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Awesome Adoptions 2007

I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." - Arlene Pace


Number of Adoptions in 2007: 83


Adopted 12/29/07

Chloe #2

Adopted 12/26/07


Adopted 12/20/07

Rosie & Pepe

Adopted 12/15/07


Adopted 12/15/07


Adopted 12/09/07


Adopted 12/06/07


Adopted 12/05/07
Deceased 12/07/18


Adopted 12/04/07


Adopted 11/17/07


Adopted 11/11/07
Deceased 02/22/15


Adopted 11/08/07


Adopted 11/08/07
Deceased 05/11/13

Almost 6 years ago, you helped us to get a wonderful rescued dachsund, Sydney--a red, tweenie from DROH. We had him almost 6 years and he was the most wonderful dog we have had. Even the folks at the vets adored him and doted on him every time he came in or was boarded there (i.e., the spa for him). This past Saturday, we lost him to Evans Disease. He was healthy up until the last few days so it was very hard to lose him in such a very short time. You really gave us a gem with Sydney and I am hoping we can be as fortunate again.


Adopted 11/04/07


Adopted 10/29/07


Adopted 10/28/07
Deceased 04/16/17

You picked me up when I needed you,

Brought me home as one of two,

You and I were of a kind,

Better friends you could not find.

When things were awful and you were sad,

My antics often made you so very glad,

We cuddled at night when the world seemed awful,

I comforted you with my warmth and a snuggle.

My time has come and I must go,

The rainbow bridge awaits me so,

I'll play with Logan and Cole-bear too,

We'll have fun while we wait for you,

My life with you has been so grand,

Thank you for being my best friend.

Logan 3

Adopted 10/28/07
Deceased 01/14/16

Milo #2

Adopted 10/22/07


Adopted 10/21/07


Adopted 10/20/07

Daffy joined our family after we lost another girl doxie, Jelly. Daffy joined Ducky whom we had adopted in 2005 from DROH. Daffy is a mixed breed but a big beautiful hound dog that loves to eat, hates squirrels, loves to snuggle, loves Ducky, and (most important of all) loves us. We had Daffy's DNA done and she is mostly Dachshund (check out the Dapple blue eye) but also Bassett Hound and German Short Haired Pointer. Wow! She is quite the hunter and goes "on point" in the back yard all the time. She's a big old goofy girl that has stolen our hearts. She loves to howl when startled, even by us. A very funny girl indeed who has enriched our lives with her sweet heart, many kisses, and affectionate way. She is healthy as a horse and eats like one also. She ran in the Wild West Weinerfest races this year and placed second! She loves to volunteer at the Kissing Booths for DROH because she has more kisses than we can handle! We love our girl so much and want to thank DROH for allowing us to adopt her to make our family complete.

My brother, Ducky (Zachary), has an Adoption Page too!


Adopted 10/20/07

Toby and Lorelei

Adopted 09/28/07


Adopted 09/21/07


Adopted 09/17/07


Adopted 09/16/07


Adopted 09/01/07

"Conway Tweenie"

Adopted 08/23/07


Adopted 08/18/07


Adopted 08/16/07
Deceased 05/15/16


Adopted 08/11/07


Adopted 08/07/07
Deceased 09/02/15


Adopted 08/04/07
Deceased 04/20/14


Adopted 08/03/07

Sally Ann

Adopted 07/11/07


Adopted 07/05/07
Deceased 05/20/14

It’s been seven years since we adopted Carmen from DROH, and today, May 20, 2014, she passed away peacefully and quietly on her mom’s lap. We adopted Miss Carmen through DROH after finding out that she’d been in the program longest, so we decided that she was probably most in need of a forever home. We even kept her name since it had been changed from Debbie to Carmen from her foster family - knowing she’d probably been through quite a bit of change and needed some stability.

We were so lucky to have her for the short time we did. A sudden loss off control of the right side of her body happened overnight and went downhill from there. We decided to let her go before she had to suffer any longer, though it broke all of our hearts knowing how much we’d miss her. We are so thankful that DROH allowed us to have such a loving, loyal presence in our daily lives from the time she was adopted into our home. She is survived by a dog sister, Huli, adopted mom and dad, Amber and Lennie Ambrose and a very loving little sister, Rosslyn. We are so happy she’s in a place where she’ll never have to ride in the car (she despised it) or get her nails cut again.

Margie #2

Adopted 07/05/07


Adopted 07/03/07


Adopted 06/25/07


Adopted 06/25/07


Adopted 06/20/07

Sonny Boy

Adopted 06/17/07
Deceased 08/01/17


Adopted 06/16/07


Adopted 06/15/07


Adopted 06/09/07

Meet my adopted sister Ninfa and adopted brother Alfie.

Geoffrey the Giraffe

Adopted 06/06/07

Check out my adopted sister, Maxine and brother, Chipotle.


Adopted 05/30/07


Adopted 05/28/07

"M-Aggie Roo"

Adopted 05/26/07


Adopted 05/22/07


Adopted 05/07/07
Deceased 05/17/13

Alex, my beautiful red haired boy dachshund, died suddenly today after being hit by a school bus. I was away at the time but he did not suffer. After losing Kimora last summer and now with Alex gone, Kelis is is a very lonely girl while we spend hours just sitting close together, with her in the middle, trying to make sense of it all and not succeeding.

Six years and ten days ago Alex came to me from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. He had been found with a harness grown into his back and, after about four months at the vet's and another month with a wonderful foster family, he came to live with me and The Girls - aka Kelis and Kimora. His rescue name was Lance but I soon changed it to Alex because I had an old boss that was called Lance and my Alex was nothing like him.

