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Awesome Adoptions 2012

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2012: 177

Juliette Low

Adopted 12/31/12

Prince Harry

Adopted 12/23/12

Rudolph Claus

Adopted 12/23/12

Pepper Minstix

Adopted 12/22/12

Sir Scrappington

Adopted 12/22/12

Tiger Brady

Adopted 12/21/12

We always knew that we would love to have another dachshund in our lives and after keeping a close eye on DROH the time finally came. We were thrilled to have foster mom Micheline visit our house with one of her special fosters. After a long visit and some emotional negotiations Micheline said goodbye to her Tiger Brady and we welcomed Bob P. to his forever home.

Bob joins the pack of boxer Kacy and dachshund Earl. Bob quickly made himself at home among the many blankets available for a little dachshund to snuggle up in and in hardly no time he figured out the house schedule of walks, naps and dinner time.

Our Christmas was so special with Bob in the family and what a great way to start 2013.

We are so grateful to DROH for their work and escpecially thankful to Micheline for giving Bob a loving and safe home for so long.

Robert Redford

Adopted 12/20/12

Emma Blitzen

Adopted 12/19/12

An update on Emma/Missy. She is loved to death, and she couldn't be more perfect. She is actually sleeping with her adopted Mom - which is a first for her, she has always said no doggy would be in her bed, but Missy has managed! Hard to believe how sweet and what a loving dog she is. New family couldn't be happier with her!

Please thank everyone involved in the adoption again for me.

Lydia Deetz
"Lucy Lu"

Adopted 12/16/12

Trotter Tinsel

Adopted 12/12/12
Deceased 01/02/14

It is with sad heart that I tell you we lost Scout (Trotter as you called him). He never acted like anything was wrong, but he passed away the other night. Vet said he probably had a heart issue. He passed very peacefully in his sleep. We loved him very much, too little time with him for sure.

Pamela Pirates

Adopted 12/10/12

Marvin K Mooney
"A Rod"

Adopted 12/06/12
Deceased 06/15/17


Adopted 12/01/12
Deceased 05/02/13

We lost Summer this evening to Sago Palm poisoning. My heart hurts so much. I am so sorry we couldn't save her. It's been a hard couple of weeks...especially for our Summer girl. She was so spunky, so loving, so playful chasing the squeaky rubber hamburger, being Houdini dog escaping the yard to run on the golf course, napping on the big bed. So cute with such a cute face. She had a hard life before her rescue and heartworm treatment. We were her forever home but only for 5 months. I'm so sorry.

Carrie Christmas

Adopted 11/29/12

Jean Valjean
"Mr. Wilson"

Adopted 11/26/12


Adopted 11/25/12

Barry Christmas

Adopted 11/25/12

Larry Christmas

Adopted 11/25/12

Nathan Hale

Adopted 11/24/12

Don Dasher

Adopted 11/23/12

Alvin Collins
"Andouille / Andy"

Adopted 11/20/12

I am DRoH's 1000th adoption! How's that for a fabulous Decade of Dachshunds!


Adopted 11/20/12

Matt Grevers

Adopted 11/18/12
Deceased 01/15/14

Sammy Colt

Adopted 11/17/12

Reese Witherspoon

Adopted 11/15/12

Reese was my first attempt at fostering, and I totally failed. When I picked her up, it was like she took one look at me and said "Ok let's go home!". She hopped right into my car as if she had always belonged there, and who was I to argue with that sweet little angel face. She is the best cuddler ever, often times not content to just be next to me, but right in my arms with a content smile as she falls asleep. She has become so comfortable here and can happily lay in her favorite spot in another room. This was a match that was meant to be, and we are both very happy and thankful for the match-up from DRoH. Reese is as loved here as she is loving. Thank you for bringing us together!

Dakota Earnest

Adopted 11/11/12

Lolo Jones

Adopted 11/11/12

Justin Blinkey
"J. J."

Adopted 11/04/12

Naomi Judd
"Sweet Pea"

Adopted 10/29/12

I promised myself I would not fail Fostering 101, but it finally happened. I picked Sweet Pea up on Monday July 9th and was totally in love with her within hours. She was listed as Naomi Judd but she earned the name "Sweet Pea" by being so sweet. I have no idea of her past before DRoH rescued her, but I know her future is going to be wonderful.

We have fostered many dogs in the last year, and each time one is adopted, they take a little piece of my heart to their new forever home. This time I knew I could not give her up. I adopted this precious girl on my hubby's birthday. He was so thrilled, he got a tear in his eye.

Welcome home Sweet Pea. We have loved you for 16 weeks as our foster baby, and now we will love you forever as part of our family.

God Bless DRoH and the super wonderful volunteers.

