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Awesome Adoptions 2009

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2009: 122


Adopted 12/29/09
Deceased 01/18/16

A little over seven years ago we took in Cooper as a foster from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. Within a few hours, we knew that he was ours and we were 100% his. Since then this precious, funny, fragile fellow has been at our side pretty much every day -- "my shadow" as Jeff called him. Coop succumbed to liver failure on Monday. He brought so much sweetness into our lives (and others' lives). RIP little cuddle bunny.


Adopted 12/26/09


Adopted 12/21/09


Adopted 12/20/09


Adopted 12/20/09


Adopted 12/19/09


Adopted 12/19/09

Bella #2

Adopted 12/17/09
Deceased 11/22/12

Bella was one of the sweetest girls you would ever meet. When she came to DRoH in 2009, she had a bad case of heartworms and the damage was so bad that we weren’t sure she would survive. But she kept hanging in there and after 7 months as a foster and just days before Christmas, she was adopted to a wonderful family in Katy. Their love for Bella was instant and lasting.

This past summer Bella started to have some health issues and her family fought to find out what was wrong. It was only after her passing on Thanksgiving Day of 2012 that her family learned that Bella had cancer.

Here’s what Bella’s family had to say after her passing:

“Bella was such a beautiful and amazing little dog. With all that she was going through she never whimpered, not even once. We thank you for bringing Bella into our lives. It was a short time but the time was filled with so much love. We all miss our Bella so very much!”


Adopted 12/07/09


Adopted 12/05/09


Adopted 11/30/09

Cimmy and Lily

Adopted 11/26/09


Adopted 11/22/09


Adopted 11/22/09

I adopted Ziggy (now named Remington) in November of 2009 so we will be celebrating two years together very soon! He is such a joy! He is spoiled by everyone who knows him. My mom even bought herself a magnet that says "I love my grand-dog". Remington recently went to Dog Day at Minute Maid Park. He is a definite Astros fan as he just sat in my lap the whole time and wached the game! He even got to meet Junction Jack. Thanks for all you do for dachshunds! - Ashley


Adopted 11/19/09
Deceased 08/03/11

Chipotle (aka, Chip, Chippy, Bip, Bippy, Bippy-Chip/Chippy-Bip) was a good little boy who loved to snuggle and tear up his "woobies." He was a fierce watchdog and great companion to his pack: Maxie, Jeffy, and Joe (human), all of whom miss him very much. Dad held him while he was put gently to sleep following a brave but unsuccessful battle with disc disease.


Adopted 11/10/09


Adopted 11/08/09


Adopted 10/25/09


Adopted 10/22/09


Adopted 10/18/09


Adopted 10/17/09

"Buddy, Beaux"

Adopted 10/11/09


Adopted 10/10/09


Adopted 10/05/09


Adopted 09/29/09

Minnie #2

Adopted 09/27/09


Adopted 09/26/09
Deceased 04/16/11

Gunney was the sweetest little soul. He had a wonderful personality, always happy and made his family laugh every day. He was his dad's best friend, the two were inseparable like two peas in a pod. He will be greatly missed by his family and his canine sister Mona. Rest in peace G-man.


Adopted 09/19/09


Adopted 09/19/09

Georgia #2

Adopted 09/15/09

Mason #2

Adopted 09/15/09


Adopted 09/05/09


Adopted 08/28/09

Hans #2

Adopted 08/26/09

"Ninfa Gordita Boo-Boo"

Adopted 08/26/09

I am one lucky Chiweenie. My foster mom fell in love with me and couldn't let me go!

Meet my adopted brothers Alfie and Taz.


Adopted 08/26/09
Deceased 08/16/16

Jerry #2

Adopted 08/19/09


Adopted 08/18/09


Adopted 08/12/09


Adopted 08/09/09


Adopted 08/07/09


Adopted 08/03/09


Adopted 08/01/09


Adopted 07/28/09

You brought us Paris in July 2009. We renamed her "Princess". She is royalty in our home (and she knows it). We can never thank you enough.

We also adopted Peppermint Patty, now Abby, in March of 2012.


Adopted 07/26/09


Adopted 07/18/09
Deceased 01/26/15


Adopted 07/13/09


Adopted 07/07/09

Toby #5

Adopted 07/03/09


Adopted 06/28/09


Adopted 06/27/09


Adopted 06/27/09


Adopted 06/27/09


Adopted 06/26/09


Adopted 06/24/09


Adopted 06/21/09
Deceased 04/25/12

Beautiful Lucy went to Rainbow Bridge due to complications from disc disease.


Adopted 06/21/09

Felix #2

Adopted 06/19/09


Adopted 06/12/09
Deceased 03/08/11

From his adopters, Alina and Carolyn:

We wanted to tell the story of our beloved Paw Paw. Paw Paw was a senior found by Dachshund Rescue of Houston in November of 2008 and was in foster care at Tom's house. We as pet sitters were only supposed to be pet sitting Paw Paw, but we ended up actually adopting him in June of 2009. Anyone who crossed his path would have no trouble understanding why.

Paw Paw had the most loving, gentle and wonderful personality. He fell totally, deeply and unconditionally in love with Alina. You could see it in his face when he saw her. He felt the same about Tom as well. Tom loved him too and if he told the truth, I know he was just a little sad to see him come and live with us full time. We always told Tom that he had ‘visitation rights’ and could visit as often as he liked. We would take Paw Paw with us to the dog shows where ‘Daddy Tom’ would be participating in Fly Ball so he and Paw Paw could have a visit. You could tell that both Tom and Paw Paw were thankful for their time together.

