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Awesome Adoptions 2010

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2010: 139


Adopted 12/31/10


Adopted 12/30/10


Adopted 12/29/10

Hobo has settled in just great!

We had some friends with kids over on New Years Eve and we found him up in the kids bedroom hanging out and getting cuddles!

He was quite amazing around a lot of new people (and kids)...just found my legs and generally hung close until he figured them all out. Then jumped right into the celebration!

He and Rooney, his canine brother, spent the better part of yesterday running around the yard and sunning themselves on the back porch!

He is sleeping great through the night.

He is not eating great yet, and tends to prefer to beg for people food or the girls food which we are working on!

We just can't say enough good things about him.

He is a delight in our home!

Thanks so much again for your care and guidance with him.


Adopted 12/28/10

Jesse, the Rottie, and Scooter are getting along famously. She still tries to “clean” him like he was her puppy, it’s too cute. He plays “soccer” with the many balls and scoots around like a maniac at times but we couldn’t be happier! His training is coming along great as well, using his doggie door no problem, getting the hand and voice commands for sit well, lay down we’re working on. He knows “leave it” and “no” well, and gets his tail flying with “good boy” – he is really a great little guy, thank you very much!


Adopted 12/24/10

What a perfect holiday story. Sweet Kenya found her forever home in Galveston on Christmas Eve, adopted by her very own "Crys" Kringle. What a perfect present for them both. Kenya loves to follow Crys around the house, ready for any opportunity to snuggle. Thanks to Crys, Kenya is singing "Joy to the World"!


Adopted 12/21/10

JoePA and his new step-brother Skeeter hit it off right away, so little Joe is off to Pasadena with his new family. As usual, his foster mom was in tears, but he will have a loving home and be spoiled rotten like he deserves to be. He is such a handsome boy, with the most eager, happy go lucky personality. His foster mom is really going to miss him.


Adopted 12/18/10

Little Miss Merry couldn't be any merrier now that she's found her new home with Donna and her two new step-sisters Carlee and Dixee. Carlee's a Chihuahua, Dixee's a Dachshund, and Merry is a little of both! Everyone welcomed Merry into their new home with loving arms and paws, making this normally skittish Chiweenie feel right at home. Merry Christmas, Merry!

Rob and Laura Petry

Adopted 12/18/10


Adopted 12/13/10


Adopted 12/13/10


Adopted 12/07/10

Jasmine #2

Adopted 12/05/10

Jasmine was very reserved and almost lost out on a great home and family. Patience won and now she can live the perfect doxie life with canine brother Nester, who was adopted only a few days prior! An update from her family:

Just wanted to touch base with you guys. We took the dogs (Nester & Jasmine) for a longer walk yesterday and they really seemed to have bonded and hit it off. Nester was leading with Jasmine close behind. When we got back home, Jasmine started initiating play with Nester, who loved it. Tonight, Jasmine kept going after Nester and they played in front of us in the living room for about a half hour going nearly full blast. They are both doing much better and Jasmine is coming more and more out of her shell and is not the same dog we had 3-4 days ago. Everyone seems to be happy. Jasmine has been with us for a week now and there has been a tremendous change in her in the last 2 days. They are both definitely keepers. Thanks to all of you at DRoH for the work you have done and continue to do. Hope all is well with you guys and have a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas.


Adopted 12/05/10


Adopted 12/04/10


Adopted 12/02/10

Sweet little Harriet, a.k.a. "Harry Rat", won the hearts of her foster parents, Christine and Terry, after a long battle with Distemper. Harriet is one of the lucky ones. Harriet is now enjoying her new digs in The Woodlands along with her step-sister, Tabitha (also adopted from DRoH). Harriet can be a little stinker, but Tabitha tries to keep her in line. Congratulations to both of these lucky girls!


Adopted 12/01/10

from Nester's new family, who acquired him and another dox -

Nester acts like we have been his family forever. We are IN LOVE with this dog! The foster mom that we met is so loving and had a personal interest in the dog we adopted! She is emotionally invested in this little guy and truly cares about him!

We appreciate everything everyone has done at DRoH to help these LUCKY dogs! I never imagined weeks ago that we would have adopted 2 dogs....but we were very impressed with your organization and the care you give for the dogs. All of our friends think we are crazy...;) We feel blessed to have these sweet dogs. My kids are in "heaven" with the attention the dogs give them and how sweet they are. Nester is a sweetie pie who loves to play and snuggle with EVERYONE :) Thank you for a great experience and organization who helps these little sweeties. We still have a lot to get to know about each of them and look forward to sharing photos :)

Oscar Mayer Wiener

Adopted 11/29/10

Don't you wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener?

'cause then you'd have a home and family...

My kids can play and help to make me leaner,

One thankful dox, with love to all, that's me!

Yes, Oscar Mayer has found a forever family with Rina and Robert. He has two kids to keep him active - he's tired just thinking of it - and a happy hound hangout for the holidays! When the family met him, they were sold on his charm and dachshund attitude. Oscar Mayer got to strut his stuff straight into their hearts.