Cowboy Jones

Adopted 10/27/12

Carrie Underwood

Adopted 10/16/12

Duchess #3

Adopted 10/16/12

Galen Rupp

Adopted 10/15/12

William Mason

Adopted 10/08/12


Adopted 09/24/12

Cyrus Griffon

Adopted 09/20/12
Deceased 09/26/12

Thank you for allowing us to experience the joy of Cyrus for the last little while. Now he gets to go to his well deserved HOME in Heaven where he can chase lizards all day. He is a great and wonderful soul. I'm so glad our family got to experience the last couple of weeks with him. I'm sorry his mortal body wasn't as strong as his heart and soul as we would be able to experience him for a long time to come if it were so. As it is his memory is etched into our hearts and mind forever.

From his Foster Mom: Cyrus was a spectacular dog with a huge personality that could bring a smile to anyone's face. When he was naughty he could look at you with those huge brown eyes and make you laugh. He was a loving, sweet boy who adored ripping stuffies to pieces, stealing toys from Adam, watching tv with Steve, getting treats in the morning and steering clear of Sarah. I am grateful DRoH rescued him and let him know love and security. I am grateful to all who helped him today. He was a good boy.

Lady Adley

Adopted 09/16/12


Adopted 09/16/12

Daisy Robinson

Adopted 09/12/12

Hannah "Angie" Van Buren

Adopted 09/12/12

Oscar III

Adopted 09/12/12

Missy Franklin

Adopted 09/11/12

Missy is doing great. We changed her name to Reba. She is really showing some great personality!

Josiah Bartlett

Adopted 09/07/12

Maggie Mae #2

Adopted 09/06/12

Ben Cartwright

Adopted 09/05/12

We are enjoying Frankie. He loves to snuggle and play with his brother Noah. We can't imagine not having him as part of our family. He is very playful and loves to snuggle on your lap.

Chloe Sutton

Adopted 09/05/12

Lady Sybil

Adopted 09/05/12

Here are a few glamour shots for the web site. I love them all!

Travis Tritt

Adopted 09/05/12


Adopted 09/01/12

Nikki McCray

Adopted 09/01/12

Annie Oakley
"Cookie Dough"

Adopted 08/29/12

Jonathan Horton

Adopted 08/25/12

Katherine May

Adopted 08/25/12

We are having so much fun with Fergie (Katherine). She has been fabulously well behaved!!! She sleeps in her crate with no complaints. Watches us eat but doesn't beg, has had no accidents in the house, has not chewed anything she is not supposed to and has brought out Ray's playfulness again. They are having a great time together. He still doesn't understand the tug of war thing, but she keeps trying. We are so enjoying her. Thanks for taking care of her so well!

Red Adair

Adopted 08/25/12

Miss Dior

Adopted 08/22/12


Adopted 08/22/12

Ryan Lochte

Adopted 08/20/12

Taylor Swift

Adopted 08/16/12

Brad Paisley

Adopted 08/15/12
Deceased 03/13/18

Shania Twain

Adopted 08/14/12

We are so in love with our new little super star "Shania Twain", now known as "Jules" for her beautiful blue eyes. She loves all her siblings especially her DRoH brothers, Ozzy (formerly Hamlet) and Remy (formerly Spike).

She is such a sweet girl, rarely barks, comes when called, and is so loving. She drowns us in kisses every day.

Thank you again DRoH for our third, and probably not final, doxie child. Everyone has been so kind, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Adrien Brody

Adopted 08/12/12

Kurt Hummel

Adopted 08/11/12

Carson Cubs
"Martin Cole"

Adopted 08/10/12

Cole had a fantastic weekend. He is warming up to his new home more and more each day. And he's even gotten more affectionate with Sam and I (I didn't think that was possible; he came to us so sweet). Thanks to Molly, Lisa, and Marcie for all their help. DRoH is full of wonderful people!

A Christmas update

Martin has been a part of the family for over four months now and is truly a irreplaceable member! We call him Martin after the guitar company but keep his foster name Cole as his middle name. He cuddles and snuggles with his parents as much as he can and loves going on his walks (especially if he can find a squirrel)! Martin grows in his personality every day while still maintaining his sweet disposition. We couldn't have asked for a better friend. Merry Christmas DRoH!

Gretchen Wilson

Adopted 08/07/12

Frank Fritz

Adopted 08/06/12


Adopted 08/06/12

Sampson and BamBam are like the best of friends!  It is so cute watching them.  Though I think Sampson has decided he is the boss...lol.  They snuggle all the time and Sampson literally had no adjustment time.  He acted like he's lived here with us forever and is very protective of us.  He truly is a blessing and absolute joy to have in our family.  He and BamBam don't do anything without the other.

Patrick Henry

Adopted 08/05/12

Louisa "Tinker" Adams

Adopted 08/02/12

Mick Dundee

Adopted 08/02/12

The best anniversary present ever....Mick "Fluffy" Dundee!

