a new treat that she will dance for. I am trying to teach her to sit but that will come. She loves her squeak toys that are in strategic locations plus bones scattered everywhere, which she likes to rearrange as part of her duties.

I believe she feels comfortable with her surroundings and right at home, even outside. She has her favorite places to look out the windows and to sleep and snuggle, plus my recliner and bed.

She has adjusted to my leaving at night to go to work but not thrilled about me leaving, even though I tuck her in with a treat and leave the soft music on low. Her built in clock has her at the front door when I return and then about 30-45 minutes of play and petting, then in my lap resting reassured all is OK.

She does very well on the leash and does her best to mind and please me. She has so much enthusiasm in everything outdoors. The weather is improving from cold and wet allowing more time to spend as it improves.

She is now in a chair in my office as usual when I am at my desk.

She is such a sweetie and I am very thankful for her. I love to see her happy and knowing she feels secure and loved.

Thank you again so much and for the wonderful work you do.

Cyrus Martin

Adopted 12/23/14

Henry Buffett

Adopted 12/21/14

Grace Winslow

Adopted 12/19/14

Buddy Martin

Adopted 12/15/14

Addison Winslow

Adopted 12/14/14

Ricky Paradise

Adopted 12/14/14

I feel in love with Charlie (aka Ricky Paradise) before I even met the little guy. When Cynde, the foster mom brought him over, I couldn’t help but pick him up and give him kisses! He has the most beautiful eyes and coat and reminds me a little bit of a Pointer because of his markings. He’s the most laid back, passive and content dog I’ve ever met and gets along with every dog and human he comes into contact with. He fits in perfectly because he’s so mellow and low energy which is perfect for my pack. He balances them out so my other ones aren’t so hyper around him.

It’s only been 3 days and I’m so attached. I think once he’s 100% completely healed from his surgery, his true personality will come out and maybe he’ll start playing more. I absolutely love and adore him now he has another loving home where he will be spoiled rotten and pampered and live out the rest of his days!

Thank you again DROH for everything and taking such good care of Charlie. He’s a very special little guy!

Nick Paradise

Adopted 12/07/14

Jimmy Buffett

Adopted 12/04/14

Faith Winslow

Adopted 12/03/14

Lucky Buffett

Adopted 12/02/14

Frankie Paradise

Adopted 11/30/14

Oliver Winslow

Adopted 11/24/14

Alexander Ross

Adopted 11/22/14

Lydia Buffett

Adopted 11/22/14

Marty Buffett

Adopted 11/22/14

Cindy Brady

Adopted 11/19/14

From her forever Mom -

Cindy has been the happiest pup we have ever had. She really has taught us how to be happy with what life has given to you. From losing one eye, to back surgery, to now being blind, she has never stopped enjoying life and wagging her little tail. She is truly the sweetest pup we have. Thank you again.

Joey Paradise

Adopted 11/18/14

Hope Winslow

Adopted 11/17/14

Dixie Buffett

Adopted 11/10/14

Patsy Peterson

Adopted 11/10/14

Cookie Buffett

Adopted 11/06/14

Valerie Ross

Adopted 10/25/14

Charlie Martin

Adopted 10/22/14

Buster Smith

Adopted 10/20/14

Josie Ross

Adopted 10/19/14

Josie who we affectionately call JoJo is such a sweet, trusting girl. We thought we wanted another boy dog buddy for our girl Shay (who is a DRoH alumni adopted in May of 2011) after we lost our beloved Ziggy to cancer in June 2014. We weekend fostered a pup and decided we liked weekend and vacation fostering. Along came Josie in need of a temporary transition foster. We quickly realized she was a special girl who we couldn't give up just yet. She was recovering from heart worm treatment and something I never expected happened. My husband, Sean said he wanted to foster JoJo until her recovery was complete or until she was adopted. Fostering a girl should be no problem since we thought we wanted a boy, right? Wrong! It took no time at all for little JoJo to wiggle her way into our hearts with her sitting like a person, knocking over the trash can, Elvis lip, begging for belly rubs and adorable trot. JoJo and Shay started bonding by sleeping next to each other and following each other. We knew their bond with each other would only grow and we knew what we had to do. We had to adopt JoJo! We couldn't stand the thought of having to say good-bye to her so we became foster failures. We feel like the luckiest Doxie parents ever and we love having two little princesses.

