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Awesome Adoptions 2011

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2011: 181

Bette Davis

Adopted 12/31/11

Priscilla Mullins

Adopted 12/29/11


Adopted 12/25/11

Maureen McBrady
"Mo Mo"

Adopted 12/25/11

My foster mom just whispered in my ear that I have found my forever home...I get to stay with her forever!

This is the.. best.. Christmas.. ever!!

AND - get this: I am the 25th on the 25th for DRoH!! How special is that?!

Merry merry from Miss Mo Mo!


Adopted 12/23/11

Harley Porkloin

Adopted 12/23/11

Davy Crockett
"Perseus D. C."

Adopted 12/22/11

Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family!! We simply adore Davey. We have changed his name to Perseus D.C. (Davey Crockett). :-) We have enjoyed introducing him to a few family members at a time, and his fun, playful ways. I could not imagine a better dog for our son, and am so blessed that he realizes the importance of adoption and compassion. God bless you in all you do :-)


Adopted 12/22/11

Melody was a terrific addition to the family. She had 7 people wanting to give her attention. I am so glad I have off this week so she can get use to our schedule. We have been waking up at the same time as when we work so she get used to the hours. She loves lap time and if anyone is sitting, she is right in your lap. Kisses are abundantly given and received. It is now very quite at our house so I am sure she misses you and her dog pals. next week will be even quieter.

She loves walks, but the rain for three days was a little too much as she did not want to go outside. Now that it is getting warmer and the sun is out she is happy to go outside and sniff the neighborhood.

We love her and she seems happy. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her.

Danielle 2

Adopted 12/21/11

Stephen Hopkins

Adopted 12/21/11

Daschel is a sweetheart and he gets along great with his rescued older brother Elvis (Daschel has the shorter nose in the pix). They snuggle and run a lot and they're great friends! Daschel is usually bursting with energy first thing in the morning which helps keep his foster parents in shape (we try to take him out for a short run or long walk since his legs are a little longer than the average doxie, he loves it!) The bed pictured is the first indestructible thing I've found for them to sleep on, as they've torn up every other bed. (This one is a giant pillow from Garden Ridge! On sale no less!!) Daschel has been the perfect addition to our family! We just have to watch that he doesn't collect random items (socks, shirts, throw pillows and blankets) and create a "nest" for himself under a piece of furniture no one can get to, including Elvis. His standard doxie size makes him just a touch too round to get in the places Daschel can squeeze into. He's been the healthiest, happiest and most well mannered dog I've ever owned.

* * * * * * * * * *

We started out fostering Stephen Hopkins, but since we had a few friends with both names; one had the last name “Hopkins” and we had two friends with the name

“Stephen”, my boyfriend (now fiancé) decided to re-name him Daschel, which is a play off of the word Dachshund. I knew the moment we did that, he would become a permanent member of our family.

We have one other doxie who was rescued before we found DRoH, Elvis was rescued from a family who found him in the woods behind their house. Elvis also decided Daschel was his favorite foster that had come through our home. Daschel and Elvis wear each other out playing each day. Daschel has longer legs than most doxies (we suspect he’s a bit of a mix) and he has turned into a perfect running buddy for me! He's great with the local kids in our apartment complex. I was originally wary, but it turns out he loves meeting new people!

Stella McCartney

Adopted 12/19/11

"P. Diddy"

Adopted 12/18/11

Gilligan is doing great! My daughter has renamed him P. Diddy. I took him to the vet today and he had a great check up.

He is a pretty frightened little guy but very loving. We are lucky to have him.

Ginger Grant

Adopted 12/18/11

Palmer Hampden

Adopted 12/17/11


Adopted 12/17/11

Sully (Wrangler) is doing wonderful. He and Dexter get along really well. They have days where they play nonstop and others where they are both serious couch potatoes! After about the first week Sully stopped eating regular food and would only eat the dietary treats the vet gave us for Dexter. I was worried he wasn't getting enough food and then suddenly his appetite picked back up and he eats his food faster than Dexter now (which is pretty darn fast). Every once in awhile he still has an accident in the house. He is pretty stubborn when it comes to going potty. You pretty much have to wait him out until he finally goes. Other than that everything is great. Sully and Dexter love to take walks but they are still getting used to not dragging each other! We are very glad we have him and now Nick and I each have a dog to snuggle with:)

Thanks again for letting Sully be a part of our family.


Adopted 12/15/11
Deceased 09/11/19

Rose Standish

Adopted 12/15/11
Deceased 11/16/17


Adopted 12/13/11


Adopted 12/13/11

We had a great first week with our new doxie and are having lots of fun getting to know her. We have renamed her Phoebe, too. She seems to be taking to it so far.

Again, thank you very much! We had a great experience with DRoH and couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out!

James Chilton

Adopted 12/12/11

I just wanted to let you know how everything has been going with James. It turns out that he was the perfect fit for not only us, but also for the other puppies. Now that our other dachshund Harley has a companion, he is more energetic than ever! They are constantly side by side. James was everything that we were yearning for. We can't thank you enough for letting James become another member of our family!

Benjamin #2

Adopted 12/11/11

Ben is doing really well, he loves our daily walks and gets so excited whenever I pull the harnesses and leashes out. Jojo and Ben play all the time, running around the living room, playing tug of war, wrestling, etc. Then, when they are exhausted they snuggle on the couch or bed.

He is truly a joy and we are so happy he found his way to our home!

Myles Standish

Adopted 12/10/11

Luke #2

Adopted 12/08/11


Adopted 12/07/11

My buddy, Skooter, and I are finally home!


Adopted 12/07/11

My buddy, Harley, and I are finally home!

Max Factor

Adopted 12/02/11


Adopted 11/30/11
Deceased 05/04/13

Lilliana passed this morning. She had been suffering from advanced mammary cancer, Cushing’s disease and dementia. She was a strong fighter. Wednesday of this week, she suffered a setback. While it looked like she would win and bounce back, Friday it was clear that her time was nearing its end. I stayed up all night with her, lying next to her, stroking her fur and telling her I loved her. It is hard to fathom that I will no longer see her wiggly walk, have her dig through the grocery bags, lay her head next to mine on Saturday mornings and see all the things she did with great determination and personality. She was my precious baby and I greatly miss her already.

Sawyer #2

Adopted 11/30/11

Mary Ann

Adopted 11/27/11

Bella's settled in to her new home and the two dogs are getting along great. She's running chubby Jasper all over the yard playing ball or just running and there is plenty doxie wrestle mania to go around....usually starts on my lap. Bella seems happy in her new home and has adjusted to my schedule with the help of a friend during the transition. She's got a new winter wardrobe to help her with her cold sensitivity and taken to sleeping in bed with all the other pets...it's like she's lived here longer than a week! She and BW the cat are still figuring out how to play, but have seemingly made a game of scaring each other for sport and even chasing each other. She and Milo usually sleep pretty close to one another during nap time in the living room.

Thomas Tinker

Adopted 11/27/11


Adopted 11/20/11
Deceased 12/20/11

Caroline got to spend only one short month with her adoptive family. She was being treated for heartworms, and sadly, was not able to recover. Sweet Caroline is greatly missed by her foster mom and her adopters.

Finn Hudson

Adopted 11/20/11

Tina Louise

Adopted 11/20/11

Princess (formerly known as Tina) is the perfect petite highness. She's still a little shy with us, but we expected that. She did great visiting Target for the first time (had to pick up some wee wee pads Daddy left off the list). When we got her home she was looking around and after a while figured out that a lot of the spaces below the doorknob are just for her :) I think it was a little hard for her foster mom to let her go, so please give her a big hug from us and Princess if you see her before us. She gave us some awesome advice to make our little miss extra comfortable. Tomorrow we will try walking again (tonight was just too windy and she kept shaking so we stuck with the pads for tonight). With some time and love, we're sure to be a great solid family. Thanks again for giving us the chance. We really love our new baby.