Adopted 11/27/10

My foster mom knew I was special from the very start. She never could figure out why someone would turn me in to a shelter. WELL, I just turned the charm to super-hot and now I'm a full-fledged member of her family. Her brother thought he wanted a chihuahua, but this Gator-man got all thoughts of a chi buried deeper than a favorite bone. Thanks "mom" - now I can call you Auntie Mom!


Adopted 11/22/10

What a way to start the season - cocoa 'n coffee. Mmmm...Mocha! This sweet little lady will now have the first of many happy holidays in her new forever home. Judy and Robert needed a touch of doxie sugar to make their home complete. You can almost hear Perry Como: "Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays..." with our Miss Mocha humming along. She may not know all the words, but she can certainly appreciate the sentiment.

Pepper Potts

Adopted 11/17/10

Pepper Potts will have her very own family for Turkey Day. In fact, there are many happy holidays ahead for the divine Miss P because she has found her forever home with Lisa, Lewie and Alec. Our fiery redhead will be their resident doxie diva to brighten this season and all the "wiener-ful" days ahead! A round of pumpkin pie for all for a job well done!


Adopted 11/16/10

She patched me up and nursed me through bad skin and a bum leg. My foster mom is so very special. I just got the absolute best news ever: she is officially my forever mom! She said that I am so special that she can't bear to part with me. The bad news is that no other doxies will get to feel special with her because it's a full house; but if you can foster, you too can have a special pup think you're special too! Please join all our special foster families!


Adopted 11/14/10

Roses are red,

Viola was blue,

but not anymore,

because of people like you!

After years of misery in a puppy mill and months of waiting for the right family, another one of our Shakespeare ladies has found her forever home. Marisela and Patrick were swept away by her charm, which didn't quite show through on her bio page, when she made her social call today. She treated the family pets like best friends and even the cat approved of this playful lady. Viola now knows this won't be her winter of discontent.


Adopted 11/13/10

Another one of our adoptive families has been wired for Dachshund. Sirius has found his forever home with Laura and Mark and this XL sized wire-haired doxie has hot-wired their hearts. They send kudos to DRoH for all the legwork done on their behalf - some of those legs shorter than others, of course. Thanks to your efforts, Sirius is seriously content.

Daisy #6

Adopted 11/11/10

Many ladies have come in and out of Daisy's life, but probably the most devastating to her was Rita - Hurricane Rita. Rita turned Daisy's life upside down and she became an orphan of the storm. Next came Danielle, who told her everything would be OK and introduced her to DRoH. Suzanne fostered this pup at home with a whole doxie crew, where she experienced the discovery and pain of a snake or two. Daisy had lots of friends pulling for her survival and she was able to beat back the venom.

Ironically for the hound dog, her next mom was a Kat. Kat dressed her up for the party and let her personality bloom. Miss Daisy was still waiting for her forever mom, though. Then it happened: another lady stepped into her life. Miss Patsy met Daisy and as they say, the rest is history. The room lit up and you could almost hear the choir sing. Patsy and Daisy are best friends forever! Daisy will be the guardian and companion. Patsy will get to relish this little doxie's big heart.

Miss Pawla

Adopted 11/07/10
Deceased 05/01/13

Miss Pawla found her forever home with Teresa and Nancy. It was a wonderful experience and Pawla fit right in from the moment I sat her on the ground.

She ran and played and chased her new brother Rusty all over her new huge back yard. Teresa, Nancy and I sat on the back patio and laughed for close to 40 minutes as they played and played. It was love at first sight. Miss Pawla would run up to Teresa and jump in her lap and then in an instant was off chasing Rusty again. I went to leave and told Teresa she could bring her back to my house later that evening and she jumped up and said oh no we want Miss Pawla. So we went in the kitchen and she signed the adoption contract.

As much as Miss Pawla loves her foster mom she didn’t seem to mind at all when I left, which brought peace to my mind. She will forever be in my heart.


Adopted 11/04/10

Ryan made his cross-town trip to his forever home. This handsome red guy has joined the "big leagues" - League City, that is. Tracy and David welcomed this charmer to their family, and as foster mom slipped quietly into the night, Ryan had her cryin'. But this little guy is so special that she's filling the hole he's left in her heart with another lonely Rescue. What a cure with the "hair of the dog..."!

Thanks to your efforts, Ryan found his home and another pup found a foster!


Adopted 10/30/10

We're closing out October by helping Caro Ann and John get "wired." Our less-than-common wire haired dachshund, Connie, has swept into their lives. In John's own words, "she is absolutely adorable - perky, friendly, and cute as a bug's ear." It's been all treats and no tricks for this happy family. This home has been "wired" for Doxie.

Dash Riprock

Adopted 10/30/10

October's been good to DRoH! It's been especially good to Dash. He has found his forever family AND a running partner. With a name like Dash, how could he be anything but a speedy pup? You'll see Dash with his flowing long locks (you'll remember Fabio, if you're of a certain age) sprinting through his new neighborhood with Yoorim as they burn off some of that late afternoon energy. Rumor has it that he's even California dreamin' after Mom hears some wedding bells next year...


Adopted 10/27/10

Callista has become one of our out-of-towners. Her picture caught the eye of Mary & James and Miss Calli has been swept off to Beaumont. She has a new brother Ralph, who needed a high energy canine companion to make his life complete. Now the two can zip through their beautiful yard and tell Mary & James thanks for making us "Beaumont Buddies!"