At home Paw Paw would follow Alina around the house with loving eyes and what a lick machine! He would lick and lick and lick you. We had a nick-name for him. We called him ‘Parpie’ most of the time and that made him happy. My favorite times with him were watching TV in the living room. He would come up on the couch next to me and get as close as he could and sleep so soundly. He was one of our pack from the very beginning and got along so well with all of his brothers and sisters. He had little sounds that he would make when he wanted to be picked up and loved on and his collar made a special sound and we always knew it was Parpie coming down the hall to find us. At night he had a special bench and bed he enjoyed starting the night on but like clock-work during night, he would get up to get a drink of water and go to Alina’s bed and make his wonderful little noises so she could pick him up and put him under the covers right up against her. (He had the most wonderful feet.)

Last week Thursday we discovered that Paw Paw had some fever and was beginning to lose his appetite. After several vet visits including an emergency early Sunday morning visit and two nights in the hospital, our dear, sweet Parpie crossed the bridge and is now waiting for us on the other side. We don’t have a clue of what his life was like before Dachshund Rescue or even his exact age, but we know that his remaining years at Daddy Tom’s house and our house showed him what a warm loving environment was like. It will take a long, long time to be able to look at his favorite places around our home and not feel a deep sadness and loss. We are ever so grateful to Dachshund Rescue for the work they do in giving these; especially elderly, wonderful dogs a second chance in life to feel the love and warmth they deserve. Our special thanks go out to Dr. Gina Varns and everyone at Manvel Animal Clinic for all of the love and attention they gave to Paw Paw.

We truly cherish the time we had with Paw Paw. It was short but we are thankful. The kind of love he gave to us was just as important if not more as he received from us.

We love you, Paw Paw.


Adopted 06/10/09


Adopted 06/09/09

"Lulu Blue"

Adopted 06/08/09


Adopted 06/07/09


Adopted 06/06/09


Adopted 06/04/09

Meet our little girl, CoCo, just after we got her. She was our failed attempt at Fostering!


Adopted 06/04/09


Adopted 06/03/09


Adopted 05/25/09

Lady #4

Adopted 05/22/09


Adopted 05/21/09

Gracie #2

Adopted 05/16/09


Adopted 05/16/09


Adopted 05/14/09

Jimmy Dean

Adopted 05/14/09


Adopted 05/14/09


Adopted 05/09/09


Adopted 05/04/09


Adopted 05/04/09


Adopted 05/02/09


Adopted 04/27/09


Adopted 04/26/09
Deceased 10/02/15


Adopted 04/22/09


Adopted 04/18/09

Daisy Duke

Adopted 04/11/09


Adopted 04/09/09
Deceased 01/23/15

Just wanted to let you know (Sir) Lancelot passed away on 1/23/15 of kidney failure. He brought a world of joy to our lives in the short 6 years that we had him and miss him terribly.

Thanks again for rescuing Lance to allow him to share his life with us.


Adopted 04/04/09

"Ozzie Fitzgerald"

Adopted 04/02/09


Adopted 03/29/09


Adopted 03/28/09


Adopted 03/28/09


Adopted 03/21/09
Deceased 04/17/14

I thought you might like to know that the piebald dachshund that we adopted from you in March 2009 as Drake passed away this morning. We renamed him Snickers, because we thought he looked liked a Snickers bar with the white nougat, caramel, and peanuts. His DROH number was 1001. He vomited a significant amount of blood 4 times on Monday morning, two of those times at the vet's office, spent Monday night at the Calder Rd. Emergency Clinic and went to the Texas Gulf Coast Veterinary Critical Care Hospital on Loop 610 at Post Oak on Wednesday morning. He had some blood in his lungs and despite the best efforts, his breathing gave out. I read online that hemorrhagic gastroenteritis can be a genetic anomaly in dachshunds. The doctors are not able to say why he started bleeding; there are numerous possibilities. He was much loved and we are missing him very much! He and Flaco, now known as Peanut, who was adopted with him, were inseparable, and we are giving Peanut lots of attention and love.

Thank you for rescuing Snickers and giving him to us to love. He was the sweetest dog ever.

Sally and Frank


Adopted 03/15/09


Adopted 03/15/09
Deceased 12/15/18

My brother, Odie, has an Adoption Page too!


Adopted 03/15/09


Adopted 03/11/09


Adopted 03/10/09


Adopted 03/09/09

Oliver #3

Adopted 03/07/09

Millie #2

Adopted 03/01/09


Adopted 03/01/09


Adopted 02/28/09


Adopted 02/28/09


Adopted 02/21/09


Adopted 02/16/09


Adopted 02/14/09


Adopted 02/07/09


Adopted 02/07/09


Adopted 01/28/09

Angel and Trouble
"Maggie and Trevor"

Adopted 01/23/09


Adopted 01/22/09


Adopted 01/21/09


Adopted 01/18/09

Gretchen #2

Adopted 01/17/09

Lucky #3

Adopted 01/17/09


Adopted 01/13/09
Deceased 11/01/16

Cooper #3

Adopted 01/11/09


Adopted 01/10/09

Holly #3

Adopted 01/09/09


Adopted 01/06/09
Deceased 10/21/10

Hans was so sweet, his foster mom adopted him and renamed him "Chocolate". Chocolate loved to go for his walks and play with his toys. The dog park was his favorite activity. He enjoyed running and playing with all dogs of all sizes.

Sadly, Chocolate's life ended way too soon due to complications from Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). Rest in peace, little guy.

Rusty #4

Adopted 01/06/09


Adopted 01/04/09


Adopted 01/02/09

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