Oskar Skeetar

Adopted 08/01/12

Pepper Peabody

Adopted 07/30/12


Adopted 07/28/12

Natalie Portman

Adopted 07/28/12

Just to let you know we love Natalie, now known as Rosie. She is doing great here with us. Talia loves her very much and they are best buddies already. Rosie and our Basset are doing very well too.

Thank you so very much for letting us add Rosie to our family.

Samoa / Duncan

Adopted 07/23/12

What a blessing!

Matthew, (formerly known as Duncan and before that, Samoa) has been in our family for nearly three weeks and I have remarked to many people, that it seems like we have had him forever!

I was not looking for a Dachshund, nor had I ever had a Dachshund; I was just looking for a little fellow with whom I could love and snuggle, one that would fit into our lifestyle and get along with our other rescue dogs. My daughter first showed me DRoH's website and now I realize that it must have been divine providence that led me there.

Matthew is just the perfect match. He made fast and steady friends with our 70 pound white Boxer mix, Patch, and tolerates the playfulness of my daughter's little Italian Greyhound mix, Chloe. He enjoys romping in the yard in Houston and chasing squirrels in Central Texas. He and Patch run up and down the deck and then rest side by side. All in all, this little fellow has stolen my heart and added so much to our family. Thank you DRoH for the work that you do and a special shout out to the wonderful couple that was fostering Matthew. They loved on him until I found him....a heartfelt thanks to all!!

Russell Crowe

Adopted 07/22/12


Adopted 07/18/12

Clara Barton

Adopted 07/16/12

Thank you for helping our COOKIE find her forever home. She is such a sweet and loving puppy. She is hungry for love and attention and is making her brother (Sam) a little bit jealous. In the morning she darts outside the door to chase the squirrels. She wants to cuddle and loves to have belly scratches. She came to the perfect place to get love! We are so happy to have her!


Adopted 07/16/12

Calvin Coolidge

Adopted 07/15/12

Lucy (big sister) and Winston are getting along great and enjoying each other’s company. Winston has been a wonderful addition to our family and is enjoying play time with his big sis!


Adopted 07/15/12


Adopted 07/14/12

Sadie Hawkins

Adopted 07/14/12

Martina McBride

Adopted 07/10/12


Adopted 07/09/12

Gabby Hayes

Adopted 07/08/12

I drove my two dogs to Houston from San Antonio to interview a couple dogs July 8th. Lulu is a 2-year-old double dapple dachshund mix, and Ellwood is an 8-pound white wire-haired terrier who is most likely three years old. (both rescues)

We met Gabby, and within minutes the three dogs were playing. Gabby is still very much in the puppy stage - very active and he played beautifully with our Ellwood and Lulu. Kisses for everyone. The ride home to San Antonio was very hard for the crated pup but he got home just fine and had a great time discovering our house and yard.

Gabby is a pup but I can already see that his sweet, sweet nature will not go away when he's older. He's just a happy boy and loves everyone and every dog. He'll work out just beautifully here! Ellwood's a little bummed that he's STILL the smallest dog but sure is happy to get an inexhaustible playmate!

Gabby's a love!


Adopted 07/05/12

Bella Notte

Adopted 07/02/12

Lillie Langtry

Adopted 06/30/12

Lillie is wonderful! It took her no time at all to adjust to her new home. She is an awesome dog and is so lovable. Scooby, our other doxie baby, loves her, although I must say that she is definitely in charge. :) I have also discovered what an amazing dog Scooby is. I always knew that but have been even more impressed with how well he has adapted to having a sister. They really love each other.

Thank you again for all you do and for letting us have our sweet Lillie. We are all very happy.

William Taft

Adopted 06/29/12

Big Kenny

Adopted 06/27/12

Dear DRoH,

We adopted these two adorably sweet pups! Since getting them home, it has been a continuous theater of Dachshund Follies. These two, who we now call Whiskey and Ma Barker, have blended with our existing two Mini-Dachs (Lil' Smokey Joe and Kolache) and we have formed an inseparable family. This adoption has been an incredibly warming and fulfilling experience.

Joanna Rich
"Ma Barker"

Adopted 06/27/12

Dear DRoH,

We adopted these two adorably sweet pups! Since getting them home, it has been a continuous theater of Dachshund Follies. These two, who we now call Whiskey and Ma Barker, have blended with our existing two Mini-Dachs (Lil' Smokey Joe and Kolache) and we have formed an inseparable family. This adoption has been an incredibly warming and fulfilling experience.

Ellie Roosevelt

Adopted 06/25/12

We have been fostering Ellie for 3 months now and love her to death! Over this time we suspect/notice that she was treated VERY poorly wherever she was before, as she is constantly flinching to an outreached hand or fast movement and has never seen toys or used a blanket (most dachsies love to burrow of course). She has been extremely shy and timid for months and then on Friday night, she played with me for the FIRST time! It was the sweetest thing to see her finally starting to get comfortable and come out of her little shell! Jason and I love her and don't want her to have to start over with a new family to get use to. I know that she isn't technically "Available" for adoption yet but since we want to keep her forever anyway, we would like to talk with/ contact someone about adopting Ellie Rose!