Adopted 10/24/10

This adoption turned into a 2-fer! Ruxanadra and Peter applied to adopt Otto in order to fill an empty space in their hearts and home. Otto and his brother Ralphie came to DRoH as a rough-and-tumble pair of pups. When Ruxandra went to pick up Otto, she couldn't leave Ralphie behind. Otto is a real "Momma's boy" but won't let big bro' Ralphie out of his sight. These "Doublemint Twins" have the whole family seeing double: double the fun, double the energy, double the puppy poo!


Adopted 10/24/10

See that pirate hat? Well it suits me just fine. You see, I was part of a pair-o-dox that came to DRoH. My brother Otto got picked first for adoption, but then I turned on the old "Ralphie charm" and didn't have to say good-bye. I stole a heart and shiver me timbers, I pirated my way into OUR forever home!


Adopted 10/23/10

Our little boy Beau had a lovely lady, Jane, swoop in to take him out of the kennel crowd. Beau was so upset about his circumstance, that he was losing his hair and becoming ill. Miss Jane was having none of it and she opened her home to him - just for a little while...until he could find a permanent home. Ha! Mr. Beau turned on the charm and guess what...he created another foster failure! Poor Miss Jane never had a chance and this was only her first foster. Beau, Beau stole your heart, gently in your home. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, throw the boy a bone!

Sasha #2

Adopted 10/23/10

Miss Sasha has found her forever family with Suzann and Bob. These applicants knew from the start that Sasha was the dog for them. Little Miss short stuff has the doxie swagger of a true diva and has landed in canine paradise. In return for her forever home, she promises a life of dachshund kisses, tail wags and companionship. Thanks to your efforts, this sweetie makes a happy home and a happy family.


Adopted 10/21/10
Deceased 05/18/11

Sweet Shasta was hit by a car and, sadly, did not recover from his injuries. We will miss you, little guy.

Coco #2

Adopted 10/17/10

My new dad used to be my foster dad. He nursed me through my health checks and surgery. When the vet gave me the all clear, Dad told me I could stay forever with him and Wilbur, another DRoH alumn. Life is now good!


Adopted 10/17/10

I struggled a bit with my "girlie surgery", but came through it in time to party! My new mom Kathy, was at the Hallowiener party and left with a very special party favor - ME!


Adopted 10/16/10

Isela and Eli decided that Bunny needed a playmate. As expected with a doxie diva, she ran the show in her home. Well, lo and behold, Miss Bun Bun met a Boy Boy. Iago has swept into her life and as another of our Shakespeare rescues finds his forever home, Bunny will never have to feel that parting is such sweet sorrow. There's even a big sister Mia, who tells us that such stuff as dreams are made of brings happiness to the family. Aboo, without the typical feline disdain, reports that all's well that ends well. Another successful adoption!


Adopted 10/07/10

It may have been a bad day for Harris county voters, but a lucky one for Smokey. The day DRoH had planned to rescue this guy, the building next door went up in flames. His "time was up" and in all the excitement we couldn't get through to the shelter. Turns out they had him waiting for DRoH the next day. Now his luck continues as he has found his forever home with Mary and Rick, who plan to spoil this lucky dachshund. Smokey Bear may say "only you can prevent forest fires", but Smokey Dachshund says, "only you can believe in Rescue".


Adopted 10/06/10

Miss Dawn has finally been cleared for adoption! Her new parents, Tiffany and Ryan couldn't resist those dachshund eyes and even fostered her through her heartworm treatment. This little lady had waited patiently, but in vain, for someone to save her from the dog pound. In her last hour, a kind officer called DRoH and the beginnings of this new family took root. Dawn's new name is Maggie and her new life is just magnificent! Thanks to Tiffany and Ryan for taking on this new experience and to the other volunteers working through the application process.

Doc Brown

Adopted 10/06/10

We can finally post Doc Brown as adopted! This poor guy has been through it all - not to mention his new family who nursed him through. Doc came to DRoH loaded with heartworms (as so many do) but unbeknownst to us, he also had a wicked case of hookworms. We nearly lost him a couple of times as his parents, Denise and Kenneth, agonized with him. His doxie sister Missy babied him through his recuperation and in turn, earned her place in her new forever home.

Doc Brown is now known as Monty and this happy family has its own dachshund M&M. Monty asked us to remind you to use a monthly heartworm preventative. It helps prevent a lot of those other wormy parasites, too!


Adopted 10/05/10

We have our first adoption for October! Yeti has found his forever home. In his search for extra attention (typical dachshund), Yeti is sporting a grand accessory: a cast on his back leg. He insists that it is really just advertising for our upcoming Hallowiener party theme and he's ready to be a peg-leg pirate pup. Now all his new parents, William and Lauren, need to add is his eye patch and he's ready to go. Yeti's new canine sister, Zoe can play the damsel in distress. Although she's a Westie, I hear they can be dachshund-quality divas, when prompted.

Thanks to your efforts, we've created quite the swashbuckling team!