11/24/11 Update: Princess is doing really well with us now. At first, she was kind of shy and didn't really understand. But now, she knows she's in her forever home and is so happy to play with all of her toys and spend time with us. At the max, because of our work schedules, she is home alone only 2 hours out of the day, but we found out that we can set up "play areas" for her. We did a practice one with a kitchen set where we hid some dog treats in plastic pots and pans. She is smart and sniffed them out :D She also has learned to walk extremely well on a leash and has not gone potty in the house since day 1. We are so proud and happy with her. We are working on riding in the car and errand running as our next steps in her training and will keep y'all updated. Feel free to visit her anytime, and please tell us of doxie get togethers so she can have some fun times with her own doggie brethren too :D We are thinking about enrolling her in doggie day camp maybe twice a week so she can still be animal socialized, but that won't be for a while yet. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you guys are able to find homes for all the other beautiful dogs too.

Molly Weasley

Adopted 11/18/11


Adopted 11/16/11

I couldn't love Skipper more! He is the PERFECT dog! He house trained great! I was scared he was going to be really shy around people but he got over that really quick! I took him to my parents house for Christmas and he did great! He loved everyone and he got along with their 3 dogs. He is so funny! He LOVES stuffed animals that squeak. He will be in bed with me at night and will jump on and off the bed collecting all his stuffed animals to bring to bed with him. He always sleeps with a stuffed animal under his chin. He and Ellie will chase each other around the house and play all day long. I couldn't ask for a better dog! And of course he's so stinking cute! Everyone who meets him falls in love!

Dawn Wells

Adopted 11/14/11


Adopted 11/11/11

Bella Sera

Adopted 11/10/11

Hi Schatzi....

It's your foster mom here! I know, I know, you've probably forgotten me already, but that's o.k. because your new mom told me how proud I should be of you. Seems like you are wonderful to EVERYBODY, especially when you and Mr. Art have your chats and naps, kisses and pats. I knooooww you like that kind of stuff. And of course, when Ms. Angela comes with toys, you better be nice to her, she can make that doggie door stay shut for a looong time. =) I hear you save some of the best time for last; when you get to snuggle with Ms. Myra. I bet she has the softest lap and hugs in the whole wide world.

Schatzi, I miss you lots, but we are all blessed this Thanksgiving season that you have a heavenly forever home with much love.

Bye wiggle-butt,

Your Foster Mom



Adopted 11/10/11

Alfred Hitchcock

Adopted 11/08/11


Adopted 11/05/11

Hermione Granger
"Penny Lane"

Adopted 11/03/11

Cody #2

Adopted 11/02/11

Randy is a good ole boy that has fit right in our household. His first day with us was a Saturday, and he plopped down in front of the television and was content to watch college football all day long. When he goes outside, he loves squirrel hunting, and his favorite treats are made of jerky. He has a velvety soft coat, a charming disposition, and loves to give Eskimo kisses. Randy is also an expert at napping during the day, and he sleeps through the night curled up next to his best friend Lucy. The vet said he has a strong back and is in great shape, and that’s no lie; when you take him and Lucy out for a walk, he leads the way and loves to explore the neighborhood on his leash. We are so happy to have him!

Quinn Fabray
"Baby Bella"

Adopted 10/31/11


Adopted 10/30/11


Adopted 10/29/11
Deceased 03/10/19

Dottie Denison

Adopted 10/22/11


Adopted 10/22/11

We love our Willie (formerly 'Timon') so much! He's the perfect dog for us

and has a great life. Before we moved from Galveston to Houston, we used to

walk with him on the beach every day. His favorite thing was chasing all

the sand crabs and sniffing out all the beach creatures. Now walks at

Hermann park have to suffice, but hey, Squirrels!!! We did have a little

scare with him in 2014 when he had to have back surgery for

intervertebral disc disease, but we're happy to say he made a full recovery

and is back to his old self. Although he's advancing in age, complete with

a face full of grey, he's still so youthful and exuberant. He loves to play

"who's a puppy" and loves chasing after his toy squirrel and beaver.

Mozart #2

Adopted 10/20/11


Adopted 10/18/11

Lovey Howell
"Lucy Lou"

Adopted 10/17/11

Lovey is one lucky gal! From her foster mom:

I have always looked at fostering as a way to prepare a rescue for that perfect forever home that DROH would find that would be a perfect match for that foster. My goal was always to shower them with lots of TLC and all of the other details like housetraining and walking on a leash would fall into place. So there was a reason Lovey came to our house as a foster. She was so withdrawn and scared when she first arrived. The weekend we lost our Sadie Sue, she sensed our sadness and went into turbo mode with her TLC for all of us. So I know that Sadie Sue would want us to “save another” just like we did her. We told Lovey tonight that she is a member of the family now. If I didn’t know better, I think she really understood what I was saying. Look at that tail wagging in turbo mode.


Adopted 10/15/11


Adopted 10/15/11
Deceased 08/24/15

Will Schuster

Adopted 09/25/11


Adopted 09/23/11

From Terrance's New Forever Family:

We went for a walk to a nearby burger joint in town. It was a good trek, but he handled it easily and seemed to love it. He's such a good guy - so he got a bite of my burger as a treat.

He's fitting in nicely. Lori loves him!! He and Oscar are already running around and becoming mischievous pals. Chloe has also accepted him and everyone is getting along well. He was very timid last night, but today he is quickly getting the hang of it.

He says he misses his Foster Mom and is grateful for how well she took care of him and helped him to find a new and loving forever home.

Florence Henderson Brady

Adopted 09/20/11

I'm happy to report that Sophie is adjusting very well. She still seems to have a little nervous energy and we have to be sure when we pick her up to do so slowly and speak to her softly or she seems to get spooked. But she loves to explore the backyard with the other Dachshund, Penny, and is very comforable on the couch chilling with the rest of us. She now runs around with her tail in the air wagging and loves to scratch her back on the carpet. Sophie aslo has a very good appetite. We'll continue to show her that she is loved and safe with her new family.


Adopted 09/18/11


Adopted 09/18/11


Adopted 09/16/11

Hi Friends,

Thank you for taking such good care of me until I found my new home. I'm so happy here. I have a new brother, Buddy (Sirius Black), and we have a great time together. We go walking twice a day every day!

Mom is on weight watchers so she says we need to be out moving and not being couch potatoes! But we do enjoy laying around sleeping!! And the rawhide bone are so much fun to chew!!

We love sleeping in the bed with Mom. Barkley gets up by her head and I like to sleep under the covers at the bottom of the bed. But we wake Mom up in the morning with our tails wagging! She says it's such a sweet sound...better than an alarm clock!

Mom's happy we're here. She said she didn't realize how lonesome she was until we were here to give her kisses!!! We're so glad we found her.

My brother, Buddy (Sirius Black), has an Adoption Page too!

Sirius Black

Adopted 09/16/11

Hi Friends,

Thank you for taking such good care of me until I found my new home. I'm so happy here. I have a new brother, Barkley (Oreo), and we have a great time together. We go walking twice a day every day!

Mom is on weight watchers so she says we need to be out moving and not being couch potatoes! But we do enjoy laying around sleeping!! And the rawhide bone are so much fun to chew!!

We love sleeping in the bed with Mom. I get up by her head and Barkley likes to sleep under the covers at the bottom of the bed. But we wake Mom up in the morning with our tails wagging! She says it's such a sweet sound...better than an alarm clock!