The change in Ellie from February to today is amazing! She was so scared at first, I didn't see her wag her tail once for a month! Nowadays, I like to call her Little Miss Tail-Wags! She's such an angel! Ellie is a such a wonderful addition to our family so thank YOU ALL for bringing her into our lives! :)

Meryl Streep

Adopted 06/24/12

Parker Padres

Adopted 06/24/12

Ron Weasley

Adopted 06/22/12

Ruby Jewel

Adopted 06/21/12

Adam Cartwright

Adopted 06/19/12

This is the story of how one fails at fostering -

So last night, I went to a girlfriends for dinner. Big test for Adam. He stayed home with Steve (hubby) & Sarah (doxie). On my way home I called to check and see how they had done. Steve said it went fantastic. Adam and Sarah were asleep on the sofa together and all was good. He uses the dog door -- it cracks us up. We had that dog door installed when we were building this house and NONE of our dogs would use it. This tiny morsel of a pup acts like -- 'no biggie -- is this the way to the restroom?'. (No dog door access when we are not home)

He is eating better. I found a tiny kibble (that I mix with the Stella & Chewy's freeze dried duck/goose) that he will eat. He still hides kibble in his bed for later (obviously does not understand Sarah's ability to find it), so it is still a bit of a struggle. Touch and go on the treats he likes as well. But he is eating some meals with gusto, so I think we are on the right path. I would not even be concerned if he were bigger, but he is so tiny - every bit of nutrition is important.

Because he is so sweet and he has climbed inside my heart and Steve thinks he's a great little dog -- we would like to adopt Adam. Soooooo, once he gets his last puppy shot we would like to make him officially part of our family.


Adopted 06/18/12

Maxwell Marlins

Adopted 06/16/12

Reba McIntyre

Adopted 06/16/12

Clay Aiken

Adopted 06/15/12

Penny Copper

Adopted 06/14/12

Lucy is so happy in her forever home! She loves to curl up on the couch and take a nap while a family member reads a book. Lucy loves to spend every minute with her family and her tail wags a mile a minute to prove it.

Corey Cubs

Adopted 06/10/12


Adopted 06/10/12

Ray Kinsella

Adopted 06/10/12

George Washington

Adopted 06/09/12

Zachary Taylor

Adopted 06/09/12

Little Joe Cartwright

Adopted 06/08/12

Puppy Cuppy Cakes
(Abigail Breslin)

Adopted 06/05/12

Amy Astros

Adopted 06/04/12

Eric "Hoss" Cartwright

Adopted 06/01/12

Hi DRoH!

Harrison here, (aka Eric Cartright) coming to you from my Mommy's Facebook to let you know I love my new home! I follow my family around where ever they go and cuddle with anyone who opens their arms to me (which is everyone...) Even though I came to my new home with a cough, I am getting better everyday and eating/ drinking really well. With all the TLC from my new forever home, I'll be better in no time! I even have a new big brother dachshund, Watson, who watches over me all day. He even lets me use his favorite blanket! I love my new home and I know my forever family loves me!

Heidi Klum

Adopted 05/31/12
Deceased 01/30/18

My beautiful little Princess, Heidi Klum (aka Little Toot, Sister Girl) is the love of my life! I knew from the moment I saw her online that she and I would be lifelong partners. While I have had many dogs in my life, never have I had one so loving and gentle.

She is the SWEETEST, SMARTEST AND FUNNIEST PUP and I am devoted to her. We speak of bonding with our dogs, but, Heidi and I are welded! We are inseparable. She loves to explore, especially in the park (where squirrels abound) and KNOWS just exactly where she wants to go!! This is a self determined woman who knows her own mind! She has perfected the art of YOGA with 100 ways to lie on her back for tummy rubs!! She loves to give kisses to special peeps, but is a formidable guard dog! She doesn’t like bows in her hair or fancy dresses! She and I share a love for a cool floor, naps in the sun and especially a little salmon now and then. Afternoon tea is always at 3:00.

Heidi and I were so lucky to have had her foster Mother, Mary, whose generous patience and understanding and unbounded love for these wonderful pups, enabled my adoption after I had moved into a new home. We both wanted Heidi Girl to have an easy transition to her forever home without moving twice. How fortunate Heidi was to have such kind, generous and loving Foster Mom and Dad. The unconditional love she received from Mary and Steve and her little sister, Sarah, enabled her to love, me as well. She has been glued to my side and loves to sleep on my bed, always outside the covers. And what’s better, she sleeps as long as I sleep. We don’t prefer early mornings.