From then on he was my boy and we had a lot of ups and downs. He never really got house trained properly. Just when I thought things were going well he would 'mark' the big comfy chair. Every meal was his last and every treat was the last one in the world. Every meal time, walk, car ride, cuddle time, nap or outdoor trek was enthusiastically approached with lots of tail wagging, dancing and barking. He was my shadow and I have composed many a Facebook post, blog entry or e-mail with him on my lap or snugged up behind my back.

I have become that crazy dog lady I described in this post and have finally admitted that a home without a dog is not my home.

He was a good dog and will be sorely missed.


Adopted 05/06/07

Sophie #2

Adopted 05/06/07


Adopted 05/05/07


Adopted 04/27/07


Adopted 04/22/07


Adopted 04/21/07

You can see more pictures of my adopted sister, Gracie (Keira), here.


Adopted 04/15/07
Deceased 12/02/14

Our family is heartbroken to let you know that our beloved Doxie Marco crossed over Rainbow Bridge on December 02, 2014 with us holding him and giving him love, praises and kisses. Marco will always be our sweet ‘Baby Boy’.

We adopted Marco from DROH in April 2007. We gave Marco and Faith (adopted from DROH Nov 2006) a wonderful, safe and loving home no matter where we lived. We took Marco with us when we were transferred to Shanghai, China in late 2008. Marco loved going on walks near our apartment compound where the children just loved seeing and petting him. Then when we returned to the States in 2010, Marco and Faith loved living in Florida and going with me to the beach for long walks. We moved back to Texas in late 2011.

About mid-day on December 01, Marco, who was in very good health to be approximately 11 years old, started having labored breathing. After x-rays and blood tests, it was determined that Marco had a large mass very close to his heart and another mass in his abdomen. He was experiencing congestive heart failure symptoms. Through testing, they felt the mass had encroached into the heart and was most likely cancerous. We returned home to care for Faith while we, ourselves, cried through the night realizing what we had to do. We returned to the hospital early the next morning knowing it would be our last few minutes with our precious boy. We cradled him and talked to him with loving praises and that we would see him again soon while he took his final breath.

Marco was the most loving, affectionate, and devoted boy we could have ever asked for. While Faith loves both Dad and I, she is a one-person faithful companion and is my constant shadow. But Marco loved his Dad and me both equally. He was Dad’s companion if he was working outside or in the evening while Dad worked in his office, Marco was always by Dad’s feet under his desk. But it was Mom he ran to for love and protection if it was thundering, he heard something strange outside or the fire alarm chirped or went off while Mom was cooking.

We chose to have Marco cremated so that he can be with us for the rest of our days here on earth until we see him again patiently waiting for us at the Bridge.

Thank you for allowing us to experience the complete love of this remarkable boy we loved as one of our children.


Adopted 04/14/07


Adopted 04/14/07
Deceased 12/15/09

This sweet little girl came to us weighing barely over 6 lbs. She couldn't eat solid food because her teeth were in such bad shape, and she had to be treated for heartworms. She was adopted in April of 2007, but passed away in December of 2009, probably due to hard life she had endured before she was rescued. Thanks to Leslie for showing her what it's like to be loved.

You can see more pictures of my adopted brother, George (Scotch), here.


Adopted 04/06/07


Adopted 03/24/07


Adopted 03/17/07


Adopted 03/11/07


Adopted 03/03/07

Sable and Dolly

Adopted 02/27/07
Deceased 10/15/13

Rest in Peace, Dolly (on the right)

On February 14, 2007, several Dachshund Rescue of Houston fosters received a message that 2 Senior longhaired dachshunds were in need of a foster home. I asked my husband, Dave, if we could foster them and he said "No.".

Undeterred, I immediately left for Westside vet clinic and picked up these 2 girls. They were in our home for a couple of hours and I knew they had to stay. It took 2 weeks to convince Dave and they were officially adopted on February 27, 2007.

They were friendly, housebroken and so sweet. My veterinarian estimated they were born in 1998, making them 9 when adopted and Dolly 15 when she passed.

Sable is hanging in there, still has a great appetite and gets super excited at meal time.


Adopted 02/25/07


Adopted 02/24/07


Adopted 02/20/07


Adopted 02/16/07


Adopted 02/11/07
Deceased 02/24/17

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we let you know we have set Archer free from his suffering.

I haven't stopped crying. It's crushing us to the very core. What will sustain us is knowing that for the past 11 years he has known love, joy, and learned to trust his 2 daddies. In return, he gave us love (in his own way) and filled our lives.

Our heartfelt thanks to you for trusting us to take Archer in and allowing him into our lives and hearts. We knew it was not going to be an easy road with him but he was worth every effort and patience. All he ever wanted to be was the best little doggie he could be. The proudest moment was the first time he gave me a doggie kiss on the face; I will never forget that. Others might have given up on Archer but we were never, ever going to let that happen.

Please extend our thanks and love to the entire Dachshund Rescue of Houston team. You rescued him and we were, in turn, blessed having him part of our family. .


Adopted 02/10/07


Adopted 02/10/07


Adopted 02/04/07


Adopted 02/03/07


Adopted 02/03/07

Winston 2

Adopted 01/30/07


Adopted 01/23/07


Adopted 01/22/07


Adopted 01/21/07


Adopted 01/14/07


Adopted 01/14/07


Adopted 01/11/07


Adopted 01/10/07

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