Mom's happy we're here. She said she didn't realize how lonesome she was until we were here to give her kisses!!! We're so glad we found her.

My brother, Barkley (Oreo), has an Adoption Page too!

Ruby Sweetheart McGuire

Adopted 09/15/11

Alice (Brady) Nelson

Adopted 09/12/11

I remember picking up Alice from the vet for a weekend pass. The foster coordinator and I were talking about which dog could use a "spring" from the kennel the most. At the time, the Brady Bunch had just been rescued from the puppy mill environment and needed any amount of exposure to a good family life. When Alice came up on discussion, I just felt like I should give her a break.

PARALYZED WITH FEAR described her fully. I will never forget the look on the vet tech's face when she handed her over and said to me, "God bless you, sweetie!" She displayed the most compassionate expression just short of tears. My thought was, "It's only a weekend visit."

The disturbing images of Alice's inhumane living conditions (as seen on youtube video) initially tugged at my heart strings. That scene is what we all see in the beginning. But the emotional scarring is devastating beyond what we will really ever know. Coupled with being deaf and blind, Alice was just, in reality, a possible incubator.

After you care for any severely abused, neglected or sick animal, the animal becomes part of your heart. I never intended to adopt Alice in the beginning, I already had 4 dachshunds, Alice was a lot of work. It was supposed to be temporary. BUT.... every time I thought of the Adoption Coordinator calling me for that "Meet & Greet," I got sick to my stomach for Alice. I was the only Mama she had ever known. No one EVER held her when the severe thunderstorms came (and she is petrified of them). No one EVER snuggled with her after her dinner and gave her a back scratch. No one EVER changed her soft bedding when she had a "fright" accident which left it soiled. No one EVER gave her kisses goodnight PERIOD! I know this because you would've had to stomach the foul stench of her fecal contaminated living area, which by the way was "HOME" for 7 years of her little life! As a matter of fact, it took 3 weeks (6 baths) for the smell of her previous living conditions to completely disappeaar.

I have thanked the Lord every night for Alice having a home where she is so loved. She hasn't given much in return as a pet, but she has shown love the only way she knows how. She has come such a long way from paralyzed with fear. She has a LONG way to go, but she can only get better. I am so grateful that Dachshund Rescue of Houston stepped in and took responsibility for all 12 of the Waller County puppy mill doxies. Even though over 200 dogs were rescued by the Houston SPCA on May 18, it has since been the tireless efforts of individuals rehabilitating these poor sweet babies, in hopes of finding their perfect home environment.

Alice was rescued on my birthday, May 18. It could be thought of as a date of birth for both of us.


Adopted 09/10/11


Adopted 09/10/11

Raider Red

Adopted 09/10/11


Adopted 09/09/11

Jellybean had a great night! She and Heinrich are fast friends and have enjoyed two walks together. She has eaten well and had no accidents and is exploring the whole house. She is so sweet and loves to give kisses to all of us. She slept with Ana in her room in the bed you gave us and she had no problems. We absolutely adore her and my sister Trisha is threatening to steal her so she can be Heinrich's kissing cousin. Thank you so much!

Uppdate from Jellybean's forever mom:

Jellybean is doing so well. We are crazy in love with her. She has settled into a nice daily routine. She and I take a walk every morning after the girls are gone to school. She knows when I walk in that door it is time to walk and she gets so excited she can barely wait for me to get her leash on. When we get home she busies herself spreading her chew toys around the house and then finds one to play with for awhile. After playtime, she finds a comfy place (Ana's bed, her bed, a blanket somewhere) and snuggles in for a nap.

She is eating well and had a great checkup at her new vet, Dr. Amy Vogt. The whole office loved her sweet temperament and adorable face and those ears! She even did well with the male tech.

We had friends over on Saturday and I was prepared for some barking and growling at the male ... but she warmed up right away and was even snuggled up beside him for the Aggies game. She did growl and bark at a little boy in the park on our walk last night. It was so funny that she went right up to his little sister, but when he wanted to pet her, she would have none of it. I guess she still feels a bit intimidated by the male species :). She does adore her daddy, Rick, though. I think he might be her favorite!

Just wanted to keep you posted. She is a delight and we are so thankful for her sweet presence in our lives.

Neville Longbottom

Adopted 09/09/11


Adopted 09/05/11

We had our first night with Jelly and adore her. She is very precious. We've taken her on walks, but she loves the squirrels in our back yard more than walking. I think we'll have to feed the squirrels to keep them from leaving our yard!! She did sleep through the night in her little bed, but other than sleeping in her own bed, she is by our side 100%.


Adopted 09/04/11


Adopted 09/03/11

Emma Pillsbury

Adopted 09/02/11

Emma Pillsbury aka Emmaboo aka Emmy. It's been one month since I adopted her! She's doing really well overall. Loves following me around the house and getting belly rubs. :)

December, 2011 Update: Emma and I will celebrate 4 months together on new year's. She and I have learned a lot about each other. I've learned that no mater what circumstances a dog was under when she was growing up, she still wants to please us. Emma has come a long way these months. She's becoming more dog-like every day. She's less timid now and is learning than it's ok to explore new surroundings. Anyway, she's looking at me, hinting that I haven't played with her in over 15 minutes. I hope everyone at DRoH has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Adopted 09/01/11


Adopted 09/01/11

Sully Sullivan
"Lawrence / Sully / Sullivan Ross"

Adopted 08/30/11
Deceased 08/12/18

Hello, Everybody!! Or as my new family says, HOWDY!! Lawrence “Sully” Sullivan Ross here, checking in to let you know about my new life in College Station! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to write, but I’ve been busy meeting a lot of new people. My new family thinks I’m pretty great! My new Dad just told me that he thinks I’m the best dog ever. Pretty hard not to be happy here!!

They are always showing me off to their friends and neighbors, which I think is awesome ‘cause they all want to give me belly rubs and tell me how glad they are to meet me. Today I got to go see the statue of the man named after ME (that’s what my Mom said, anyway)! My Dad told me lots of stories as we toured around this place they called a “campus” meeting people with no hair they called “Aggies” – one of them is even related to me and my new family. He wants to be a vet, which I think is cool. I still had to bark at him, though, family or not, it’s just part of the dog code when it comes to vets.

My new Mom and sisters are so funny! They talk to me like I’m a baby, but I wag my tail real hard for them and give them lots of kisses that they call Sully Sugars. They seem really happy when I roll over so they can rub my belly, so I do that a lot! I’ve read that hoomans need to rub dog bellies to relieve stress, so I’m happy to help!

I have a four-legged brother, too. His name is Willie and he is a lot smaller than me, so I have to be careful not to run over him. I don’t do it on purpose – even though he makes funny noises when I do. Sometimes Willie wants me to chase him around the house. Mom calls it Doggie Daytona and she laughs the whole time, especially when we hit the wood floor and slide around the corners. I like to hear her laugh, so Willie and I play chase a lot!

This morning we all got to sleep in, and then Mom and Dad took some weird smelling stuff in cups outside and put me on the couch between them and they BOTH rubbed my belly and told me this is the Saturday routine. I was thinking two things: these are some seriously stressed out hoomans with all this belly rubbing, and I REALLY like Saturdays!!

Don’t get me wrong, my life with my foster families was AWESOME! They both loved me soo much, and took such good care of me – but I knew in my heart that there was a family out there that I needed to save. My new family had a big broken heart, and I knew just how to fix it – with lots of Sully Sugars! Sometimes my new mom’s face leaks when she tells me how much she loves me and how happy she is to have me. Aw, shucks, it just my job to be sweet and loveable, glad I could help!