Heidi loves her peeps, but, is not particularly fond of other canines. They are, after all, so rambunctious! And, of course, she’s a Princess and an elegant lady and shall ever more be! She has a Shitz Zu cousin that she tolerates, but, always prefers people. That makes her jaunts to The Central Market where we eat outside, to Crapittos Restaurant, to my old neighborhood friends really fun because everyone ADORES her! And she them. She’s a STAR!!

My Father had a Dachshund whom he worshipped. I have his dog's silver plate that says “Love me, Love my Dog!". And that is exactly how I feel. The wonderful work of the DROH has enabled me to share the life of a most beautiful little girl whom I love with all my heart. I am very blessed to have her.

I am reminded each time I look at Heidi of a special phrase that all of us believe who have the privilege of a dachshund - Good Dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it’s Our Job…..because it is.

Thank you DROH for my Princess!


(Dakota Fanning)


Adopted 05/31/12


Adopted 05/29/12

Brayden "Boomer" Brewers

Adopted 05/29/12

As for Grayson's first few days with us all we can say is... That we're extremely lucky to have him! He is the best looking dog we've ever seen! Sooo shiny and handsome and unbelievably well mannered! My husband just gets the biggest kick over how much he wiggles around on the floor and in the grass when he's excited. I've been taking him with me to a local park where he chases squirrels and birds for about an hour before he tires out. After his afternoon nap he gets to go outside with the neighbor's dog (and Grayson's new best friend) named Gator! They have a blast romping around until it's pretty much dinner and bedtime. Then he'll sleep right on through 'til morning and when he's ready to rise and shine, we have a big breakfast waiting for him and a few snuggles, too! Thank you guys so much for doing what you do!

Roxie Redsox

Adopted 05/29/12

Samuel Eaton

Adopted 05/25/12

I thought that you’d appreciate an update on COOPER! Yes, Samuel Eaton is now, Cooper - - as in Mini Cooper. He loves his new name! It comes with many variations! Super Cooper! Super Duper Cooper! Cupertino! Coop! Pooper Scooper! I could go on!

Everyone is loving him and he seems to be loving it here, too. Everyday there are new fun things happening.

Attached are some photos of Coop’s first visit to Starbucks for Puppy Lattes (one of our weekend rituals) and one photo of his first walk with the whole gang, including Shawn, our neighbor and friend who adopted Elvis’ brother, Seymour. Isn’t it cute seeing Mahoney and Cooper in the same pic? Notice the name of that pic – Mini Cooper and Coup de Ville!

Thanks for our new addition!!!!!

Jasmine Agrabah

Adopted 05/24/12

Marshall Dillon

Adopted 05/23/12

Dillon's adoption story comes from his own foster mom -

We are adopting him....my daughter is home for the summer from UT, and there is such a special bond between them, he is absolutely smitten with her and she says “he is so perfect”!

Smokey and Daisy LaPorte

Adopted 05/23/12

Bartholomew Allerton

Adopted 05/20/12

Princess Ariel

Adopted 05/20/12

Things are great! The dogs are getting along well. Ariel is a bit feisty, likes to bark a bit, but otherwise fits in great - so we are keeping her. We are so excited and so glad that we have found a good match for our Kate (even their color is a match!). Today is Kate's birthday - as we do not know her real date, we chose her adoption date last year as her birthday. Now we have two birthday girls!

Thanks for rescuing her (and Kate) for us!

Rick Rangers

Adopted 05/20/12


Adopted 05/17/12

Teddy Roosevelt

Adopted 05/11/12

Billie Braves

Adopted 05/07/12

Remington Reds

Adopted 04/29/12

(Emma Roberts)


Adopted 04/27/12

Dolly Madison

Adopted 04/23/12

From Dolly's new "mom"

She is so cute and loves the backyard, laying in the sun, and watching squirrels.

Betty White

Adopted 04/22/12

Thank you so much for Daisy! She has settled in like she's been here all her life! I'll forward a picture of her with her new haircut! She's a super sweetie and sleeps with my daughter. For the first couple of days she was scared of Skippy, our kitty, and would yelp when he came close to her. Now she's made friends and doesn't take much notice of him one way or the other. She and Camie run the birds off when they gather at the feeders in our back yard! The two of them play chase in the evenings-it's a sight!


Adopted 04/22/12

Patrick St. Patrick

Adopted 04/20/12

Penny Royals

Adopted 04/17/12

Foster Failure Alert!!

This dog must be some kind of wonderful! She took down a long-term foster couple who has seen some pretty darn special dogs run through their "Doxie Boot Camp"!

Way to go Penny!

Bella Buttercup

Adopted 04/15/12

Zac Posen

Adopted 04/01/12


Adopted 03/31/12

heheheh - Foster failure alert! I've turned on the ol' Tony charm and sunk this tough foster lady! Didn't hurt that I had her lovely Lucy (another DRoH alum) on my side. ...Lucy in the Sky with Tony...I say it has a nice ring to it!