Polly Purebred

Adopted 09/26/10

Polly is such a sweetie! She has lots of love to give. She gets along great with her brothers, although she's not quite sure how to play with them. We are working on housebreaking, but she has good days and bad days in that respect. Her favorite things include food, naps, hugs, and rolling in the grass on a warm day. Polly Purebred proudly plays the diva! She finally finds a home that this diva truly deserves.


Adopted 09/24/10

Oh Danny boy, the dox, the dox are calling...

from home to home,

you've finally found your friend!

A broken heart, it is your job to mend....

Through your efforts, Roger and Ellen are helping their dachshund Rocky heal from the loss of his brother. Our dapper Danny will never replace him, but can offer the consolation of a companionship that only a good buddy can give.


Adopted 09/20/10

Jupiter is in orbit around Texas today. He's moving from south of Houston to north of Dallas without ever leaving the family. This little guy had so much charm and personality that his foster dad's very own sister decided to adopt! Nathan and Layne are proudly welcoming this traveler into their own galaxy for him to explore his new world. He's even been promised the best of care because his new mom is a ...V-word. We haven't told that part to Jupiter yet. There are some things a dog just needs to find out for himself. Thanks to your help, Jupiter has been happily launched into his new life!


Adopted 09/20/10

Our Miss Maylee found her forever family today! Her new parents, Ted and Gina swooped into her foster home and decided she was perfect for them. Maylee is such a sweetie that foster dad made a special trip home from work just to say goodbye. Her new forever family members are ready to spoil her rotten and they even have KIDS! Just what a happy doxie has been hoping for! Rumor has it that she's even going to get to travel with the family - in the cabin - because this Miss Petite will fit in the passenger space. No cargo area for this Diva! Your efforts helped Maylee find her forever home.

New PROUD DAD updates us:

Maylee has been a real kick! We all adore her! The girls are having a lot of fun with her and Maylee is doing fine with them. Maylee sleeps in their room. Maylee starts out on her bed but by the time lights are out she jumps up into bed with girls. I took Maylee with me to pick up the girls from school. One of the teachers commented, “She looks like a mix breed.” I responded, Do you have a dachshund?” She replied, “Yes, two…are you going to the Hallowiener event?” I knew immediately she was more than just a Doxie owner..she was (perhaps my new word) “inDOXinated©.” I responded to her question, “No, Maylee is 100% AKC…she’s ‘Any Kid’s Choice.’” The teacher got a kick out of that. I told her we got Maylee from DRoH; she knew immediately who they/you are and responded, “Oh, thank you.” I further explained that Maylee is a B757 version of a dachshund. Of course she was perplexed. I explained, “Maylee is like a B757 airplane, she’s long, taller than the average dachshund due to her long legs and flaps (ears) are extended and ready for flight.” Of course the airplane metaphor is due to my being an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. The B757 is a long version of a narrow body aircraft with very tall landing gear. Maylee fits the profile.


Adopted 09/17/10

Is there any thing cuter that a fresh-faced baby doxie? Yes! One that has been rescued and finally gets a happy home! Fritz was spotted by his new Mom while still being treated at our vet and she made it her mission to open her heart and home to him. Of course, Fritz had the dachshund "secret weapons" to unleash on her: charm & personality. Lita knew her home was missing its soul since her doxie members passed and Fritz is now there fill it with Dachshund spirit. Thanks to your efforts, we have another job well done!


Adopted 09/17/10

Big Mo found her forever family today. Well, really her family found her. Like any good Diva, she was cruisin' the aisles of Petsmart with her foster mom when she was spotted. Maura and Trevor couldn't wait to introduce her to the family. No more neglect and lonesome times in a backyard for her! Mo gets to live amongst her "subjects" in true princess fashion. She has a canine brother Augie and even a furry cat Sophia, who can play court jester. Friendswood finds another friend and family for a dachshund to love!

Patton & Lorelei

Adopted 09/17/10

This lucky pair has had one of our most uncommon happy endings. As you may have seen, they came to be part of our program when their owner was sent overseas. Because they are a bonded pair, they were a bit harder to place in a forever home. It took longer than even we thought, but it seems that karma was in play here. We got word that mom was coming home! They stayed with us until she got her new home and we were able to put the family back together today. How's that for a happy ending?!


Adopted 09/16/10


Adopted 09/12/10

One of our sweet little ladies has found her forever family with Jennifer, who met Miss Butterscotch through a friend. The friend just happened to be Miss B's foster dad, so it was a smooth transition. Her new forever mom also has a lab, Skittles, so the family looks forward to sweet days ahead. Thanks to your efforts, another sweet adoption has been set for DRoH.

Dexter #2

Adopted 09/12/10

We will never be tired of hearing about another adoption! Dexter #2 has found his forever home all the way up in the Woodlands. What a life he'll now get to have with Ruth and John. Just think: this is the little guy who came sooo close to leaving this lovely world! He fought back and now can live the good life. His foster parents thought they were tough, but Dexter has sent word that there were a few sniffles as the adoption was made official.

Peter Parker

Adopted 09/11/10

Peter Parker picked a place to live. He had to compete with another macho-doxie to win the heart of Chloe. Pretty Chloe's preference pointed to Peter Parker, so her new partner parked his parts in Katy. New Mom Laura is ever so proud of her doxie pair. Thanks to all your efforts to get Peter Parker placed!