Well, I guess I’d better go before my Mom sees that I can work a computer – kinda freaks hoomans out to see dogs surfin’ the net! Thanks to everyone at DRoH for all the love and time and belly rub practice that you gave me to get me prepared for my new life!

…and for anyone reading this who hasn’t yet adopted a new best friend, DO IT!! My new Mom said it’s the best decision she ever made!! Dad looked a little sad about that – but Mom tried out the “Sully Sugars” move on him, and he smiled – see, it works every time!

- Sully

Frankie #2

Adopted 08/17/11

Albus Dumbledore

Adopted 08/16/11

Bubba #2

Adopted 08/10/11
Deceased 08/10/17

From Bubba's (former) foster Mom -

Bubba went to live with his new mommy today and she is thrilled. He has already had a cousin come to visit because cousin Amber was sooooo excited. She is hoping to talk fiance into a rescued Doxie. They have had them all her life so wants another. Let's hope it causes a trend in the family.

Princess Pippa Button

Adopted 08/08/11

Sadie, the faux dachshund, is doing so well, such a sweet puppy. She is much more focused and very attached to all of us. I am happy to report she is completely house trained and is so good about going to the door anytime she wants to go out. She has been with us twice over the past month to New Orleans and has been the perfect house guest. She loves everyone, little kids, old people and other dogs... such a peach of a dog!


Adopted 08/06/11

Cosby is doing wonderfully at his new home and fit right in straightaway with our family. He's very playful and loving and is keeping our 14 year old dog on her toes with all his mischievious behaviors! He spends a lot of time with me during the day masquerading as my shadow, but I certainly don't mind! He's such a loving personality that I cannot imagine having chosen a more perfect dog for our family. It really was a great decision to bring him into our home and I couldn't be more pleased. That said, a lot of what made him so great was his foster mom and foster family - so to them I owe a huge debt of gratitude for taking such fine care of him and all of the others with whom they share their home!!

Chloe #3
"Maggie Mae"

Adopted 08/05/11
Deceased 09/15/12

Maggie Mae, I first saw your beautiful nose on August 2nd, 2011. By August 6th, we were snuggling in each other’s arms. Your spirit was so full of love and so full of laughter. You made me smile every day that God gave me with you.

How obedient you were at the Dachshund Rescue of Houston events. You would either sit or stand so loving beside me never once having to be called back. You worked the Reliant Dog Show with me this year and we asked all the people, who thought you were available for adoption, to instead give us a donation to help out our friends who needed a home.

It wasn’t long after all that that the vet gave me the news that you had something called second-degree AV (heart) block. Medicine to help with the fluid around your heart seemed to help, but we knew it was not the answer. You never complained. Why would you? The love you received and the love gave back was all you wanted.

So the night you struggled to breathe, I got down next to you, and whispered, Maggie, My Love, I will see you again one day.

Maggie Mae, July 12, 2005 to September 15, 2012


Adopted 08/05/11

Fonzie is doing very well. We went to the pet store yesterday and got him a new bed, which he loves. He ran and laid in it immediately when we got home. We also got him some stuffed toys, which he played fetch with the kids. At night I didn't even have to tell him to go to bed, he ran right into the kennel and didn't cry one bit. He seemed to like the kennel when I introduced it to him in the afternoon. When I was putting some towels in it to make it soft for him, he ran in, turned around and looked at me with a smile it seemed. This morning he was super happy and the kids have been playing with him. He has been eating well and going potty outside everytime. We love him!

Thanks and hope you are not missing him too much. :)

Huck Finn

Adopted 08/04/11

Foster mom says good-bye:

Huck and his new Dad are a match made in heaven! Huck took to him straight away, rolled over on his back for tummy rubs and gave him a big smile. As I left they went on a walk and trotted off into the sunset together. Tears of happiness this time, that he's found such a perfect home.


Adopted 08/04/11

Lillah is "jumping for joy" and doing great. It took her a couple of days to realize that she was home but once she did... wow! Her playful personality came out. It seems as though you can see her smile; it is the cutest look. She loves to start a game of "chase". She bosses the other dogs around, and she really has a distinct way of "talking" to them. Lillah definitely runs the show and feels right at home. She has even warmed up to Luis; that took a little while longer but now she runs to "Daddy" when he comes home and loves to be in his lap while he works on the computer. Of course, she is my little girl who loves to kiss my toes and snuggle with me on the couch.

Amelia Earhart

Adopted 08/03/11

Beau #2

Adopted 07/31/11


Adopted 07/30/11

Dear Foster Mom,
It's me Fanta. I am having a great time with Sharon and Ana. They really love me and tell me I am special. I have been so good and Ana likes having me to play with. She sleeps so good because I keep her going. I was sad when you left, but thank you for taking such good care of me and for loving me. I am so lucky to have 2 moms who love me so much. DROH is blessed to have you too! I will write often and send pictures. Thank you for helping me to find my forever home, We three girls have all been sleeping together, and we fit just right together. We are a match made in heaven. Love, Fanta

8/9/11 Update from Fanta's new mom:
Fanta is doing great. She and Ana do everything together. Fanta even gets in the soft crate with Ana and takes a nap. Fanta is a climber and I have learned to move things. She tried to wear my glasses, and when they did not fit she tried to chew them down to her size. She knew I needed a new pair anyway. And poor Prince Charming (a Happy Meal toy), he lost his hands and feet, but we love Fanta better than any old prince. He has moved to the recycle bin. Fanta is great and has given us so many reasons to smile.

Hairy Potter

Adopted 07/30/11


Adopted 07/30/11

Cedric Diggory

Adopted 07/28/11

Dear DRoH,

Here's our Fostering Report Card:

  • Fostering 101: F - Oscar, II King of Sweden

  • Fostering 102: F - Cedric Diggory (Digger)

  • Adoption 101: A+ - Oscar

  • Adoption 102: A+ - Digger

    There you have it. I’d say that it turned out to be a win/win situation because we have two beautiful Dachsie boys that are a joy to love and our “girls” dig them, too. Digger is all Mr. Personality and a real jock and Oscar (the King) is very refined and a little gentleman – we also call him “Fancy Pants” because of his curly hind legs. They are both young and our Lilly is young, too. So, it is loads of fun watching them play and romp. Our senior girls, Ginger and Mollie, have enjoyed all the activity and like to watch all the action from their couch potato perch. Our cat Stormy watches from a distance but in the evenings will mix it up with the kids because he is only 3 years old and has grown up with our dogs. He likes to lay in wait and then pounce on them and then run away – they can never catch him – he just looks down at them from his high bed and laughs. We now have quite a “pack” and they all sleep together!

    Thank you Dachshund Rescue for bringing so much joy to our home with the addition of the “boys” and lots more “kisses” all around!

  • Mahoney

    Adopted 07/27/11

    We welcomed Mahoney into our household in July – “we” being his new moms Tina and Shellye, his new dachshund brother Elvis and new kitty siblings Clover and Azalea. We are happy to report that Mahoney is a wonderful addition to our family. Elvis and Mahoney have found perfect playmates in each other and are so joyful when they are playing together! We (Mahoney’s human parents) love his gentle sweetness and affectionate nature.

    Mahoney has had grand adventures during the past 5 months. He was greeted by a Puppy Parade and birthday party to welcome him and celebrate his newly appointed birthday (August 8, same as his brothers’). The 20 pups in attendance enjoyed wiener dog birthday cake, games and a cool off pool. Mahoney also loves his walks, car rides, and trips to Starbucks for “puppy lattes.” Mahoney has kayaked Cypress Creek in Wimberley, went motorboating on Canyon Lake, and was entertained by the deer and squirrels at his other home in the Hill Country. He enjoyed being a part of “A Pack of Packers” at the DRoH Dachtoberfest and is pleased as punch to be featured as Mr. March with his brother, Elvis and as “The Face of DRoH” in the 2012 DRoH calendar!!!