Peppermint Patty

Adopted 03/27/12

Little Abby is settling right in and becoming a "dog". She loves to chase balls and dig (which her adopters don't mind). Abby's new sister, Princess, was also adopted from DRoH.

Rebecca Reds

Adopted 03/26/12

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since we adopted our beautiful Rebecca Reds. We have renamed her “Callie”. (Lee Ann wrote a children’s book about a fox by that name. So, we adopted it for Rebecca.) I took Callie to the vet on April 2 so that they could get a baseline for her records and to get her a prescription for a heartworm preventative. All was well.

Callie and Quincy kept their distance from each other at first. He didn’t like it much when she came near his food and water bowls. On friday, our 4th day, Callie approached Quincy in a playful way and things improved a lot. They get along very well now. They enjoy playing and napping together. I have had them get on the couch with me, one on each side, and take a nap while I gently give them a massage. When I take them on walks, they frequently walk beside each other in synch. They appear well suited for each other.

Julius Caesar

Adopted 03/09/12

Marco Polo

Adopted 03/09/12


Whew. We finally pulled in the driveway a little after 6. We stopped twice so Smitty could pee, but no luck. He wanted to lie in my arms and look out the window for most of the trip. He didn't fall asleep until we were about 45 minutes from home. We fed him as soon as we got home and he wasted no time polishing off the bowl of food. He's now on the couch playing like a crazy dog! He's so cute and I love him already. He seems to be a really good boy.

Thank you so much for caring for him so well before he became a family member. I have been trying to take photos of him but he's too wiggly. All my friends on Facebook want to check him out! I'll send pictures as soon as I get some good ones. I took video him playing with the sock monkey toy. I know some day that will be precious to me.


Smitty had a terrific first day. He did all "jobs" outside, ate well, met some neighbors and received gifts, went to Tractor Supply, played ball in the backyard, and learned "sit". He slept between us last night for 10 hours and never moved. He is a sweet little man! He is a bit startled by loud noises--dishwasher, noisy cars going by, heater turning on- but will get used to those soon enough. We're going out dancing tonight and he'll stay in the kitchen/bedroom as Bob built a gate today. Since his legs are long the one we used for Betsy wouldn't have been as secure. Hopefully, there won't be a problem with him spending time alone.

As I write this he's curled up on the couch near by fast asleep. Tired from following me around all day, no doubt!

Thanks to all the DRofH people who allowed us to adopt him. We're very happy having him in our lives!


Adopted 03/07/12

Jamie Foxx

Adopted 03/03/12

From "Mr. Smiley's" new Forever Family...

Thank you! We have decided to call Mr. Smiley "Jamie". He is doing GREAT! He is a great addition to our family. He is using the doggie door, and doing his business outside. He likes his food and cookies in the morning, He loves to sit on Linda lap and blanket when I am working, but curls up on my lap later. We can't thank you enough for bringing him to us!

Thomas Jefferson

Adopted 03/03/12

Woodrow Wilson

Adopted 03/02/12

I'm finally home!

Denzel Washington

Adopted 02/26/12

Laura Bush

Adopted 02/26/12

Gracie Coolidge

Adopted 02/25/12

match.com has nothing on DRoH! Miss Linda saw my picture, immediately contacted DRoH and told them I was going to be hers forever! Timing couldn't have been more perfect: I was ready to go to a foster home that very day, but I was detoured to my forever home! Not only am I snuggled up with my forever family right now, my spot in a foster home gets to go to another almost as lucky dachshund!

And to Miss Linda: Ears lookin' at you, kid!


Adopted 02/21/12

Chuy has been renamed Mack and is doing wonderfully. His new daddy says that Mack is not leaving him out of his sight. He is happy and got a bath today. He loves to be bathed with all the attention he gets. He also loves his walks and is friendly to all the dogs and people he meets.

The only glitch so far is that he wants to get up at 6 AM and his Daddy wants to sleep until 8 AM.

That part is my fault as I get up between 6 and 7 Am, the dogs demand it (LOL)...

Angelina Jolie

Adopted 02/20/12

5/13/12 Update

We adopted Angelina Jolie ("Daisy") in January and we figured we'd pass along a quick update. Daisy has finished her heartworm treatment, and as of two weeks ago, is heartworm free.

Daisy is the sweetest little dog we could've ever imagined. She loves to snuggle and play at all times. She is the easiest Dachshund I have ever had regarding house training. She absolutely loves her Dachshund brother, Clinton, although Clinton sometimes does get annoyed with his little sis. She has much more energy. She loves biking, kayaking, and boating right along with us.