We don't have enough words to express how grateful we are to DRoH for rescuing, vetting and nursing this gentle little soul back to health so we could have the opportunity to share the best that life has to offer with her. She will never have to feel lost, hurt, unloved, hungry or scared ever again. JoJo is finally home....forever.

Coco Paradise

Adopted 10/18/14

Tina Paradise

Adopted 10/18/14

Rudy Ross

Adopted 10/17/14

Avril Martin

Adopted 10/15/14

Paris Martin

Adopted 10/15/14

Benny Paradise

Adopted 10/14/14

Melody Ross

Adopted 10/13/14

Jasmine Buffett

Adopted 10/12/14

Suzie Buffett

Adopted 10/12/14

Margarita Paradise

Adopted 09/28/14

Mike Martin

Adopted 09/20/14

First sight love was when I saw Mr. Mike Martin one of the most beautiful little Dachshunds I have ever seen. His colors and pattern are amazing. Much darker than his internet photo and I like that even more. As far as the introduction to the pack, to use an over used acronym OMG, can we say the pack knows how to warmly and playfully welcome a new member into their home! I was actually amazed as I watched them begin to play, sniff, tussle over play toys or nothing at all. It was a great day then came time for the BIG Dachshund walk around 11:00 last night. Talk about energy!!! Mike lead the pack like he was the boss and I had to run to accommodate their pace. He is eating like a champ after training and when bedtime arrived he was the first in bed as if saying “Hey, I really love my new bed”. Everyone piled into bed and Mike immediately found his new favorite spot right next to me with his head on my chest which is where he quickly fell asleep. All I can say is that DACHSHUNDS are amazing. Y’alls group is amazing and thank you for accepting my application.

They have all been playing non stop today and getting plenty of exercise. What an awesome group of weenie dogs.

Thank all of you for what you do.

Oscar Martin

Adopted 09/20/14

Pebbles Jones

Adopted 09/20/14

Snickers Jones

Adopted 09/20/14

I have always had dachshunds since I was a little girl and when the time came that I was ready to adopt, I knew I had to get a dachshund. I always said I wanted to rescue, so after looking around I decided that DRoH was a great option. Originally, I liked a different dog on the website. I arranged a time to meet him, but had a few reservations about his personality and age. DRoH suggested that I meet Snickers too, since he was a big younger. It worked out that I was going to meet Snickers first. A good thing, too, because as soon as I saw him wagging his tail at me at his foster home, I was in love. I bent down to pet him and he immediately went between my legs and just stared up at me. I sat down and he found his place right in my lap. It was seriously love at first sight. I knew then that he was the perfect dog for me.

As soon as the papers were signed, and Snickers became mine, I changed his name to Reece. Now, over 6 months later, he knows his name and he knows his mom. Reece is the best dog I have ever met or owned. He comes when called, loves to snuggle and play, isn't terribly vocal, and has the cutest habit of hiding all his toys (of which he has MANY!) for me to find in odd corners and behind pillows. I can't imagine my life without this guy, and I'm so thankful for DRoH for not only rescuing this boy, but for helping me find my canine soul-mate. I was even told that he had some separation anxiety, but he has been a perfect angel. I am so thankful for DRoH and my precious pup Reece!