    We are grateful to Dachshund Rescue of Houston for all that you do for our little furry friends and for bringing Mahoney into our lives.


    Adopted 07/27/11


    Adopted 07/25/11

    Our vet's office has a message board on their sign that they change every week with a different inspirational message. The week we picked Happy up from Jersey Village the sign read "Choose Happy". This week the message was "The Will finds a Way". Well, we got the message loud and clear on Sunday at the Dog Show. When we put the "adopt me" vest on Happy, we became distressed that that might actually happen. We couldn't do it! So, we have come to the decision that this one is staying. We have the will, and we'll find a way.

    Bo #2
    "Rusty Bo"

    Adopted 07/22/11


    Adopted 07/22/11

    Heh - heh - heh! Big man, bigger heart! But my personality and charm were bigger! I completely swept my foster daddy off his feet, stole his heart and my foster became my forever...

    Redheads rule!

    Benjamin Bunny

    Adopted 07/20/11


    Adopted 07/16/11

    He is the MOST AMAZING puppy!!! He is by my side 24/7 and so incredibly loving & smart..I can't thank you enough!! He is such a wonderful addition to our family..and my mom is ecstatic over having a new grandpuppy..I think she got him 5 new toys just in the past 2 days :)

    An update from his forever family -

    Dusty is doing WONDERFULLY!! He and Bella are best buds now and although he is still a little unsure about approaching the cat when he's alone, he and Bella chase Sinjun around the house like a race track :) We have also been taking him to my Aunt & Uncle's on the weekends to play with Sophie (the doxie they got from DROH)..they are TOO FUNNY!! They run & play until they just fall over and take a nap & then do it all again.


    Adopted 07/15/11
    Deceased 09/11/13

    Lucy is incredibly happy with her new family. Her two favorite things are sleeping on the couch next to her new owners, and going for long walks. Her legs may not be long, but they sure move quickly! She's like a little steam engine and has been known to walk two miles early in the morning, and two miles at sunset. In fact, the vet said her legs and back are very strong for such a dainty girl. She has learned a few tricks and is very vocal about wanting to be near the ones she loves!


    Adopted 07/14/11

    As a foster mom, I always want to make my dogs feel like they are loved and part of our family. I always get so attached and want to keep them, but then a wonderful family will come along and be the perfect home. After a tearful goodbye, I’m off to pick up my next foster! When Pepsi came in to DRoH, he had deep wounds on his chest and leg, the vet said it looked like he ran through a barbed wire fence. He was also heartworm positive and needed the strength to make it through that treatment. When I went to pick him up, the vet tech warned that he may bite, and that he had never gone potty outside, because he would absolutely not walk on a leash, he would just stand there, frozen in fear. He came into my home and warmed up immediately to my big black lab, and followed her everywhere. He always found comfort in my other dogs, and bonded with them immediately. His eyes would get so big when we would pet him, he was not used to affectionate human contact. We decided to call him Indigo for his blue eye, and “Indy” for short. In time, he started seeking out attention, and would play with toys. He would run across our backyard throwing the toy up into the air and chasing it, enticing the other dogs to join in the fun! Whenever I brought in a new foster, he was the first one to go greet and welcome them with a wagging tail. Even if he got nipped at, he wouldn’t give up on winning the friendship of this new dog. I decided he was like a partner for me, I can introduce all new dogs to him first and get a good idea of their temperament and know they won’t feel threatened by Indy. They get a warm welcome and it helps their transition into my foster home. Indy is such a great dog and I’m proud to make him my first foster failure!!


    Adopted 07/14/11


    Adopted 07/11/11

    Cleopatra and I fell in love last night! :) She's a gorgeous, sweet, smart girl. I've renamed her Nixie (and she already answers to it). We've been on several walks around my apartment complex and she loves to cuddle in my lap. ! It was hard for her foster mom to let her go and it was obvious Nixie adores her. She waited by the door for half an hour after she left for her to come back, but thankfully settled in with me after that. I'm so grateful to DRoH for bringing Nixie into my life!


    Adopted 07/09/11


    Adopted 07/03/11


    Adopted 07/03/11

    Coco Chanel

    Adopted 07/02/11

    From her new "mom":

    I thought that Coco was the perfect name for a perfect little angel so she remains "Coco". For the first week or so she was carried and held so much by my granddaughter and me that she didn't get too much time to explore. She's now become the queen of squirrel chasing in the big backyard with lots of oak trees. I am amazed at how well she does in her kennel at night and her perfect potty manners. Morning and evening walks with the neighborhood ladies are a routine. Thanks for sending me the perfect dog.

    Scooby #2

    Adopted 07/02/11
    Deceased 01/28/20

    Just wanted to let y’all know that our sweet Scooby passed over the rainbow bridge on Tuesday. He was part of the Scooby Doo Gang rescued back in 2010. We got him in July of 2011. The heartworms he had somehow backflowed into his lungs and calcified. He’s had pretty bad COPD the last year or so, managed well by meds. But the past three weeks he was losing muscle mass like crazy and the vet said he almost certainly had organ failure going on. He was a sweet boy but it was time to end his pain.


    Adopted 06/26/11

    Home is a lot more fun these days, since Clay came to live with us. It's been a long time since I've had a younger dog around, and his energy and antics keep me and his older brother, Amos, entertained and active. Clay settled in immediately, discovered how to use a doggie door, and has set up a rigorous patrol schedule to keep the backyard free of evil squirrels. When he isn't patrolling, he is in the house on sentry duty, watching at the backdoor for any sign of a squirrel invasion. Amos & I feel much safer having Clay with us, and I'm very greatful to DROH for matching us up with a great new friend.


    Adopted 06/24/11


    Adopted 06/20/11
    Deceased 09/14/17


    Adopted 06/19/11

    We can not thank you enough for Gable. He is fitting in just wonderfully. He loves his new doggie sister and they like to wressle with each other. He is getting along with our cats too. He has brought so much joy into our home and we love him very much. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to save our little one.


    Adopted 06/18/11

    Dear DRoH,

    We can't thank you enough for getting "Kade" all ready for his new family - Ours! He has settled in wonderfully like he's been here forever. He is completely trained and has learned to live by Tess' schedule: eats when she does, sleeps when she does, naps when she does and plays at her request. He loves his new bed, car seat, toys and clothes. I think he's starting to feel human. Again, can't thank you enough for all you do to get these boys/girls placed in loving homes.

    Kade's Mom, Melissa

    Layla #2

    Adopted 06/18/11


    Adopted 06/15/11

    from Sammie's (now former) foster mom -

    The adoption went fine last night. I know this family will be able to give him more attention than I was able to. His tail started wagging as soon as he saw them and he got right in Marc's lap. He was so happy! I think the minute they took the leash from me, Sammie forgot who I was. :)

    Ruby Tuesday

    Adopted 06/12/11

    We’re excited. Hubby happy. Scooter’s loving it. Bailey and Scooter (aka Pepper) were chasing each other around yesterday (must be feeling better). It was hilarious. She does like to dig in the dirt, so we're going to have to watch that and try to slow her down on it. I know it’s natural but we're going to try to train her differently with that. Our two little “kids” are just too cute and we love them. Thank you so very much!!


    Adopted 06/11/11

    Ilsa, renamed "Rachel", has begun to fit in with her three dog buddies here. Ruby, Chandler and Marty spend time with her on the couch waiting for the next meal time to come along. Thanks for helping us find her.