Adopted 09/11/10

Well, our little man Tait has finally found his forever home with Gerald. It took many months and many miles to bring these two together! Tait came out as the second choice to another dachshund at his morning meeting, so he became a Houston road warrior. 50 miles later, he showed up at Gerald's door in Spring and walked in as if he'd always lived there. These two guys are destined to be buddies and on behalf of Tait, thanks for helping him find his forever home!


Adopted 09/02/10

Frankie has broken his foster mom's heart and moved on to his forever home. She didn't really care if he was ever adopted because he was her favorite! She even called him Bear, like a CareBear because he was such a pleasant pup. Bear is already taking over the home of Laura and Nathan, where the reigning Doxie Diva, Junebug, will show him how to "work" the humans! Another special pup finds a whole family to love...


Adopted 09/02/10

We have another chapter to close in our Shakespeare story. Hamlet has found his forever home with Gina and Jeff. His first job is to start patching that dachshund-shaped hole in their hearts, but measure for measure, this little dachsie is up to the job. He'll also have two sisters, Rana and Olive to welcome him to his new life far removed from a nasty puppy mill.


Adopted 09/02/10

Mariana, another one of our Shakespeare gals, found her forever home today with Donna and Wayne. For her foster mom, parting is such sweet sorrow, but that is the destiny of a foster family. Mariana joins her new sisters, Furbee and Rowdy to make much ado about nothing, as these three vie for attention. Another happy ending from an awful beginning!


Adopted 09/02/10

Portia, another one of our Shakespeare group, has found her forever family. She's travelling all the way from the south side of Houston to the north side, where she has a new big sister Flo. She fell into the arms of her new parents, Vicki and Pam as if she was meant to be there. Her foster mom had been calling her Pepper, so when another Pepper in our group was unavailable, karma stepped in, influenced by her new name. As they say, the rest is history...All's well that ends well.


Adopted 08/30/10

Another lucky pup squeaked in under the dog days of August! Paul found his forever family yesterday and was so excited that he had a little "oops" as soon as he walked in. His new family forgave him and the only drops left were the teardrops of his foster mom. A happy sad day for her, but a forever home for her former charge - a foster parent's best "payday".

Mary Jane Watson

Adopted 08/29/10

Little Mary Jane found her beautiful new forever home in Katy today. As an only dog, and with three little girls to play with, she won't have any problem getting all the love and attention she deserves!


Adopted 08/21/10

Barnaby found his forever home with a couple of Dachshund lovers complete with a red brother and sister just like him! Barnaby discovered his true inner Dachshund when he stepped into his new beautiful backyard with squirrels and special Dachshund path that skirts the perimeter. What happy bliss to be home at last! Barnaby would like to thank DROH and his new family for making the rest of his life blessed.

Lucy #3

Adopted 08/08/10

Little Lucy found her forever home this weekend and will get to stretch her sea legs (as short as they may be). Her sea-sister Phoebe is happy to show her the ropes for a life of smooth sailing. Lucy has many more sailings into the sunset ahead of her! :)


Adopted 08/07/10

In a midsummer's night dream that Bianca won't have to leave, another one of our doxies has found her forever home. From a nasty puppy mill to glorious digs in Katy, Bianca has stolen the heart of her adoptive family. She has two canine sisters now, Sadi and Edith, who welcomed her to their little piece of heaven and assured her that she'll get to stay with them well past the twelfth night. All's well that ends well!


Adopted 08/07/10


Adopted 08/01/10

I have handed Jon over to his new forever family. Wow, that is really hard. Jon is an asset to any home he lives in; however, Jon got really lucky. His new family has a beautiful home and a spoiled red doxie girl. She will benefit from romping with Jon if she will let him do it. He will romp with anyone who will let him.

Clark Kent

Adopted 07/31/10

Dear DRoH,

Clark wants you all to know he's doing great! He's filled out nicely and has a beautiful red coat. Dallas is a little colder than Houston, so Clark is often sporting a cozy sweater. Clark, Molly, and Jill send you many thanks and a check for the Sable and Dolly Challenge.

Randy and Teresa


Adopted 07/31/10


Adopted 07/27/10


Adopted 07/27/10


Adopted 07/24/10

Ms. Terri is no longer a country girl. From Cut & Shoot to Spring Branch, she has been adopted by a family who lives right off I-10. Can't get any more city than that. Terri was welcomed home by her new playmate, Grizzly. This little lady has finally found her forever home!


Adopted 07/18/10

His adopters have opened their hearts and home to Reginald, who now thinks he's the king of Montrose. This couple loves to stroll the neighborhood and will be happily showing off their newest family member. Their cat Lola, has also given her approval of this lucky Dachshund.


Adopted 07/18/10

Tabitha has bewitched her new adopters in the Woodlands. They were able to overlook her mischievous ways and see what a magical Dachsie she is! Congratulations, Tabby, on finding your forever home! Tabitha's step-sister, Harriet, was also adopted from DRoH.

Prissy #2

Adopted 07/14/10

Missy is our lap dog and loves to be with people. She is timid and does hide under our bed from time to time. Seems loud noises startle her a bit. We are working with her on the potty training and definitely good to have another dog in the house for her to learn from. She and Monty get along great. We have them sleeping in our bed with us and Missy does not move a bit during the night. We are getting our routines set up and we'll get them settled in soon.