Kitty Ross

Adopted 09/10/14

Louie Ross

Adopted 09/08/14

Daisy Paradise

Adopted 09/07/14

Sami Martin

Adopted 09/06/14

Heather Green

Adopted 09/03/14

Tessa Martin

Adopted 08/27/14

Eddie Ross

Adopted 08/26/14

Crash Ross

Adopted 08/24/14

Georgie Girl Ross

Adopted 08/24/14

Nathan Jones

Adopted 08/24/14

Henry's favorite thing to do is to go on walks, especially when I get home from work in the afternoon. He is so excited and acts like a giddy puppy! He leads the way on the walk, and by the time we take the long route to the mailbox and back, he is pooped and ready for a nap before dinner. I'm guesstimating that the after work walk is a good 20 minute walk.

He's barked maybe twice since he's been home, but we usually don't hear a peep. He's worked his way into getting to sleep in our room in a Henry-sized bed, right next to our bed. He didn't complain about going into the kennel every night, but after a couple of days, I realized he wasn't going to roam the house at night, and brought in his bed. He lays there all night, and usually gets up about the time the alarm is going off every morning...he's my back-up alarm clock if mine doesn't go off.

He is a sweet, sweet dog and, as you said, he loves to have his hair brushed. We've taken him for a bath at Unleashed (by Petco), and he pretty much acted like Henry, which is to say, he didn't put up any fight and just let us wash and dry him without a complaint. He loves his treats, but we are of course limiting those every day (when I leave for work and when I get home)...that's not to say he's not "helping" in the kitchen by making sure anything that may drop on the floor gets whisked up right away so it's not a slip hazard for us silly humans. We have decided that carrots would be OK for him, and he seems to enjoy that special treat once or twice a week.

Anyway, I could go on, but just wanted you to know that Henry is doing quite well and seems to be adjusting to his new home quite well. So happy that he picked us to be his forever home!

Maxine Martin

Adopted 08/23/14

Elizabeth Ross

Adopted 08/22/14

Independence Ross

Adopted 08/19/14

Jill Jones

Adopted 08/17/14

Precious Jones

Adopted 08/15/14

Huey Ross

Adopted 08/02/14

Slinky Peterson

Adopted 08/02/14

April Jones

Adopted 08/01/14

Roxie Ross

Adopted 07/31/14

Colin Frissell
"Monster Jam"

Adopted 07/27/14

Vincent Jones

Adopted 07/26/14

Hoagie Ross

Adopted 07/25/14

June Jones

Adopted 07/25/14

Clara Jones

Adopted 07/22/14

Beauregard Blue

Adopted 07/18/14

It's hard to believe, but I picked Beau up one year ago today. He has just slid into life with us as if he had always been here. He is good with the birds, our other little dachshund, and our granddaughters. He is amazing with the granddaughters. They are not always as gentle as they should be, but he has never once been short with them. He always crawls into bed with the girls when they visit.

Thanks again so much for your kindness to Beau and also to us. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you.

Daisy Peterson

Adopted 07/17/14

Delaney Peterson

Adopted 07/17/14

Gustav Jones

Adopted 07/16/14

Clifford Jones

Adopted 07/14/14

Rita Ross

Adopted 07/13/14

Reginald Peterson

Adopted 07/11/14

Holliday Peterson

Adopted 07/09/14

Richard Peterson

Adopted 07/07/14

Laura Peterson

Adopted 07/06/14

Lucille Peterson

Adopted 07/04/14

Gretel Smith

Adopted 07/01/14
Deceased 02/07/19

We fostered Gretel (red Dachshund with very long back) about 5-6 years ago. She was rescued with Hansel. Gretel was heart-worm positive but did very well through the treatment. (Understand Hansel did not)

Of course we were failed fosters and adopted her. She had such a loving and vivacious personality. She loved "to run the roads" as Greg called it, in our big backyard hunting for squirrels or just running around in the sun. If Greg was raking leaves or doing anything out in the yard, Gretel was with him. She was equally content to snuggle on the couch and watch TV shows with us. Gretel got along with all the other dogs as well as the grandkids. If you were sitting next to her and not actively petting her, she would take her nose and bop your hand until you resumed petting. It could be annoying. Of course she slept in bed with us along with the other 3 small ones, but in all our years of marriage, Gretel was the ONLY dog who ever managed to sleep in the middle between Greg and I. If I put her on my side, she would invariably climb over my head, through my hair, and snuggle in the middle.