We are working hard on building her confidence. She is still nervous around new people and has been nippy on ocassion. She is working hard at it and is improving everyday. We have enjoyed her so much, and Clinton is no doubt a happier dog with her around. We would like to thank y'all again for being so great throughout the process. Allowing us to foster her during her treatment was great, and I do beleive it helped her build a bond with us.

We look forward to making it out to some events this summer especially, the Wild West Wienerfest races. We have a couple fast ones. Thanks again for everything. Keep up the great work!

Penelope Cruz

Adopted 02/20/12

Greg Brady

Adopted 02/14/12
Deceased 08/11/18

Sweet little Greg Brady passed away last night. We came close to losing him in June, but we got him through that and he was doing great until a few days ago. He had liver and kidney issues, and started having seizures again. He had been seizure-free for several years without meds. Greg's life started out rough. He was part of the Houston SPCA 200 Puppy Mill rescue in 2011. It look some time, but he turned out to be a great little dog. We sure will miss him.


Adopted 02/14/12

Jan Brady

Adopted 02/11/12

Mandy still has a lot of emotional problems, she doesn't like to stay in the house and only comes in to eat and sleep in her bed at night. She is skittish around more than one person. We still have hope that she will realize that she is loved and that she will always be safe with us.

She and Molly (Meryl Streep) are great pals, they eat in the morning (6:30) and go outside and wait for the qquirrel to come and eat at the feeder. They run the fence and try to climb the tree to get to the squirrel!

Sally Brown

Adopted 02/11/12


Adopted 02/10/12
Deceased 04/02/15

Jonathan Brewster

Adopted 02/10/12

Brad Pitt

Adopted 02/05/12

From Brad's foster mom -

Brad found his new forever family today. They were most happy with him. He fit right in and loved his new home. His new family had already purchased $200 worth of new stuff for him including new toys to which he promptly removed the stuffing and squeeky from inside. He was very playful and a show off for them. I believe the entire family was smitten at first sight. I was so happy to see him fit in like he did. He didn't even want to leave with me when I left like most of them do. Another happy beginning for sweet little man.

Isaac Allerton

Adopted 02/05/12

Hi, we've just been to Petco, Ike has a new leash and dog tag. He's now one of the family...he's just fantastic and fits in perfectly. He and Sookie could be twins and he's very polite to our grande dame, Chili, who seems to like him as well.


Hi, I've been meaning to send you some more pics. Ike is a happy boy, and his ears are perfect now, along with his appetite. We totally love him, as does Sookie, they are best buds. Ike is a bed hog and likes to stretch out lengthwise across the bed, but who doesn't like to wake up to that face ;)

He loves the dog park on TC Jester, although prefers the big dog side if there is no action on the small dog side. And he's about 80%+ on pee pads...but his new yard should be ready in Oct, we hope. And he tries to be good.

Thanks again for being such a great foster mom for Sir Isaac Longfellow aka Ike.

Nikki Taylor

Adopted 02/01/12

Kate Winslet

Adopted 01/30/12

Peyton #2

Adopted 01/29/12

January 2013 update from sweet Daphne's forever family:

'I meant to send you my Daphne Update sooner than today. How has it already been a year? It will be a year at the end of the month since I adopted my sweet, sassy little girl. Daphne has settled in to life with me. We went through some training classes which helped both of us to figure each other out. This little girl loves to be the boss in play group, enjoys playing ball all by herself, and loves to take naps with me. She is a great eater (finally found the right food and her weight is stable) and she is still working on potty training, though the accidents are far and few between. We continue to work on her vocal outbursts (which I love as one of the best traits about dachshunds). She is such a great dog, and I am blessed that we found each other. Looking forward to the next doxie event!"


It's official! I am totally in love with my new baby. She is precious! I have named her Daphne and she loves to sunbathe and hide things everywhere. She has adapted to my home and I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to send you another email update and to see you again this spring! Thank you for changing both our lives!

Jodie Foster

Adopted 01/28/12

Last night she slept next to me, GLUED to my side the entire night.

This evening, Molly had dinner and is passed out next to me on the sofa; we went out for lots of walks, and did a few errands in the car together today. She is a great traveler - I even told her to stay in her bed on the passenger seat, and she did! I'll get her one of those high-riding seats, she'll be happy as a clam!

When a dog is too excited upon approach she does that "I'm dying" wail before the other dog gets too close. I have to say it's an effective deterrent! She's developed a great defense mechanism.

So far we're having a good time. Her little wobble run with the ears flapping is so sweet it breaks your heart. She is a dear.

Lucy Van Pelt

Adopted 01/28/12

Lucy is doing wonderfully. She and our pie bald, Skip, have become quite the couple. I sometimes sneak a peek of them licking each other on the nose. She is a sweet girl and has won us all over. She is enjoying her nightly walks and is becoming a hit in the neighborhood too. We just love her.