"Pee Wee"

Adopted 07/11/10

"Ellie Mae"

Adopted 07/10/10
Deceased 11/22/16

Giselle #2

Adopted 06/29/10

Giselle is happy to report she has moved to her new digs in Tomball, getting to live with her new step-sisters, Cimmy and Lily (also adopted from DRoH). Keep an eye out for those three at upcoming Wiener Dog Races... they are a force to be dealt with!

Duncan McShipley

Adopted 06/28/10

Where can I start? My foster mom - the most beautiful mom on the planet - has decided to keep me. So I get to stay and live in this wonderful place with all my adopted brothers and sisters, such as Daisy (formerly Snow White, also adopted from DRoH). My wonderful mom also does wildlife rescue... can you believe she is taking care of five baby skunks?! How cool is that? She nursed me back to health and got rid of that horrible mange. You would not believe how handsome I am now!

My sister, Daisy (Snow White), has an Adoption Page too!


Adopted 06/26/10

Lois Lane

Adopted 06/24/10

Lois Lane has found her Metropolis in League City. Her new big sister is a Lab named Penny and it must be a lucky penny for Lois. She won't have to be looking for her Superman and has graciously allowed him to move on...I think she's making plans to be her own Wonder Woman. Afterall, what doxie diva doesn't think she's anything less than wonderful?


Adopted 06/16/10


Adopted 06/15/10
Deceased 03/27/14


Adopted 06/14/10


Adopted 06/10/10


Adopted 06/07/10
Deceased 05/03/13

We adopted King from one of your foster parents in the summer of 2010. We renamed him Otis, and he became a loving brother to our older dachshund, Olive. We made the difficult decision this morning to him put down after a long battle with recurring seizures. This one was particularly bad, and the poor boy just couldn't come out of it.

Sweet Otis was a wonderful companion, and we miss him dearly already.

Thank you for all that you do to give these dogs loving homes. We are so grateful to have had Otis in our lives.


Adopted 06/06/10

Jena has won the hearts of all and has found her forever family in Spring. She'll have a sister, Delilah, to share all her doxie diva-ness, as well as a court jester (the cat) Crash Bandicoot for entertainment. All the efforts on the rescue mission got her there and Jena will be forever grateful!

Minnie #4

Adopted 06/06/10

One of our babies has moved to the country! Minnie has been adopted by a family in Brenham. Minnie can now be right there for all the Blue Bell ice cream she can eat. It's so hot today, we should celebrate with Blue Bell all around as a toast to Minnie's good luck! Thanks for your help in finding Minnie's forever family! A special thanks to Kayla for spending the morning on the road getting Miss Minnie to her new home!

Blake #2

Adopted 06/01/10

Way back in March, we worked on an application for Mary and Guy. None of the doxies could please them and it turns out that they were just waiting for Blake #2 to come along. Blake officially took over their home yesterday and this family has found a forever friend.


Adopted 05/22/10

According to his new "mom", Hershey is wonderful and such a trooper. He met the other dogs and slept in a cozy crate in the bedroom. He has been eating and getting a lot of exercise. They absolutely adore him!

Bella #3

Adopted 05/12/10

The "Meet and Greet" went just as expected last night. I came home without my friend Bella. But what a wonderful forever family she is with now! The daughter, has already called to tell me how well the bonding is going with the folks and Bella, and everyone had a great night.

I’m so glad this worked out, I felt very comfortable placing Bella in their arms. Just a wee sad... she is a wonderful little Doxie.


Adopted 05/10/10

Our latest adopter, Mary, was mad for Maddie from the moment she laid eyes on her bio. Maddie has a new sister, Speckles, who has already clued her in to how great it is to be spoiled. Mary now has a home with two doxie divas - and life is good....

Claire #2

Adopted 05/01/10
Deceased 08/03/12

Sweet little Roxy has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Roxy was rescued from an puppy mill only two years ago. She suddenly became ill one morning, and after many tests, it turned out she had liver cancer. Losing Roxy has been very difficult on her family. The volunteers at DRoH extend their deepest sympathy for the loss of this special girl.

Minnie #3

Adopted 04/30/10


Adopted 04/30/10


Adopted 04/30/10


Adopted 04/29/10

"My new mom was supposed to be my Foster mother, but I adopted her, and I'm staying with her forever. She just loves the way I do my Happy Dance, even in circles and backwards. I go with her everywhere in the house, to make sure she never gets lonesome. And I play war with my doxie buddies, so they get their exercise. I just love it here!"


Adopted 04/28/10


Adopted 04/25/10

Another one of our babies found his forever home this weekend. Jasper, now known as Danny, has set up new digs with Nicole. Her family has two other doxies, so he falls right into a new pack. This beautiful doxie found his forever family on a beautiful weekend!


Adopted 04/25/10

Tammy "Peaches" stole the heart of her adoptive "mom" at our Spring Fling Party this year. Was is because Tammy won the Foster heat of the Wiener Dog Races or just because she's so darned cute? Whatever the reason, the result is a happy one for all parties involved.