We loved Gretel so much and our hearts were broken when she received a death sentence diagnosis 2 weeks ago. She got up with Greg at 6 on Monday Feb 6th, had her treat and went outside to play. About an hour later, she came back in and pushed the other dogs out of the way and snuggled as close to me as she could get as I was still sleeping. When I got up to feed them at 8, she was not waiting for her food and Gretel NEVER missed a meal or a treat. She was still in bed, lying there in pain and shaking. I immediately thought she had injured her neck which she had a couple times before and took her to Blue Pearl to see a neurologist having my vet send records. The neurologist said, yes she is in pain, but I cannot find anything severe on her spine and she is walking fine. We scheduled an MRI for Wed, went home with meds and instruction for rest.

I fed Gretel her "breakfast" at lunchtime which she gobbled down, gave her some meds and let her rest. About 8PM I tried to feed her dinner and more meds which she wanted none of. At 11PM, she vomited her lunch (still undigested) and I called Blue Pearl. Obviously something else was going on. Bring her in tonight if she throws up again. At 1 AM she got a drink of water, which came right back up and Greg drove her to Blue Pearl. They put her on IVS and nausea meds and did complete ultrasound of belly and intestines on Tuesday. The results were not good. Gretel had developed a 5cm mass (Gretel is 12 pounds) with metastasis of Sarcoma. They suspected more metastasis in chest area due to fluid buildup. There was no "fix". The cancer was aggressive and could not be removed, would not respond well to chemo, plus she couldn't eat, she would starve to death. I knew we had to have some time with her to snuggle, emotionally come to terms with this before we could put her down. Especially Greg!

So, my strange request to the vet, was how can we make Gretel comfortable, so we could have a little time with her? He said it can't be long she will starve to death, that is not humane. I know I said, we need her home tonight and then tomorrow we should be able to handle this. He agreed, put a Fentanyl pain patch on at noon, to pick her up at 6, and he would give her a pain shot and nausea shot before we took her home (that way the pain patch had 12 hours to kick in). We picked her up, held her and loved on her that night, and she actually went potty twice during the night (even though she had not eaten any food since Monday). Thursday morning we were supposed to take her back. Greg said I cannot take her anywhere, she has to be here, find someone to come here. I got on the phone and after several calls to my retired vet friend and waiting for another vet to call me back, got a hospice place on the phone who was in the area with their mobile vet unit, vet and tech and could be at our house in just over an hour. That was our plan. Meanwhile, my vet friend called and when I talked to her, she knew the vet and he was great.

Careway Hospice Vet Services pulled up to our house shortly and the vet and tech came inside. Greg had put the other dogs in the garage with the chicken he had cooked for Gretel that she had only sniffed and turned down.

After talking about her diagnosis for a few minutes which the vet had already confirmed with BluePearl, while I was holding Gretel in my lap on the couch and Greg was kneeling and petting her and crying. The vet slowly talked us through what was going to happen, then asked if we wanted a prayer and Greg said yes (even though I had just prayed before they got to the door). Then he slowly, respectfully put Gretel to twilight sleep, then euthanized her as I held her. We just held her and cried, and as the Vet was leaving, the Angel Oaks Cremation Manager showed up to pick her up. Greg said we needed more time and he said no problem, he would wait however long we needed. I held Gretel a few more minutes and looked up at Greg through my tears and said "If I hold her another 24 hours, it will never be long enough, let's let her go." So we carefully got her ready on a comfy blanky and put her in the tote Angel Oaks had brought.

Our hearts will forever be blessed for the wonderful 5-6 years we had with our loving GRETEL and she will be forever blessed by the spoiled treatment and love she received in her FOREVER home. Our hearts will always have a place with a small crack where it broke that day, Feb 7, 2019 when Gretel went home over the Rainbow Bridge.