    Daisy Mae

    Adopted 06/10/11

    From Daisy Mae's new Forever Mom: Every once in a while, I meet a dog that reminds me of one of my own dogs that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Daisy Mae is one of those dogs. We lost a long time family pet (Daisy, a rescue doggy) last year to old age- a ripe 17 years old! Her death hit my son the hardest because he was not able to say good-bye to her as he was away at the time she passed and was buried.

    When we received Daisy Mae as a foster, she was one of the sweetest dogs: Sugar-n-Spice and everything nice. However she was very over weight. She had to sit down while eating. She would pant a lot around the house and walk really slow when she went out to potty. She didn't play much, but watched from the sidelines. An added strike against her was that she was heart worm positive and "OLDER." I thought to myself, "She has a slim chance of being adopted with all of this against her!"

    I put her on a diet and she started down the scale. I wanted her to be healthy and fit for her perfect family. When I got her she was a whopping 13.2 lbs (needs to be 8.5 to 9). With the diet and exercise, Daisy started to lose weight, move around with a little spunk. She went from waddling to wiggling her behind. She has lost 2 lbs! WOOHOO! That's a lot of weight for a little dog.

    Even with all of those "strikes" against her, she now had one thing going for her: WE WANTED TO KEEP HER ANYWAY! She is now my son's dog. He has another "Daisy." When we saw what a wonderful dog she was, it didn't matter what she weighed or how old she was. She is part of the family now. Thanks DRoH for all of the rescue efforts you participate in.


    Adopted 06/10/11

    I was a first time foster when I picked up Mopsy. She came as part of the breeder-dump trio- Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail that DRoH rescued from a kill shelter. I had never seen a dachshund with so much beautiful white, soft fur. Mopsy was so wild when I first brought her home. She would wiggle and squirm off of my lap and try to explore. She was too distracted to take a snack from my hand. I had to snap a picture just to see the color of her eyes (each eye is blue and brown) I wasn’t sure how fast I was going to make a connection with her. She seemed to loosen up if I would let her explore, so we took “field trips” around the house and yard together. I constantly talked to her and petted her because that seemed to stimulate her focus and keep her still for 5 seconds. She wore me out!

    After about 6 weeks, she all of the sudden became snuggly! She would sit with me and was calm. She even hopped up to give me kisses! She would stay with me on the couch; follow me where ever I went; and sit quietly—without me having to constantly talk to her. She would greet me with her pack at the door when I came home. She let me cradle her like a baby. She let me look into her eyes and she looked back! A WOW MOMENT FOR ME—words can’t express this change!

    I realized that I wanted to adopt her, at the end of May, when we got Alice, a partially blind-deaf double dapple rescued baby from the 200 hundred dogs taken by the SPCA. When she met Alice, a mothering skill arose in her and she nurtured that little dog by snuggling, grooming, and sitting near her. This act made me wonder if she had been a mother previously and if her puppies were yanked from her before she could accept the detachment. I teared up every time she took care of Alice. I just wanted this little baby to have the life she deserved. What she did for Alice was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She had become a part of our family and was doing what we did for her—kind of like a Pay It Forward!

    I am not sure if people really UNDERSTAND what the Dachshund Rescue of Houston does for these dachshunds with shattered lives. “Rescue, rehabilitate and re-home” is not just a catchy phrase used in their mission statement. In fact, many of these dachshunds spend much of their time between “rescue” and ‘re-home” in the rehabilitation stage with some of the most loving foster volunteers in this organization. Thank you DRoH for all that you do! I will always be forever grateful for one of the sweetest additions to my family-MOPSY a.k.a. “BELLA” which means “beautiful” in Italian.

    Marcia Brady

    Adopted 06/05/11


    Adopted 05/30/11

    I wanted to take a moment to thank the wonderful team of Dachshund lovers at DROH for their outstanding efforts in 2011. We are proud adoptive parents of Dusty (or Marvin depending who you ask). Due to his incredible running speed and growl we changed his name to Harley.

    For those considering adopting a Dachshund putting aside all the “typical Dachshund issues” these are the most affectionate, loving and loyal dogs you can imagine. Your Dachshund will have you well trained in no time at all.

    Thank you again for everything you have done and continue to do to preserve and protect a very misunderstood and underappreciated breed of dog.


    Adopted 05/28/11

    Piper #2

    Adopted 05/22/11

    Just wanted to ease your minds and let you know Piper is settling in just fine! He has captured our hearts (as well as our daughter's - who met him today) and has already become a member of our family! Truly, he feels so familiar (he follows me everywhere) we are sure this is meant to be! And...we are on to his dachshund traits and habits, i.e., food! Truly, Tom and I are so grateful to you and every person involved who has committed to DROH to rescue these precious creatures in order to better their lives - and ours!

    Thank you for all you do. Piper has clearly been well cared for and loved and we are happy to keep him safe and secure and well loved for the rest of his life!


    Adopted 05/21/11


    Adopted 05/20/11

    Thought I would take a moment to give you an update on Kate who started enriching our lives in May. Kate has adapted very well to her new surroundings and is getting along famously with our other doxie, Abby as they sun themselves in the backyard and team up to unsuccessfully corner squirrels. We are so fortunate to have been able to adopt Kate who is providing us with plenty of laughs and love. She is such a sweet girl, it is hard to imagine anyone giving her up. Thanks for stepping in to rescue her so that she could eventually join our family!!


    Adopted 05/20/11

    Thank you so much!

    Shay is such a blessing! She is the perfect addition to our little family. We just can't say enough good things about Shay and the Dachshund Rescue of Houston organization. Shay is such a happy and loving dog. She enjoys her walks, sleeping in bed with us, learning new tricks, giving kisses, bones and toys galore, and she even gets a long really well with her new big brother Ziggy (our 10 yr old dachshund). She is such a happy girl! We love her to pieces.

    Thank you again and keep up the fantastic work.


    Sean & Robin


    Adopted 05/14/11

    5/14/12 Update

    We wanted to let you know that today we are celebrating one year since we brought our precious Nellie home. We could not have imagined what a blessing she is to us. We love her more every day. She's doing great! Thank you and DRoH and God Bless you.


    Nellie gets cuter and sweeter everyday. We are in love with her. She has blessed our life more than we could ever imagine. She's spoiled rotten, but she drips with so much sweetness. She is so adorable. We just can't get over her. She brings us so much happiness and joy. She adds so much to our life. We'll send more pics of her Christmas bandana and red sweater we already got for her.

    From Nellie's New Family

    My husband and I have wanted to adopt a doxie for quite awhile and applied to DROH and were approved. We chose Flopsy to become a forever member of our family. The moment we met her we fell in love. She has such a sweet temperament and is so loving, affectionate and sweet. The transition to our home was as though she has always been with us. She has completed our family and brought us so much joy, laughter and happiness. Thank you for such a blessing.


    Adopted 05/13/11

    From his new mom, Lynn:

    Our new member of our family is Spencer (Keith). We could not ask for a better Dachshund. Loves to be with us everywhere, house trained, and walks well on his leash. I knew from the minute I saw him he was for us.

    Other best thing was his foster family lived in Katy too.

    Thank you so much, we are complete.


    Adopted 05/13/11
    Deceased 08/18/17

    Iris #2

    Adopted 05/11/11
    Deceased 01/04/15

    I would like to thank DROH for our sweet Maggie. We adopted Maggie (ie Iris) from DROH a few years ago. She was the sweetest and most loving pup we have ever had. Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to kidney failure. She will be greatly missed.

    Thank for bring such a sweet pup to our family.