Adopted 04/22/10

Another one of our "Alvin Pals" has found a forever home. Brittany, now known as Nina, will be living the good life in fancy digs near Hermann Park. What a wonderful change for her. She went from the muck and neglect of a puppy mill to a loving home with international friends. And just to make sure she has a perfect life, her new parents are also adopting Minnie! They don't want Nina to be lonely. When someone asks why you volunteer, you can tell them this story.

Duchess #2

Adopted 04/20/10

Duchess had a sleepover at Nina's house this weekend and must have been very well behaved. This will now be her forever home to rule over, as any good Duchess should. She also patiently awaits the pending arrival of Rachel, who must be vet cleared before she can find her way home. Thanks to all, not one, but two of our lucky girls find a forever home!


Adopted 04/19/10


Adopted 04/18/10

I'm pleased to report that Lynell and Dale completed the adoption this afternoon of the infamous "Mr.Theo". I transported Theodore to the family in Kingwood this afternoon and after about an hour visit, including the introduction of Theo to Rowdy, the other family Dachshund,another DRoH doxie dynamic duo was formed!


Adopted 04/17/10

Have you heard the good news? He hasn't because he's deaf, but Alvin has found his forever home and what a fabulous home it is. His new forever friend is retired and has the whole day to be his "ears". Our charter member of the Alvin bust in January has come a long way! Those awful puppy mill conditions cost him 27 teeth, but not his charm.

Annie #2

Adopted 04/14/10

She can sell seashells by the seashore! Our fiery little redhead, Annie, has found her forever home seaside in Galveston. She's living in one of those fine old Victorian homes, as only the best will do for this Doxie diva. Annie is now an Island Babe!

Simon #4

Adopted 04/14/10


Adopted 04/09/10

You'll probably have to press on that gray matter to remember working on an application for Mary and Chris back in February. They wanted two of our members and adopted Martin #2 back then. They have now officially adopted Chandler. He had a nasty case of heartworms and had to wait for clearance by the vet before he could consider their household his forever home. Chandler and Martin are best buddies and everyone's efforts got them together! This family now has their very own DRoH doxie dynamic duo!


Adopted 04/02/10

Merle's "Meet and Greet" went so well, it was a match made quicker than speed dating! His adopters are thrilled with how well Merle fits in. Lucky Merle found his forever home just in time for Easter!


Adopted 04/01/10

Bowie needs to send out a notice to the Easter bunny that his jelly beans must be delivered to his new forever home! His adopters have chosen an Easter Doxie instead of chocolate bunny ears to celebrate. Bowie will become a most cosmopolitan canine in his new digs in Midtown. Everyone deserves a marshmallow Peep (or two) to celebrate!

Phoebe #2

Adopted 03/30/10

In the words of her new Mom, Phoebe "is just precious and has stolen our hearts". This little bundle of chocolate kisses has found her forever home with Sara and Lynn. A chocolate doxie beats out chocolate bunnies and Peeps any day - even this close to Easter! A round of jelly beans to all for you efforts.


Adopted 03/27/10

Well, he didn't keep looking for Mr. Ed, but our Wilbur is quite happy with Mr. Tom. Wilbur, our most recent DRoH alum has found his forever home in Pearland. Tom says he's everything, and more, than he hoped for. We have two happy guys who are forever friends.

Brownie #2

Adopted 03/26/10
Deceased 08/02/14

Brownie worked his charm and his foster mom's parents decided he had to join the family forever. Deborah and Orion decided that living out in the country could only be made sweeter by adding a little Brownie. Our bashful little man has a Doxie sister, Phoebe, and lives the good life listening to the crickets and patrolling the property for critters.

"Lucy Lu"

Adopted 03/20/10

Lulu, now "Lucy", was adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in March 2010 - she had been in foster care since June 2009 and had to be treated for heartworms before then. She may have been in foster care so long because she is a Dachshund mix and because the photos of her on DROH's website weren't that cute - well, she is definitely cute and definitely a sweetie!


Adopted 03/16/10

Steve has found his forever family! "Mom" was so excited about his arrival that she had already purchased a bed and collar - oops! too small! Steve was a bit larger than his bed, but in true doxie fashion, any bed will do, even if it's got "wiener spillage" over the sides. Our formerly homeless, hairless hound has become silky Steve in the suburbs, thanks to your efforts.

Martin #2

Adopted 03/13/10

I'm happy to say that Marty has found his life long people. He was a little nervous at first but then he finally settled down and became the sweet boy he really is. I think he and Chandler are on their way to becoming great buddies... even if they don't know that yet!

I was a little sad to see him go... he'd been with me for almost 2 months so you do get attached... but more happy for him than sad because I know he will be very loved and have a good home and people for the rest of his life!

Henry #4

Adopted 03/07/10

Our gentleman pooch Henry broke a heart today, but found his forever family. His foster mom is sad but happy that he has found a great family with Jennifer and Wendell. What dog wouldn't love growing up with his very own boy? Happy Henry is home.

Shorty #3

Adopted 03/06/10

Lois has finally gotten her girlie companion for Roxie. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Adopted 02/27/10

I can't believe it's not butter, but I can believe that all of you assisted in finding a forever home for Fabio. Like the best romance novel, it was love at first sight for Laura and Fabio. His new home is a Victiorian-style townhome in the Heights...and they lived happily ever after.