Alfalfa Jones

Adopted 06/28/14

Teddy Bear Peterson

Adopted 06/28/14

Peter Peterson

Adopted 06/25/14

Butch Jones

Adopted 06/24/14

Gemma Jones

Adopted 06/24/14

Spanky Jones

Adopted 06/24/14

Prissy Missy Green

Adopted 06/16/14

Copper Smith

Adopted 06/11/14

Copper walked into our lives as our 24th foster for Droh. He walked into our homes and our hearts. He had an easy personality and a love for all people and other animals. He was a stray rescued from a shelter, but he seamlessly transitioned from shelter dog to family pet. Within weeks, Copper's foster dad was hooked. He loved everything about that dog, even the way Copper helped him fish on Lake LBJ. So, for Copper's foster parent's 32nd wedding anniversary, they got a fabulous gift! Adoption paperwork for their new dog, Copper Boedeker!

Cruiser Jones

Adopted 06/11/14

Tia Jones

Adopted 06/11/14

Ringo #2

Adopted 06/10/14

Bobby Blue

Adopted 06/07/14

Marjory Blue

Adopted 06/07/14

Bruno Green

Adopted 06/02/14

Sadie Sue

Adopted 05/31/14

Cowboy Green

Adopted 05/22/14

Schultze Smith

Adopted 05/22/14

Missy Jewel

Adopted 05/19/14

Jack Jones

Adopted 05/18/14

Smilie Poppins

Adopted 05/11/14


Adopted 05/10/14

Peabody Green

Adopted 05/10/14

Floyd Lawson

Adopted 05/08/14

Sherman Green

Adopted 05/03/14

Becky Blue

Adopted 05/02/14


Adopted 04/30/14

Sophie Smith

Adopted 04/26/14

Travers Goff

Adopted 04/24/14

Edward Green

Adopted 04/19/14

Patrick Green

Adopted 04/17/14

Josie Green

Adopted 04/10/14

Buzz Parker

Adopted 04/05/14

Nixon Poppins

Adopted 04/02/14

Benny Blue

Adopted 03/31/14

Bridget Blue

Adopted 03/31/14

Jimmy Andrews

Adopted 03/23/14

Paul Parker

Adopted 03/23/14

Helen Crump

Adopted 03/18/14

Tootsie Roll

Adopted 03/17/14


Adopted 03/16/14

Apollo Poppins

Adopted 03/15/14

Billy Blue

Adopted 03/15/14

Here you go...Bentley is his new name! He has become my sidekick! He doesn't leave my side! We love, love, love him!! Bentley loves to fetch and he loves to run. He also has a fascination with shoes! He's doing so good! It's like he was so meant to be our baby! Thank you so much for being a foster Mom to him and for choosing us to be his forever home!!! We are so grateful for you!

Byler Bryan

Adopted 03/15/14

Oliver Poppins

Adopted 03/15/14

Jude Ann

Adopted 03/09/14

Posey Parker

Adopted 03/08/14


Adopted 03/06/14

Harry Poppins

Adopted 02/25/14
Deceased 05/23/19


Adopted 02/24/14
Deceased 12/21/18

Wilson Poppins

Adopted 02/23/14

Ginger J

Adopted 02/22/14

Sophie J

Adopted 02/22/14
Deceased 02/27/14

Sophie succumbed to cancer after a long life. She enjoyed her time with her foster mom, who nursed her through the ups and downs of geriatrics. She made it to her forever family only to pass in their arms.

Hope Springs

Adopted 02/21/14

Billy Mack
"Mufti III"

Adopted 02/19/14

Charlotte Poppins

Adopted 02/15/14

Adoption Update from Miss Charlotte - July 2014

Hello everyone, Charlotte Poppins here.