    Adopted 05/11/11


    Adopted 05/02/11


    Adopted 04/27/11


    Adopted 04/24/11

    Perry was saved at the last possible second and transported by our intake coordinator. She then fostered him and missed him terribly when he was adopted. He sat by the back door of his new house for a week waiting for her to come back and get him. After 4 months he was returned by the adoptive family and his foster mom gladly took him back into her home where he has been a true joy. His foster mom has now adopted Perry and they will not be separated again!

    "Polly Piper"

    Adopted 04/22/11


    Adopted 04/18/11

    We had talked about getting my son a dog over spring break. So we looked at countless animals on rescue sites and even the craigslist. After nothing worked out there, my friend, Anita, suggested becoming a foster parent for dogs. SO I found DRoH, filled out the foster app, passed the home visit, and within a short time picked up a beautiful trio of Doxies named Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail a.k.a. Bubbles. I had already prepared to FLUNK Foster 101, big-time, as we were still looking for a dog.

    There she was... a beautiful red dachshund, just like my Heidi. Bubbles had a place already carved out in our heart and home before she arrived. She came with a well mannered personality. She was friendly the first day and she is just as awesome today. She gets along great with my dog, Heidi. She and Heidi like to race to see who can gobble up scattered food kibbles off of my living room floor. They nap together, eat together, get belly-rubs together and SNORE TOGETHER--FREIGHT TRAIN STYLE! Bedtime and nap time sounds like Grand Central Station

    Bubbles seems very protective of the 2 little ones (Flopsy and Mopsy) that still need to be kept quiet in a crate for a time. When they whimper she is alert and dashes to check out every sound. She will sit at the cage of the one who is whimpering. She is such a beautiful little baby both inside and out. I am truly blessed to have found the perfect "sister' for my little Heidi!

    It is hard to believe or imagine what kind of life these 3 had before DRoH rescued them. I only know that now, she has found her forever home, where she will have belly-rubs, back scratches, snuggle time and security.


    Adopted 04/18/11

    Trixie #2
    "Tic Tic"

    Adopted 04/18/11

    TIC TIC, formerly known as Trixie 2 has a new permanent home and she has graciously agreed to allow the existing occupants, including her new siblings Franky and Johnny to continue to live here.

    Tic Tic , Franky and Johnny share everything including lots of love and especially good doggie treats and food. One of TIC TIC’s favorite past times is eating. She loves to eat anything and everything. Each pup has their own real beef bone (hollow beef shanks) known to them as “bonzies”. Tic Tic has learned quickly to enjoy the daily treat of digging goodies out of her bonzie. She loves her back yard and going for long walks as well as frog and lizard hunting with her new brothers. TIC TIC, like her brothers, loves to go for rides in the car and loves to feel the wind in her face. Speaking of rides, she lets you know when she is ready for a joy ride by brining you her harness and leash. If her brothers aren’t ready fast enough, she grabs their leashes in her mouth and tries to pull them to the front door – a thing to note here is that she is only a quarter of the size of her brothers.

    Her new motto is let the good times roll!!!

    Her new mommy is proud to say that she is a first time failure at fostering 101 but will continue to try and master the fostering with another Doxie in need.


    Adopted 04/17/11


    Adopted 04/17/11

    Velma is doing great. She seems to have decided that I belong to her. She was a bit of a trial for Sunny Jo (her older doggie sister) the first few days, but they’re beginning to get along well now. She seems to be a very happy little dog and follows me around the house. I think she’s good for Sunny since Sunny is now more active.

    It took just about one day for Velma to decide she likes to sleep between us, down at our feet and under the sheets – typical Dachsie! She seems to have two speeds – full speed ahead or dead stop, but fortunately she settles down and goes right to sleep at night.

    Thanks again – Velma has been a great addition to the family!

    Duke #2

    Adopted 04/16/11

    From Kelley and Rocky:

    Duke and Moxy are doing great! They have brought so much happiness to our family and certainly keep things interesting. Chasing squirrels, stealing rope bones and tennis from each other, countless belly rubs - and that's just before breakfast! We are so blessed to have found two dogs that are so perfect for our family!

    Stella #2
    "Bella Boo"

    Adopted 04/11/11


    Adopted 04/09/11

    Barbie has gone to her forever home in Pearland, where she and her look-alike new sister will have such fun!


    Adopted 04/08/11

    I just love little Sydney!! Sydney is fitting in just great with Dappie and Emme and we just love her already! She is so sweet and so much fun. My five year old Miniature Long Hair, Dappie, and Sydney are quickly becoming playmates which has been quite entertaining! It was so funny to watch. They were on the sofa and chasing each other from one end to the other and back several times! And Emme, my 15 year old, also a mini long hair, was trying to referee. I am sure she is remembering when she used to do the same thing!

    I want to thank everyone at DRoH for all that you do to save those precious little dachshunds! And I especially thank you for saving Sydney and allowing her to become available for me to find!!


    Adopted 03/22/11


    Adopted 03/20/11


    Adopted 03/20/11


    Adopted 03/13/11

    Ken is doing great; he sleeps through the night and does well in his crate. Bean is still in adjustment to having another dog, but he gets better every day. We are hoping to start training soon and Ken has learned our routine, or at least pretends very well.

    I think that Ken is a good fit for our family and he has settled in without any trouble. Tonight was a big night, Ken and Bean took a nap together; it was really cute.


    Adopted 03/08/11

    We just wanted to give you an update on Rocky...previously known as Droopy. Things are going very well. He has really fit well into our family. He gets along great with his older sister Rosie. He has really been good for her. They play a lot and she needed that. Luckily he has lost about 10 pounds and isn't the stuffed sausage he was when he came to our home. About our only complaint with him is that his built in alarm clock is set for 5 AM...even on days when we don't have to get up early.

    Fergie #2

    Adopted 03/08/11

    I met my new forever family at the Wild West Wienerfest on Saturday and couldn't race to them any faster. Today is Tuesday and I'm home - home on the range...

    We would like to say that Fergie is such a delight. She & her sister, Cassie, are wonderful playmates. Immediately, they began to sleep back-to-back, snuggle for naps and have plenty of lap time. Fergie is quite a jumper - can clear a 4' fence, so adjustments have been made. Thanks for our newest addition to our family...because of DROH, we have a joyful experience every day.


    Adopted 03/08/11

    Daisy #7

    Adopted 02/28/11


    Adopted 02/28/11

    Scooter #3

    Adopted 02/27/11


    Adopted 02/27/11
    Deceased 10/19/17

    I am heartbroken to inform you that our precious little Tony has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He has been such a special addition to our family. He was one of a kind. Such a loving little guy with his own “Tony” mischievousness. We were bless to have Tony for almost 7 years. His vet calculates his age to be at least 15 so he had a good long run and we know his last years he was taken the very best of care and was a very happy dog. We gave him the best life that we could. We already miss our little man but we wish him fun playful times over the Rainbow Bridge.


    Adopted 02/26/11


    Adopted 02/26/11

    Jingle Bell

    Adopted 02/24/11

    Belle has been such a love since the day we saw her. She is so happy to see us and everyone. She loves attention and wants everyone to love her. Our routine is already set. We (Belle and I) go into the office at home every morning and I work on the computer while she does the filing (sleeps in her bed). I answer the phone and she sends the faxes (nudges me to pet her). She is getting a raise in pay this week as my office assistant for her good work. We go for our 2 big walks every day and she goes out in the yard numerous times a day, she has not had an accident in the house yet! She greets my husband when he gets home from work every evening with enthusiasm and kisses; lots of tail wagging. We watch TV together (she sleeps on me) and helps my husband read the paper (take naps together in the chair). We have our bedtime routine (she snuggles for a while in bed with us before going to her own bed) and she has us well trained. We are so happy to have her as a part of the family, she is a gem!