Frieda Rich

Adopted 01/27/12

I am such a fab-u-lous Diva, that I took down a well-seasoned foster Mom! She and foster Dad fell hard and are embarrassed to say they are enrolled in "Foster Failure 101". Ha! Am I good or what?!

BTW - any of my fellow DRoH members would love to challenge your strength to avoid all kinds of Doxie charm...Just say you'll foster and we'll see what happens! Heh, heh, heh...

Oliver Twist

Adopted 01/22/12

From Oliver's foster mom -

Well, its been decided. We can no longer foster Oliver Twist. However, we are adopting him! I'm putting the adoption contract in the mail tomorrow.

From Oliver -

heh, heh, heh...another one bites the dust! Foster Failure alert!


Adopted 01/21/12

Tim Gunn

Adopted 01/19/12

From Tim's New Forever Family:

We are enjoying him so much. He has adjusted like he has been with us from day one. He has become such a joy to have and great company for my fiancé when I am at work. We can't thank you enough for Tim.

Linus Van Pelt

Adopted 01/17/12

We are happy to announce that after fostering Linus, we will now be adopting him. The time he has spent here he some how worked his charm and hooked us. When I told my wife that we are having a meet and greet she instantly thought that we could be losing a very charismatic, loving, and funny character. She was relieved, as was I, and discussed our plans to keep him. We knew he could make any family complete like all fosters but something about Linus just drew us in. He loves to see us cook, sit on the couch and watch TV, play outside with Max (Mini Dachshund) and Chance (Jack Russel) and just hang outwith all of us. We are going to keep his name since he is use to us calling him Mr. Van Pelt, sounds a little distinguished, and are very happy to have a new addition to our home.

Elizabeth Winslow

Adopted 01/16/12


Adopted 01/15/12

Giles Hopkins

Adopted 01/15/12

I want to thank you for taking me in until I could find a good home. I am doing great and have fit in quite well. I have an older sister to show me the ropes and to play with. There are 4 cats and a bunny too, all kinds of interesting critters. Yes, I'm a Hill Country boy now and my mom has a red kerchief on my neck. No more big city life for me. I get to go out for walks twice a day and if it's cold out my mom has a coat or sweater for us to wear. I love to be outside in the yard too. I enjoy being on mom's lap, but have to share her with my sister Katy and sometimes the cats too. One day I was tired and jumped in the recliner for a nap and Miss Kitty was already in there napping, so I just snuggled up to her and slept. My mom got a kick out of that. I enjoy going for rides in the car and went to Petsmart. I was a very good boy and on my best behavior while in the store. When I first got here I thought the cats might hiss or growl at me, but my charms won them over right away and there was none of that. I've been good about my baths too. I love to run and play in the house. My mom wants to pick another name for me, but she hasn't settled on one yet.



Violet Gray
"Violet Mayfair"

Adopted 01/14/12

Violet is just great - she is eating well and runs along the fence line taunting the two big dogs next door - Quite a tease I'd say. She has Henry, her doxie brother and I eating out of her hand - or paw we might say. I am trying to do a bit of training - just basic stuff but she wants to play instead. I don't think that's a bad sign - especially for a girl who lived on the streets for awhile! Seriously - she is a wonderful little dog and a great asset to my life already! Thanks to all who care so much for God's little creatures - matching them up with others who care - Love Jo

Sandra Bullock

Adopted 01/08/12


Adopted 01/06/12

Things are going very well with our new little addition. She is adjusting so well and we couldn't be happier. I gave her a bath last week and she was wonderful! She hasn't pottied in the house in three days and I don't even go outside with her anymore. I watch from the window and she does her business. We have been out walking every day and at first she had to be right behind Wilson, her doxie brother. Now she walks wherever I need her to be and loves our time outside. We went on our first car ride yesterday and she loved it. She definitely likes my husband the most which is so funny since I feed, walk and spend the most time with her. She follows him everywhere and even sits outside the bathroom and waits for him :-). We see progress daily and are just so happy she is a part of our lives!

2/26/12 Update: She is doing wonderful and we love having her as part of our family. She goes into her kennel at night when we tell her it's time for bed and is quiet until we let her out in the morning. She loves our other dachshund and they get along great. We walk almost daily and she does great on these outings. Thank you for all your help!

Bandit #2

Adopted 01/02/12

Sammy #5
"Mr. Weenie"

Adopted 01/02/12

Sammy, now known as Mr. Weenie, is doing great! We have a foster Boxer but they don't really "play" yet. I think they are both still figuring everything out, but they are friendly to each other.

Mr. Weenie is doing very well on his housetraining, although he does not like to go potty in the rain! He likes to sleep with me under the covers by my feet and I don't hear a peep out of him until it's time to get up. I take him with me for car rides, which he is still a little scared of, but does very well. And, he doesn't like to let me out of his sight either which is very funny.

Everything is going very well and I'm so glad that we have him! He's a good boy!

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