It is nearly 6 months since I came to live with my Forever Family and life is really good. I have put on a couple of pounds since February, but the vet says thats ok. I mustn't put any more on though. My dad takes me for a long walk round the lake every evening so that helps to keep my waistline trim. He also found a wonderful dog park near our home, which has a special small enclosed area for small dogs. I have so much fun there with all the other little ones like me. Then we walk round the big enclosure and my dad trusts me off the leash and I make sure I stay really close. I don't want to lose him! My mum and I also went to a course of training classes a while back. It was fun and I learned a lot but i still know my own mind when I want to, especially if there are some really interesting smells or sounds which need investigating. I do sometimes forget what I should be doing...

My mum and dad had to take me to the vet this week. I can't remember what the vet called it but I am losing all the hair on my ears. The vet said the dachshund is the "poster child" for this ailment. They gave me a special shampoo and some cream which my mum uses as directed. There is a chance the hair may not grow back, but I know my family will still love me anyway!! As my mum says, at my advanced age of 8yrs, I am not out to catch a "boyfriend". Haha.

t think it took me a while to realize that my new home was permanent and I know I was very quiet for a few weeks but I love to bark at strangers coming to the house now- not a lot, but enough to let them know I am here. Then I try to lick them to death, with my tail wagging so much I nearly fall over!! I like to pretend I am a Great Dane. My favorite job at home is looking after my mum - I keep close to her in the house to keep an eye on her, and when she sits down I snuggle up close too. She had a hip replacement three weeks ago, but with my encouragement she is up and walking round the house better than ever!!

My human sister Lizzy has a fur baby of her own now called Rosie, who is a Dachshund-Pit Bull mix with some Chihuaha in there. She is just 2 and is very much a puppy still, so I have to try and keep up with her when she comes to visit, while still showing who is the boss!! We have lots of fun though, and I am afraid I do pine a little when she goes home. My mum and dad are going to talk to DROH about getting me a Forever sister at some time so I have company all the time!!

Thank you for choosing my family for me, and they said to tell you they are grateful too!!!

Love from Charlotte Poplins


PS this is a picture of me snuggled up to my mum, with my friend Rosie

My name is Charlotte Poppins and I have decided very quickly that my new home with my adoptive Mum and Dad, Sue and Mike, is actually pretty good!

Mum and and my human sister, Lizzy, picked me up on Monday from the vet where I had gone through an anesthetic and teeth (3) extraction so I was pretty groggy and shaking a whole lot. But once we got home I picked myself up and had a really good sniff around the kitchen and lounge area. As it was my first day with them I didn't get to wander off on my own - they kept a pretty close eye on me. But it was very exciting exploring all the nooks and crannies of my new home. My human brother, James, spent a lot of time down on the floor playing with me and scratching my tummy which I love. It was a great afternoon.

The vet told them only to give me a little food that night, and, after my evening visit to the garden to attend to business, they let me sleep in my crate in their room as it was my first night. I was quite restless and didn't have a really good night, but my second night was perfect as I slept in the kitchen where no-one's snoring could disturb me - I had a great night's sleep there! Also my Dad took me out for a nice long walk along the side of the lake at around 10 last night before bed and I had a blast!!!! It helped to tire me out, too.

Today I am getting used to the areas I am not allowed to go, like upstairs. I know that I could be prone to back problems later so I must not overdo running up and down big flights of stairs. I have lots of new toys and bedding and my favorite is a blue bed that Lizzie found at the store - I love it. I am resting in my bed while Mum types this as I have spent quite a long time running around in the garden already this morning and I am quite pooped out!

Love from Charlotte xxxx

Mary Poppins

Adopted 02/09/14

Rosemary Swift

Adopted 02/09/14

Opie Taylor

Adopted 02/08/14


Adopted 02/08/14

Redmond Parker

Adopted 02/07/14

I cannot thank DRoH enough for granting me the opportunity to adopt Redmond Parker-Soto. I knew he was the one for me after looking at his photos, and learning about his overbite. He is doing amazing! He loves his squeaky toys, to cuddle, and to hand out PLENTY of kisses. Watching him explore his new surroundings and get to know his new family is a joy. He truly is a blessing and I am forever grateful. Thank you again and I will post additional updates.