    We are so grateful to her foster mom & dad for taking such good care of her and getting her healthy. All fosters go to heaven.

    Winnie # 2

    Adopted 02/24/11

    Winnie is doing really, really well :) As I write, she is half on my lap, a concession to me needing to type on the laptop. I am going to need to be sure I don't spoil her too badly, but I figured that for the first couple days, she needed to just know she was loved and wanted. She's only had one accident, and that was the very first day - she's found her favorite spot to potty, and we've been treating her often for using it!

    She and big brother Gambit are getting along better each day - she is slowly warming up to him, and thankfully he's being fairly patient with her ;) We're working on keeping her out of the kitchen, and she's fighting that! She wants to be there for any dropped nibble!

    Thank you so much for fostering her while she was waiting for me/us! :) I'm in snuggle heaven, and so is she!

    "Bessie Sue"

    Adopted 02/22/11


    Adopted 02/21/11

    Peanut Butter

    Adopted 02/21/11

    Mr. Pibb

    Adopted 02/18/11

    Mr. Pibb has found his forever home with a new canine brother, Rufus. They are now best friends and Rachelle & Brian have fallen in love with him. They have renamed him Romeo, "Romie" for short. He is a VERY happy boy.

    Gus 2

    Adopted 02/15/11

    Darrin Stephens

    Adopted 02/12/11

    From Darrin's Foster Mom...

    Well it's with a heavy heart that both Selbi and I said our farewells to Darrin, he's found his forever home! Just so you know, Darrin is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever come across, he's really going to be missed. He's on his way to San Marcos to live with his new mom, she's one lucky girl!


    Adopted 02/11/11

    "You'll get this dog away from me when you pry her from my cold, dead hands."

    and with those words, foster mom failed Fostering 101...

    South Paw

    Adopted 02/10/11


    Adopted 02/04/11

    From Wing's Foster Mom...

    Wing has found his forever home. I'm so happy that he'll have his own mommy to spoil him since my Max did not like sharing. Of course I cried and I'll miss him, I've fostered him since June 2009 and he's come a long way to feeling confident and trusting people.

    Belle #2

    Adopted 01/30/11

    Belle is a such a sweet girl who gets to be the one and only, and the center of attention of a doting mother/daughter team! Someone is always home to snuggle with, and Belle has even mastered the little doggie door which leads to a wonderful backyard to explore and soak up some sun. Belle finally found her perfect home and will live happily ever after! After a few bumps in the road, she really deserved a fairy tale ending!

    8/10/11 Update: Belle is doing beautifully and is "attached at the hip" to my mother. We love her dearly.


    Adopted 01/30/11

    Keith and I just absolutely love Boko! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We are very thankful that the DROH chose us to be his forever home.

    Diva and Delany

    Adopted 01/30/11

    Well, Micheline's "double D's", Diva & Delany, have found their forever home with Carol. This lucky pair has been put in charge of bringing a new youth to Pieball, an older dachshund who is mourning the loss of his lifetime companion, Nutmeg. They know that they will never replace his friend, but they have showed him that there is still joy in life. Pieball plays with the new girls, then goes off for his nap. You can almost hear the sigh of contentment from here! That's one dapper dachshund and his delightful double D's....


    Adopted 01/30/11


    Our very last Shakespeare Rescue has found her forever home! Ophelia, the divine Miss O, has found her new life with Teresa and John. The little red Miss can take a shine to new big brother Shiner, who can help her "to sleep, perchance to dream", and enjoy her new wonderful life! We can now close this chapter in the Shakespeare saga.


    Adopted 01/25/11

    What a great start to the new year! When my foster mom picked me up in December she knew I was something special. I enjoyed the holidays with the family and recovered from my heart worm treatment. I was introduced to my foster mom's momma who lives nearby and she fell in love with me! How could she not be smitten with my big brown eyes and good behavior! I love my new home, it is quiet and I am the center of attention. As an added bonus I still get to visit my "foster" family which includes two kids I love dearly and two doxie brothers! We are just one big happy extended family! Many thanks to DROH for all the TLC!


    Adopted 01/17/11


    Adopted 01/16/11


    Adopted 01/16/11

    Cayenne, a.k.a. CayAnna, is the perfect addition to our family! She had a tough ride home the first night, but as soon as she walked in the door, she knew she was in her forever home. She loves being Queen of the Castle and has her pick of laps and beds because she's claimed them all! She immediately made best friends with my daughter. They have such a wonderful time watching movies, studying, playing, and just flat-out being silly together. CayAnna mastered the house wonderfully and hasn't had a single accident. CayAnna's a sweet girl and so easy-going. I'm just thrilled that we found her because she has already added such joy to our home. With her sweet disposition and loving personality, this snuggle-bunny is already being spoiled rotten. Thanks Kasey and DROH for being so fantastic to CayAnna!


    Adopted 01/16/11


    Adopted 01/14/11

    I'm such a special, fabulous, charming boy, that when I went with my foster mom to do a home visit, I never had to leave. Obviously, the home visit checked out, because I have found my forever home!


    Adopted 01/14/11

    Maverick, aka Ganon, is fitting right in with the family! Nighttime is hard for him, understandably. The first night, we put the dogs together in a pen in our room and he cried most of the night. Around 3 AM, we put them in separate crates and he was able to relax and get a few hours of sleep then. The second night we put them in separate crates from the start, and he cried until we put them together and Link gave him kisses until they were calm. Needless to say, he's sleeping a lot during the day to make up for the night before, but he keeps one eye open and jumps-to whenever there's a game of tug-of-war or any sign of going outside. The two boys are getting along okay - still trying to work out the politics, but a treaty is in order to be signed in the next couple days. When they are playing together you can tell that they are going to be best buddies for life! We took them to the puppy park yesterday where he met our friend's llasa apso, Mushu. Mushu is a very calm dog and they got along very well. Ganon is definitely a mama's boy and barks when Dave comes in the room after a change of clothes; but after Dave reassures him that it's just daddy, his tail starts going and the kisses start. He has a favorite chair that he retreats too when he wants to be alone, but has some good snuggle sessions with his mom, too. He's eating very heartily and has had only a few accidents in the house - we're still working on learning his signs. We got to experience "noodle time" last night when we were going out to grab dinner and were putting the boys in the kitchen. He appreciates having his squirrel with him, and even shares him with Link who also thinks that it is the best toy in the house. We're having so much fun with our boys and they are having just as much with us and each other. Thanks again for taking such good care of him until we were able to find him.


    Adopted 01/13/11

    Cocoa has become a forever love. She crawls up in your lap and wraps her front paws around you neck for a hug. What a welcome addition to the family.

    Ozzie #2

    Adopted 01/08/11

    Pistol Pete

    Adopted 01/04/11

    Sammy the Bearkat

    Adopted 01/03/11

    Oh, Happy New Year indeed! Sammy was adopted by a loving family in Houston where he will be the center of attention. He was welcomed with open paws by a fellow sister doxie, and a cat who was not too sure about Sam! Sam wants to thank DROH for making his New Year's dreams come true, a family and a yard! What more could a doxie boy want? After a rough start now he is living the good life!

    Henry #3

    Adopted 01/01/11

    I hit the dog lottery! Henry is an absolute dream. Honestly, I expected a bit more transition time but what a wonderful gift I have been given. In addition to being a very handsome fellow, what a personality - the friendliest Dachsie I have encountered, ever. And he has reinvigorated my "oldie" Mackie who's going on 16.

    What a wonderful way to start this year!

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