Adopted 02/24/10

The Wiener dog races must have carried good fortune for a dog with a race name. The luck of the races carried over for Derby. He found his forever home tonight with Kelli. He is ready to carry on the dachshund tradition of loyal companionship and thus begins a beautiful friendship. This wiener dog has crossed the finish line to a happy home life!


Adopted 02/24/10

Pebbles & BamBam

Adopted 02/24/10


Adopted 02/24/10


Adopted 02/20/10


Adopted 02/20/10
Deceased 05/06/12

If there's a doggy heaven,
I know that's where you are.
About a billion miles away,
Standing on a star.

It's a doggy paradise.
No fences and no leads.
There won't be any do's or don'ts.
You can do just as you please.

There'll be lots of bones to chew
And lots of holes to dig.
There'll be lots of other dogs.
Little ones and big!

You can romp and play with new-found friends
Forever, don't you see?
So, why are you sitting at the gate
Just waiting there for me?

- Zoa Rockenstein

Biscuit #2

Adopted 02/15/10

They may have applied last October, but they have decided on a forever friend. Biscuit is well established with Terri and J.R. up in Kingwood. What a perfect place for a doxie king!

Alamo Adelaide

Adopted 02/13/10

Our little Senior Miss found her forever home today. Alamo Adelaide will now be the constant companion for Kathy and both ladies will have a special Valentine's Day tomorrow. What a great day to find your forever friend! Thanks to your efforts, we now have two happy hearts!


Adopted 02/13/10

Riley has found his forever home with Martin and Gudrun. He was passing out sloppy doxies kisses to both. It was a long morning for him and by the time I left, he could barely keep his eyes open.

The family was raving about our organization! Each of you who had contact with them left such a glowing feeling that they hold DRoH in highest regards.

Daisy #5

Adopted 02/06/10

Ross decided that he didn't want roses for Valentine's day. He chose a Daisy instead. Daisy #5 found her forever home with him today. You'll see her and Ross walking the neighborhood and the best news for her: he has an elevator, so she won't even have to climb stairs! What a life!


Adopted 02/05/10


Adopted 02/05/10


Adopted 01/31/10
Deceased 06/20/12

Moochie was a very happy boy last week when he left the house to get his teeth cleaned. He was getting to go bye-bye and little did we know it really was good bye. He never came out of the anesthesia and at 1:30 A.M. we had him taken off life-support and held him in our arms as he drifted to doggie heaven. It is unbearable pain for us and a massive void for all the others, but wanted to let DROH know that he was an absolute love and we miss him terribly.


Adopted 01/30/10
Deceased 03/08/17

Well, Chester got his new home today. He gave them lots of kisses and fit up in daddy's arms perfectly. He was sporting a new harness that looked perfect on his red coat. By the way, his new name is KC after KC and the Sunshine Band. Boy you can really tell our age. Not too many kids even know who they are.


Adopted 01/30/10

This is how it started: "This may sound crazy (but what owner of Dachshunds isn't a little crazy), but we are also interested in one of the dogs currently receiving care, Tribe. Does he need a foster while he is receiving care? We may be interested in adopting him when he is ready. What is the process for this? Do we need to fill out an application again?"

And this is how it ended: ADOPTED!


Adopted 01/22/10

Back in September, we worked on an application for Joanna. It was a foster application and she was "not adopting" - ever - because she may end up back "across the pond". Well.....Dallas worked on Joanna these last few months and we now have a new foster failure. I guess if she ever moves back to England, she'll always have Dallas... (poor Casablanca reference).


Adopted 01/15/10


Adopted 01/15/10

Shandy, now Andy, has found his new forever home! Carrie and David already have good reports and said it's like he's always been a member of the family. Andy has three kids to keep him busy and one of them has been sleeping on the floor next to his crate. I'll bet Andy's thinking he's fallen into a golden pack!


Adopted 01/14/10

Bradley has made himself quite at home in the library, where he has staked a claim on one of the leather chairs and soft throws. He had been with DRoH for a while, so I'll bet he's pretty happy to finally be home.


Adopted 01/11/10

Luke has found his forever home! He landed in a beautiful home with Mariana and Cameron. "Best of all," he said with enthusiasm, "they have four kid-pups!" His new best friend and Little Leaguer has already allowed him to sleep in the big bed. Luke has been waiting patiently for his perfect home and has landed himself in a whole pack!


Adopted 01/09/10

Well, once again we have a whirlwind adoption. Carolina has found her forever home with Renee and Francisco. Her new sister Gretchen, also her new BFF, will improve the diva quotient in the home. Scottie and Doxie - what more could you ask for?


Adopted 01/07/10

Well, it was a whirlwind meeting and Dunn met his doxie soulmate in Chikki. Mike and Debbie now share their home with two happy wiener dogs. Dunn's charming personality won them over instantly and life is good.

Hope #2

Adopted 01/05/10

With all your efforts on her behalf, Larry and Alfreda have Hope (#2) for a wonderful new year and a fabulous forever home. This little doxie lady hopes all her doxie friends can be as lucky in 2010!

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