Delilah Poppins

Adopted 02/04/14

Glynis Poppins

Adopted 02/02/14


Adopted 02/01/14
Deceased 05/18/19

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Sage Wrigley Garza made his way to the rainbow bridge.

Thank you for rescuing him and giving us the honor of being his furever family. We had the delight of watching him go from timid and shy (he would sit on the door mat waiting for his foster father to come back) to a confident dachshund who had a home and a family that loved and spoiled him. He loved his food, cuddles, walks, and squeaky toys. When his human sister was in her stuffed animal toy phase, he would run into her room every morning and claim any animals that fell from her bed. We buried him with his beloved bear that he won in this battle of wills.

Rescued - 11/15/13 Adopted - 2/1/14 Rainbow Bridge - 5/18/19

Furever family - Fred, Karri, & Emma Garza

Fursister - Kipper Garza

Grandma - Elia Knight

Bobo the Elf

Adopted 01/25/14

Just want to say again how much we appreciate DRoH! Bobo the Elf - now Galahad- is doing so well! He is an extremely smart boy and has the sweetest personality ever. We knew when we saw his photos that we wanted him desperately. He is a blessing to our family - the two footed and four footed alike!

Riley Parker

Adopted 01/22/14

Pepper Poppins

Adopted 01/20/14
Deceased 01/20/14

Pepper came into rescue with a life threatening condition. DRoH’s vets made a preliminary diagnosis of “secondary hyperparathyroidism”. She could not stand, her feet (both front and rear) felt boneless and she appeared to be in pain. The sweet woman who originally transported her related that when Pepper moved crackling sounds were heard. DRoH wanted to make sure everything that could be done for Pepper was being done, so we took her to wonderful speciality vet care facility in Houston. They admitted her immediately to their critical care group. I waited for them to return with some good news. Sadly, that was not the case. Bottom line: Regardless of the cause (whether nutritional or a tumor on her parathyroid gland), her condition had progressed too far for any reversal to occur. She had no bones in her wrists or ankles, x-rays and bone imaging showed bone loss throughout her tiny body. The crackling noises we heard were most likely from micro fractures occurring when she moved or when we moved her. She was in pain. Sometimes what we wish for doesn’t happen. There was no “miracle” available for Pepper. On the ride to the clinic, I kept a hand lightly on her tiny head, and gently petted her. I was so afraid I was hurting her I would move my hand away. She would cry and reach her head towards me -- even though I know it must have been painful. When we arrived at the critical care facility, I offered her some rabbit snacks. She nibbled on my fingers for more. She had a sweet, sweet disposition and if it were possible to “will” her better, she would be running and playing now. While waiting for the vet to return, I decided we would adopt her. She would not leave this earth without being part of a family. And I prayed some “miracle” would be available. After conferring with the vet, the hardest decision anyone involved with animals has to be made. I held her in my arms and talked with her until she was gone. She is pain free now. I will bring her ashes home sometime next week. My little black and tan dapple girl.


Adopted 01/18/14

Belle Starr

Adopted 01/04/14

It's been a little over a year, and we thought it'd be good to check in with our addition we adopted Belle Starr (we renamed her June because we had a male dachshund named Cash) and she's just simply fabulous! We really wanted to get a companion for Cash and June couldn't have been a more perfect fit for our little family! We just want to thank everyone at Dachshund Rescue for all you do for the little weenie angels out there!

Bonnie Parker

Adopted 01/04/14

Ralphie Parker

Adopted 01/03/14

Andy Taylor

Adopted 01/01/14

Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Taylor. He is such a sweetheart and already feels like part of Rocky and my family. He and his new brother, Rocky are becoming quick friends and it seems my roommate is also love with him! I'm a little concerned he may try to steal him from me when I move out! Thanks again and I will keep you posted of any updates.

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